Team Fortress 2 has some of the best character designs in all first-person shooter games. There are engineers, scouts, and medics, and the formidable spy. Spies are commonly used on a team to create chaos within the enemy lines but are quite vulnerable when attacked. 

Many players want to excel at playing the Spy but only a few have what it takes to play the role perfectly. The reason behind that is that mistakes are common and costly. Here are some of the worst spy mistakes that you might be making as a Spy in the game that you should avoid.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
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Playing Like Another Class

With so many classes in Team Fortress 2, there are bound to be players that overlap their playstyle when it comes to playing the Spy. This usually happens when you play a lot of Soldier class or Heavy class and you tend to go to the front lines.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
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Spies excel at being stealthy and causing chaos within the enemy lines yet here you are taking shots for your team. Spies are quite vulnerable to attacks so you end up dying a lot. Avoid playing the Spy class like any other class and start playing the role for what it is. 

There are a lot of tools at your disposal such as the cloaking mechanism to sneak inside the enemy team and wreak havoc then dashing out once your team gets into action.


Rushing To Pick The Spy

The Spy has a lot of playmaking potential and is one of the most-picked characters in the game for its unique set of skills. This ultimately means you'll always have the glory of victory to yourself when you're able to make clutch plays.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
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This could also mean that you'll tend to pick the Spy whenever you have the chance, leaving no room for adaptability in the game. Sometimes, more seasoned Spy players have picked the Spy for your team yet you still choose to pick the Spy also. 

Having too many Spies will leave your team vulnerable. Make sure to avoid rushing to pick the Spy when someone else has already done so.


Not Finishing The Tutorial

The tutorial will always be the best gateway for you to learn more about the game. Even if the Spy is not heavily featured in the tutorial, it is still important for you to know the basics of the game and how the game works overall.

This gives you information on how each character works. You also get to feel what the game is all about with the tutorial. It may seem like you're just practicing your shooting skills or find out some new control settings for the game. 

But for new players who want to learn more about the game and playing the Spy, skipping the tutorial is a common mistake that most players make.


Sure, stabbing enemies from behind can be very exhilarating for a Spy player. Ambushing enemies is quite fun especially knowing it would instantly kill them and you score for your team.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
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Soon, you'll find yourself addicted to stabbing enemies without taking into consideration the position of the enemies or yourself. Backstabbing is a great mechanic. No one will argue with that but if you do it carelessly, you might end up giving a free kill to the enemy team. 

Sometimes, you even get too eager to push for the kill that you end up missing your chance and you get killed instead. Be patient enough and wait until the enemy is all by himself before you backstab him. Control your murderous tendencies and you'll find more success.

Not Learning Other Roles

As one of the most difficult roles in the game, the Spy is often picked by experienced players who know what to do with the role. Many other players tend to emulate the success of these players by picking up the role without hesitation or without learning the function of other roles in the game.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
Image Source: Game Rant

Spies revel in the fact that they know every character's strengths and weaknesses at any given moment. This is why experienced players take the time to learn and play other classes and roles in the game first before picking up the Spy. 

You'll be able to predict how other players move around the map when you understand how they work. This gives you the information you need to decide what you should do for your team.

Forgetting To Use The Revolver

Spies have a lot of weapons and tricks up their sleeve yet only a few remember to use them. The butterfly knife that Spies carry with them is one of the most effective melee weapons in the game.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
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A few stabs could cripple an enemy allow more opportunities to wreak havoc within the enemy team. It's so useful that most new players and even experienced players tend to forget that they also have the revolver as their other weapon. 

Most players tend to use the cloak and dagger technique to an extent of success but that is often left to chance. Make sure that you finish the job by using the revolver once you've crippled your enemy. Never leave anything to chance if you are playing a vulnerable class like the Spy.

Being Predictable

Being predictable is a dead giveaway for a Spy. Whenever players get caught, they immediately make a run for it by going in the most obvious direction for escape.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
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This is one of the many reasons why Spies who infiltrate the enemy team and get caught always end up getting killed. Avoid moving in a predictable manner. Use your cloak and turn the opposite direction to lead them away from you. 

Remember, your role as a Spy is to create chaos. Learn how to disrupt the enemy team without being too obvious and predictable about it.

Wrong Positioning

As one of the most lethal classes in the game, positioning is everything to a Spy. The most common mistake when it comes to playing a Spy is wrong positioning. Most of the time, players tend to move in the wrong direction or give away their disguise by acting weird and out of character.

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
Image Source: Windows Central

This will immediately reveal your identity as the Spy if you find yourself in the wrong position. Make sure that you are in the middle of the enemy team and act as if you are with them before surprising them with a critical attack

Being a Spy can be very difficult especially if you have limited knowledge of how other classes work. Get into the perfect position and you'll find yourself becoming an extremely effective Spy.

Relying On The Dead Ringer

The Dead Ringer is one of the best escape tools in the game. You press a button and an image of you will manifest as if you have just died while you stealthily make a run to safety. Whenever a Spy is either caught or wants to get out of a sticky situation, the Dead Ringer is the best option to do so. 

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
Image Source: Rabiosa / YouTube

However, many players rely too much on the Dead Ringer and become reckless with the use of this ability in Team Fortress 2. Learn to optimize the use of the Dead Ringer and only use it in specific situations. 

There are still other abilities and weapons that you can use to maximize your potential. Stop relying on the Dead Ringer too much.

Wrong Disguise

Spies are called to battle because of their ability to disguise themselves as the enemy team and disrupt them. Having the perfect disguise is essential to your success as the Spy in the game. Not only that, you have to act the part as well. 

Team Fortress 2 – The 10 Worst Spy Mistakes To Avoid
Image Source: Screen Rant

Your role in this game is to disrupt the enemy team as much as possible so having the perfect disguise to infiltrate the enemy is key to your team's victory. Many players tend to choose the wrong disguise at the most inappropriate time. 

Imagine having a Medic for a disguise and you end up being in the front lines. It is quite suspicious for a Medic to be front and center and enemies can tell. If you want to take out key enemies in the game, make sure to wear the appropriate disguise.

In Conclusion

The Spy is one of the most entertaining and fun characters to play in Team Fortress 2. It has playmaking potential and can even be the reason why your team wins the entire game. 

However, playing as a Spy means playing it perfectly to avoid becoming a burden to your team. Make sure that you've learned from all the mistakes listed above and correct them before they ruin your game entirely.