There are so many mobile games out there that have a very simple premise but are also quite addicting. One such mobile is Hair Challenge by Rollic Games.

Are you ready to take on the Hair Challenge? It's a mobile game where you collect waves along the way to make your hair super long until you get to the end. Watch out for traps, blades, and sharp objects that will cut your hair short.


The goal here is to keep your beautiful hair from getting cut. But, it's very challenging for new players to do so if they haven't learned the right skill. In this guide, you'll find out more about the game, how to download it, what skills you need to learn to be good at it, and more so check it out.

  • Take on the Hair Challenge and Learn How to Play
  • Pause Then Look at What’s Ahead of You
  • Timing Is a Key Skill to Improve
  • Finish Each Level with the Highest Score to Earn Gems
  • Take Advantage of Fever Mode to Earn More Prizes
Hair Challenge: The Hottest Game of the Moment - See How to Download and Play for Free
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Take on the Hair Challenge and Learn How to Play

Playing Hair Challenge might look a little bit difficult for those who have never encountered this game but this mobile game is very easy. There are not a lot of complex game mechanics involved. 

All you need to do is to grab all the wigs on your path and your hair starts to grow long. However, there are traps along the way that will cut your hair short if you're not careful. You can dodge these traps by swiping left or right. 


There are also platforms that you need to cross and other obstacles to get to the end. Once you get to the end of each level, the game will measure the length of your hair and determine your score. 

You'll either restart the level if the hair does not meet the required length for the level or you progress to the next one.

Find Out How to Download Hair Challenge

You might be interested in playing Hair Challenge so here's how you can download the game for free. Hair Challenge is available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store


All you need to do to download is to search for the title of the game and tap Install. It will automatically download the game. You just need to wait until the game is fully installed on your device then tap Open to launch. 

Take note that the game has an in-app purchase option so you can always link your preferred payment option to your account.

Pause Then Look at What’s Ahead of You

If this is the first time you're playing Hair Challenge, you will surely have a hard time playing the game. You'll encounter many difficulties and you often have to restart the early levels by doing poorly in the game. 

Hair Challenge: The Hottest Game of the Moment - See How to Download and Play for Free
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One piece of advice that any player will give to you is to stop for a while. Lift your fingers from the screen so that your character will stop running. Just make sure that you stop walking down the pathway away from any trap or obstacle

Look at what's in front of you and plan. It will only take a few seconds for you to devise a plan that will help you get through this set of traps and obstacles. 

Keep on doing this until it becomes natural for you to look ahead. Soon, you won't need to stop to look ahead while you play the game.

Don't Fall Off the Platform

As mentioned above, several obstacles and traps will create a challenge for players in this game. There aren't that many challenges when you play the first few levels of the game but as you progress, the game begins to feel difficult. 

This usually happens around the time the game introduces platforms. You notice that there is space in between your path and you will need to swing from one platform to another to get to the end. 

If there is one thing that you should never do in these stages, it's to not fall off the platform. Falling off the platform means you get to start the level all over again.

Timing Is a Key Skill to Improve

Another key skill that you need to improve is your timing. Most of the traps in this game aim to cut your hair off to diminish your score. 

Hair Challenge: The Hottest Game of the Moment - See How to Download and Play for Free
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You will encounter most of them on the ground but some traps swing in the air. These traps usually swing from left to right and you'll have to time yourself properly to get past them. 

At first, you'll need to learn this skill by making a lot of mistakes but once you've learned how to properly time whenever you cross a trap, you begin to get better timing. 

Soon, you can use this skill to dodge as many traps as you can without even flinching.

Flick Your Hair to Avoid Getting Shaved

You notice that the more you collect wigs or hair from the ground, your hair also grows longer. This can be both a gift and a curse for your character. The longer your hair gets, the more points you'll receive at the end. 

However, this also makes it very difficult for you to get past traps that aim to cut your hair. The best way to avoid this from happening is to flick your hair in mid-air. 

As soon as you try to cross a trap, flick your hair so that most of it will fly to the other side and dodge the trap. This should help you to avoid getting your hair shaved off clean most of the time.

Finish Each Level with the Highest Score to Earn Gems

Keep on applying what you've learned from all the tips that are mentioned in this guide. You'll soon develop all of the necessary skills and things will get better for you. 

Hair Challenge: The Hottest Game of the Moment - See How to Download and Play for Free
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At this stage of the game, you now have what it takes to collect all of the hair on the pathway and get to the end of each level. There might be instances when you'll lose some of your hair but if you are careful enough, you can have the longest hair in the game. 

Finish each level with the highest score in the game by having the longest hair and you'll get the chance to earn gems. Gems can then be used to purchase cosmetic items to make your character look more beautiful.

Don't Forget to Watch Ads and Get Freebies

The developers of Hair Challenge are very generous when it comes to rewards. There are lots of ways for players to earn rewards in this game. Apart from gems, you can also receive a lot of freebies if you know where to get them. 

The best way to get these rewards is by watching ads. Ads can be very disruptive to the game but they also serve a purpose. At the end of each level, you will have the option to continue to the next level or watch an ad to extend your score and hopefully, get more rewards. 

It is best that you try this option once in a while to unlock the rewards that you like.

Take Advantage of Fever Mode to Earn More Prizes

There is another option to get more rewards from the game. If you notice an option that says Fever Mode on the side of the screen while playing, try to tap that and you'll unlock a bonus round in the game where you can collect as many wigs as you can within a limited time. 

Hair Challenge: The Hottest Game of the Moment - See How to Download and Play for Free
Image Source: Mobile Mode Gaming

Try to collect all of the wigs on the ground on Fever Mode and you'll receive even more prizes at the end of the bonus round. 

The Fever Mode can only be unlocked if you watch an ad. 

By now, you should be comfortable watching a lot of ads in this game as this is one way of supporting Hair Challenge.

Collect All Three Keys to Open Chests

There's a lot of fuss about the importance of collecting wigs along the way in Hair Challenge. However, there's also another significant item that you should be on the lookout for. You notice that there are also keys within each level that can be found on your path. 

Don't forget to collect them as well. Once you collect at least three, the game will then offer you a chance to open several chests that contain random rewards at the end of the level where you completed the set. 

Open these chests immediately so you will have a chance of collecting another set of keys later on. These chests contain rewards ranging from new hairstyles, costumes, and even gems.


Hair Challenge is a very simple game but it's highly enjoyable if you know how to play it. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and you'll surely have a wonderful time playing the game. 

Download this runner mobile game today, tell your friends about it, and have fun playing!