Many video games have come and gone over the past few decades, but there will always be some classic games that remain popular years after their release. These iconic video games continue their outstanding reputation either because of their brand, gameplay, storytelling, or simply their charm.

Even if you play these video games today, you won't notice their age due to their sheer high quality. Many others have tried to emulate the success of these games but to no avail. Here are some classic games that are still worth playing nowadays.

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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Super Mario World

Mario has seen success since it was first released a few decades ago. However, there is one Mario game that has stood the test of time and that, if it were released today, would still garner the same popularity as it did back in the day.

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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Super Mario World has received such an outstanding reputation. The game introduced us to Dinosaur Land and its reptilian native that would soon become one of the most beloved Mario characters

The game is filled with Easter eggs, heightened graphics, fluid controls, and diverse levels. This masterpiece is truly a classic game that is still worth playing up to this very day.


StarCraft: Brood War

Since its release, StarCraft and its expansion Brood War were among the most popular real-time strategy games. It has spawned a sequel after a decade, but to this very day, the original StarCraft game is still considered as the ultimate blueprint on how you make a well-rounded RTS game.

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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The game follows the story of several key characters in the fight for survival between the human faction called Terrans, the enigmatic alien race called Protoss, and the ferocious Zergs. 

This trifecta of races follows a rock-paper-scissors type of strategy, with Zergs having a faster spawn rate while Protoss has the most expensive yet very efficient units and with Terrans being the most well-rounded race. StarCraft remains to be one of the most popular RTS games decades after it was released, with an E-sport event held every year in regions like South Korea.


Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings

Speaking of RTS games, how could anyone forget Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings? Set in the Middle Ages, players can choose and control a civilization by building structures, recruiting units, upgrading and researching, gathering resources, and conquering enemies across a set of predetermined maps.

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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You continue to do this until your civilization becomes stronger, and you begin to conquer neighboring opposing civilizations in an attempt to win the game. Age of Empires II was so popular back then that it garnered a lot of attention and awards. 

The game spawned many other titles and spin-offs afterward. To this very day, the perception of Age of Empires II remains the same, with it being one of the most popular RTS games that you should play. The game is considered a classic by today's standards.

Heroes Of Might And Magic III

Set in the fantasy world of Erathia, Heroes of Might and Magic III focuses on the story of Queen Catherine as she struggles to find the truth behind the death of his father. The entire continent is plunged into war as new enemies rise from the depths of hell. 

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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Heroes of Might and Magic III is a turn-based strategy game where players can build structures with their chosen town and recruit units to defend or attack other towns. Players recruit heroes, each with their specialty, to gather resources, go to war, and dominate the entire map. 

HoMM III plays much like a chess game but with units having different abilities, and every move can make or break a game. The game still has a very strong cult following up to this very day and is known to be one of the greatest turn-based strategy games ever created.


One would argue that Half-Life 2 still holds up to today's gaming standards; however, not many people genuinely appreciate the beauty and the lengths that the first Half-Life game brought to gaming. 

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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The classic Half-Life game solidified the first-person shooter genre and spawned other FPS games like Counter-Strike and many others over the years. Released in 1999, Half-Life tells the story of Gordon Freeman, who witnessed a failed experiment that started an alien invasion. 

Half-Life became Valve's pathway to success. The game was honored with multiple awards for its graphics, gameplay, and storytelling. The original Half-Life game can still compete with most of the games released today in terms of narrative and gameplay.

Diablo II

Few games from decades past can hold up well against modern video games in terms of graphics and gameplay. Some might be candidates for a remake, while others continue to exist within its elite space. Diablo II is the perfect example of a game that has stood the test of time. 

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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Sure, it was announced that the game would be updated in terms of graphics, but even with the original version, the game still holds up well. Blizzard's offering on the action-adventure game started with the first Diablo game but perfected the genre by the time Diablo II rolled in. 

It was in this game that we truly see the potential of the genre. Now, more games have followed suit, but there can only be one Diablo II.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

MMORPGs often slowly die a painful death as players outgrow the game and leave it for good. Sometimes, these types of games often get shut down within months after their official release, and then there is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. 

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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Released in 2003, KoTOR is a masterpiece that every MMORPG fan must play. Many of the gameplay we see today in modern MMORPGs have been initiated by KoTOR. The game has withstood the test of time and remains to be one of the most popular MMORPGs and rivals many other titans of the genre, such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. 

Apart from its graphics, the game also features a very deep storyline that is connected and further expands the entire Star Wars universe as seen in the movies.


Doom introduced us to a genre that will soon take over most video games that we play today. As one of the first first-person shooter video games, Doom was a game ahead of its time. 

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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During that time, there were no other games that had an immersive and fully realized environment, a myriad of bizarre enemies, and inventive game design mixed with violence. It's a game that rivals many other FPS games of the modern age due to its sheer innovation. 

Many of its features are still being used by many FPS games today, and that is all thanks to this wonderfully wicked violent game that is still widely popular and playable to this very day.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Released in 1999, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis follows the story of Jill Valentine, a former elite STARS agent, who must survive the onslaught of zombies and mutant creatures after ravaging the population of Raccoon City. The game features cutscenes where players can choose between two options to proceed with the game. 

While the game is still linear in terms of progression, it was in this game that the Resident Evil franchise saw a fork in the road with their storyline progression, which can be seen in subsequent games. 

Nevertheless, the game is still one of the most exhilarating survival horror games even to this very day as you try to escape the relentless Nemesis while solving puzzles and uncover the mystery behind the fall of Raccoon City. Look to play an updated version of the game with the new Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. However, nothing beats the original version of the game.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is considered the top JRPG all over the world. There is no denying that the game has one of the most solid narratives, compelling characters, innovative gameplay, and combat system, and many more elements that would shame modern games.

Classic Games That Are Still Worth Playing Nowadays
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The multiple endings that most games utilize today started with Chrono Trigger. The perfect blend of humor, fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure makes it an outstanding game for all ages. Chrono Trigger is arguably one of the most perfect games to have ever been created. 

Even if you play the game today without knowing when it was released, you'll be surprised at how other games within the genre pale in comparison to a game released a few decades ago.


These classic video games are a testament to the fact that games will always remain timeless. These games deserve the time to be played and enjoyed. If you have played some of these games, you're one of the many who have an authentic taste in gaming.