You might think that the gaming industry is unaffected around the world. On the contrary, it has only boomed in the last one and a half years. Some countries like China, India, and the United States have seen exponential growth. With the gaming industry expected to grow tenfold in the next five years, it is not a surprise that gaming has now become a profession for many.

Nintendo is a Japanese giant in the gaming industry. Did you know that the 2021 revenue generated by them is 1.76 lakh crores in Japanese yen or $16.6 billion? It has seen a staggering growth of around 35% year on year. This is something that has not been seen in the last ten years. 


In this article, you will get all the information about the Mario Kart Tour that will help you understand how awesome the game is. 

  • About The Game
  • Global Ranking
  • How To Play
  • Pros Of The Game
  • Cons Of The Game
Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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About The Game

Any kid from the 90s who has loved games will know about the Super Mario series from Nintendo. Mario Kart Tour is a spin-off or a byproduct of the flagship game. If you remember some of the characters from Mario, you’ll quickly identify them in this spin-off. 

Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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Nintendo launched the game way back in 1992. Did you know that there are a total of 14 games in the Mario Kart series? These games are geared towards different devices. 


For example, six are for consoles, another three are dedicated to handheld devices, and four arcade games on handheld phones. The gameplay is simple and requires you to compete against opponents and win the game (using any means possible). 

For example, you could use a mushroom to boost your speed or throw things at your competition, like banana peels or shells. You may also employ tactics like different driving techniques.

Features Of The Game

What makes Mario Kart Tour stand out from its competition is the multiplayer feature on the mobile app. You can race against up to seven gamers from anywhere around the world. Even if those people are somewhere else worldwide or they have not even registered for the game.


Mario Kart Tour is truly an international game. To support this brand value, the developers have ensured to include custom tracks from around the world. What it means is that every two weeks, you will be racing in different cities that have the local flavor in the backdrop. Imagine such a level of customization on a mobile phone app.

Nintendo has focused on the youth when it comes to the user interface. Imagine racing across the world and playing multiplayer games in different cities. Plus, using one finger on the dashboard of your phone. Not only that, players can wreak havoc on the competition with the click of a button.

Global Ranking 

Another cool feature that Nintendo has introduced is the global ranking of Mario Kart drivers. The more you practice using different tracks and karts, the greater the possibility to rank better globally. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be ranked as the number one driver in the world, do you?

Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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If you thought that all races require you to beat others by leading the track, then think again. The Mario Kart Tour has introduced some fun and frolic in their traditional races. Nintendo has done this by way of bonus challenge races. 

Participate in them and try new strategies to win rather than simply rushing to the finish line. For example, one of the top engagement features by Nintendo in Mario Kart is the system of collecting things like karts, badges, and drivers, among other things. 

You can display your hard-earned gains by completing some challenges thrown to you by the game. After winning some badges, you can use them to showcase your ability as a pro-Mario kart player.

How To Download

To download the game, go to the Google Play Store and hit the download button. Make sure you sign in with the same username and password on all your devices. There are 50 million gamers who’ve already tried the app. Get Android 4.4 and above for the game to work on your phone.

There are 1.9 million players who have given an average rating of 4.1 to the game. As a no-brainer, Mario Kart Tour is also the editor's choice on the Android platform. If you’re using iOS, go to the App Store and download the game in the same way. 

The racing game ranks at number six on that platform, with an average rating of 4.7. As per system requirements, you need iOS 10.0 or later for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Unfortunately, the game is not available on Mac. 

How To Play

As you download the game and start the first race, you will see the race dashboard. You can either play in portrait or landscape mode. On the bottom left corner, you’ll find a navigation steer that will help you use your thumb to steer the go-kart. Use it to maneuver Mario around.

Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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In the top left corner, you will be able to see your position in the race. As you progress, your number will change accordingly. Finally, you will see the different items you can use in the race in the top right-hand corner. For example, it could be obstacles, mushrooms, banana peels, shells.

On the top right-most corner, you will find the settings tab. Just click on it and adjust your preferences for the game. Next, hit the resume button. Once in a while, you will get the frenzy mode on the top end of your dashboard. 

If you select the frenzy button, you will be able to see the frenzy action countdown in the yellow tab on the right inside the dashboard.

Mario Kart Tour Costs 

Nintendo offers Mario Kart Tour as a freemium game both on the Google Play Store as Apple iOS Store. There are different app purchase options available to improve your game, for example, 3X Ruby, for $1.99. In addition, three special offers are running that start at $1.99 up to $39.99.

There are three different types of rubies available apart from 3X. They cost you anywhere between $5.99 to $26.99. Apart from that, you can buy two gold passes priced at $4.99 each. 

As for Android users, the highest purchase you can make is $69.99. You may shell out a higher fee to buy rare items.

Pros Of The Game

It is hard to fathom that there is anyone who does not like Mario games. However, it is still better to weigh the pros and cons before one makes any financial or time commitment. So, let us look at some of the pros and cons of the Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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What gamers like the most about this app are the no ad disruption, unlike other games. Plus, the game is too addictive with all your favorite characters, karts combined and packed on one track to stop and watch ads. 

People have spent an endless number of hours racing and taking Mario on the track. The developers constantly add new features and keep updating the game and keep it fresh. It allows the gamers to stick to the game and help build engagement. 

Another advantage is that you do not need real money for the game. Instead, you must use gems and get the gems by racing in the game.

More Perks

A new track every two weeks means more fun, plus more and more characters as an attraction to help retain the users. In addition, the user interface is flawless, and the gamers have experienced no crashes or lags, or bugs while playing the game. 

It makes Mario Kart Tour the perfect mobile phone game.

Cons Of The Game

Certain in-game transactions that cost $15-$20 per item do not add value for money to the gamers. They have complained that Nintendo has resorted to unfair greedy tactics to tap into the addiction of their fan base. 

Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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Plus, gamers have particularly complained that they do not get their hands on special rare items even after spending a good amount of money. Some of the latest updates include glitches in the new tracks.

It has led to frequent freezing of the game. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the game, the dashboard duly goes blank. The developers need to take care of every newly released item to retain their fans.

The bots that compete with you are stronger than you. Even after hitting them with shells, they somehow end up getting ahead of you. It simply discourages the gamers, especially in multiplayer mode. They complain that the competing drivers are faster due to faster internet connectivity. Such issues should not occur.

Special Tip

As per most professional Mario Kart players, the key to winning the game lies in knowing how to drift the kart properly. Without the skill, you will not be able to beat your competitor. In short, you will lose the game anyway.

Mario Kart Mobile: How To Download And Play
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Mario Kart Tour is a legendary game from the legendary character Super Mario. Therefore, if you have not already tried the great game, it is advisable to download it ASAP and give it a shot. However, do note and be warned that you might get addicted so good luck!