Most people are very attached to their phones or other electronic devices. That is why online games such as Minecraft and Pokémon Go are prevalent in modern society.  These games are designed by experts and have different challenges that keep the brain preoccupied.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging game, the Minecraft and Pokémon Go games are the best solutions. However, they differ in terms of design, graphics, and techniques used. While playing these games, you need to have a clear overview of the rules and strategies required.


Both Minecraft and Pokémon Go games are played online and are easy to sign into and start having fun with. You have to understand the theme behind the game for it to be fun. Here is a general overview of Minecraft vs. Pokémon Go games.

  • Get Into The World Of Minecraft
  • Getting Started In Minecraft
  • Sparks Of Creativity
  • Gotta Catch'Em All - Pokemon Go
  • Finding Pokemon And Friends
  • Catching Your Favorite Pokemon

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Get Into The World Of Minecraft

The Minecraft game involves players exploring the blocky and procedurally generated 3D world. You will have to find different raw materials to build structures and craft tools to help you complete the game.

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As a player, you have a choice to decide how you would like to play the game. Do you prefer a casual creative mode where you can build significant structures? Or do you want to brace yourself against various mobs in survival mode? 

If you decide to go the survival route, you can choose how difficult the mode should be, easy, medium, or hard. You can also determine if you want to cooperate or fight against different players.

Downloading Minecraft

Minecraft is available for download on almost all platforms. This includes mobile devices such as Android and iOS. It is also available on Windows PC and for Mac OS. 

To download the game, head over to the download page and purchase the game. You can then begin downloading the game by clicking on the link for the specific device that you want to install the game on. 

Wait until the game is fully installed and sign up by using the login details you provided during account registration.

Getting Started In Minecraft

Upon logging in, you will be able to choose which type of game mode you want to play. First, you have the Single Player experience where you can build, explore, and discover all the things by yourself.

In the Multiplayer experience, you will be joining other players online and interact with them while playing the game. After choosing a mode, you will immediately be thrown into a world with few resources to work with. 

You'll have to start gathering resources, craft items, find a shelter, get food, and do anything else that will help you survive your first day in the game. You punch down trees to get wood and use it to craft items and weapons. 

Use that weapon to hunt down animals for food or craft tools to help build a shelter. The more you discover different resources, the game opens up more choices for you to make.

Different Modes For Different Players

The survival mode is designed for players to find different resources vital to maintain health and build the world. The creative way, on the other hand, offers players unlimited resources. What makes this game fun is the fact that you can modify the game and create different mechanics, assets, and items.

There is also the hardcore mode. This is the most challenging level of the game. If the player dies in the hardcore level, they have to delete it entirely or put the game into spectator mode. 

With Java or PC edition, you can easily access the spectator mode. This mode allows you to fly through different blocks and spectate the game. You will have fun observing other players making tough choices to win the game.

Sparks Of Creativity

Players can learn about creative thinking and construction, which keeps their minds occupied with positive thinking. You will have to face different challenges in each mode, such as animals and other players. 

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For you to be a winner, you have to beat various players and obstacles. Minecraft is a game that aims to get you inspired and spark your creativity. Most of the time, you play the game to build your shelter and survive on land. 

However, the game also gives you the chance to get creative with building your house and its surroundings. You can build a stone-covered mansion or just build a simple home with a large farm behind it. 

It all depends on your imagination, and the rest should be very easy to do.

The Choice Is Yours

Minecraft is not all about building stuff or saving the world from evil monsters. You take control of your destiny in this game. Whether you want to save the world and rid it of evil, or you just want to be a small-time farmer or planning a small theme park, it's all up to you. 

You can even choose not to build anything at all and just explore the world as you go. Minecraft is a truly successful game because it lets the players decide how they want to play the game. 

Whether it be exploring, building, fighting, gathering, surviving, trading, and anything or nothing from the above, the choice is ultimately yours.

Gotta Catch'Em All - Pokemon Go

This game is a free smartphone app that uses mapping technology and location tracking to create augmented reality. As a player, you will have to locate and train different Pokémon characters for battle.

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What makes this game fun is the fact that the characters will appear on the game map. If you come close to the character, you will throw poke balls to capture them. 

For you to get closer to a character, you will have to move around in the real world. You have to be creative to catch as many characters as possible to win the game.

Where To Download Pokemon Go

The game is made available for all people with smartphones, making it very accessible and easy to play.

Pokemon Go is available for download at the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Finding Pokemon And Friends

It’s also fun to find the eggs which are helpful for you to win to the next level. This game connects you to the real world. So all you have to do is walk around in a shopping mall or park near you to catch your next Pokemon.

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This game allows you to go to the Pokemon gym to train with other Pokémons. You can also battle them to gain control over the gym, keeping the game more fun. 

The graphics are of high quality, so you don’t have to worry about the gameplay.

Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

Upon creating a Pokemon Go account, you'll be able to catch your first ever Pokemon and choose which character you want to use. It won't matter which one you choose, and it is all up to your preference. 

The first three Pokemon available to you are also the first three original Pokemon made available in many other Pokemon games, namely Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. 

You can get Pikachu as your first Pokemon if you continuously walk around without choosing the starter Pokemon. However, this is only available in certain regions, but it's still worth the shot.

Catching Your Favorite Pokemon

Much like other Pokemon games and animated series, the ultimate goal of playing Pokemon Go is to catch all types of Pokemon. There are a lot of Pokemon for you to catch near your area.

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The best way to spawn and catch them is by walking around and seeing which Pokemon appear nearby. When you get near the area, make sure to have your PokeBalls ready to capture your desired Pokemon. 

Certain PokeBalls increase the chances of you catching the Pokemon, so make sure to stock up on them. You may also use items like Razz Berries and better throws to further increase the chances of catching the Pokemon that you like.

Train Your Pokemon

Training your Pokemon increases its Combat Power allowing you to defeat other Pokemon and even dominate gyms or defeat raids. The best way to raise your Trainer Level is by earning experience. 

Earning experience comes from catching even more Pokemon, going up against gym leaders, and battling other trainers. You can also power up your Pokemon through the use of Stardust and Pokemon Candy. 

These items increase your Pokemon's Combat Power, allowing your Pokemon to be better suited to fight during battles.


Minecraft and Pokémon GO games are both designed for players to have fun and develop critical thinking. These games are compatible with PC and other devices; therefore, you will enjoy playing them in the comfort of your home.

Minecraft and Pokémon games have high-quality graphics and different challenges. At every level, there are obstacles you must get rid of to go to the next level. These games allow the player to enjoy the entertainment.