Any list for the best Blizzard Entertainment video games is bound to be controversial because there is a whole community of passionate fans who have their own list of favorites. But we've got a ranking of the top 5.

The ranking is based purely on Metacritic scores that are broken up by user scores. So, no matter what you think, the truth is that Blizzard brings plenty of quality and attention to details to each of their following titles. 


Here is our ranking of what we think are the 5 best Blizzard Entertainment video games. We have put the list in descending order, so the first one - Overwatch, is actually our number 5. Let’s get started and see what else is on our list.

Discover the Best Titles of Blizzard Entertainment Video Games
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The Best Blizzard Entertainment Video Games


Year: 2016

Metacritic score: 91


Overwatch was developed over the course of many years, and it was Blizzard’s first entry into the first-person shooter genre, and it was certainly worth the wait. It broke into the first-person shooter scene after many years of having planned for it.

It was however not the first hero shooter game that was played on objective maps, but the attention to detail and production value that was in this game took it to a whole new level. 

In fact, the company said that this game is an experience that is more exciting and more polished than any other they had ever created.


Overwatch has however hit a few bumps along the road since its release, and the developers have been battling with the growing problem of toxic and competitive play as well as constant demands for new content from fans.

Warcraft III 

Year: 2002 – Reign of Chaos

Metacritic Score - 92

This is a famous RTS game that was inspired by both Dota 2 and Dota. The game was released in 2002 to great universal acclaim, and it is just as famous as the RTS game and it continues to see major play to this day. 

It is fun to play a game that does everything very well, and most people say that it is impossible to put down.

StarCraft II 

Year: 2010 – Wings of Liberty

Metacritic score - 93

This is actually a highly playable and continuous game that is hugely popular. It was released in 2010 and is said to be more engrossing than other RTS games. It is has a powerful map and full of customizable action.

Blizzard faced a monumental challenge when they were releasing it as it was a genre-defining game. They were however able to answer the challenge very well. The fans talk passionately about this game. 

World of Warcraft

Year: 2004 

Metacritic Score – 93

This game transformed the mythical world of Azeroth into an open-world place with thousands of players interacting with each other to play missions and quests. 

Since its release in 2004 to date, it is one of the most famous and most widely played games today.


Year: 1996

Metacritic Score – 94

There was a previous game by this name that was released by Blizzard. It was a game that led the players into a gothic world that was very dark, for their exploration and role-playing. 

The new version of the game is slightly different and was released in 1996. Their new genre of action role-playing was arguably what put Blizzard entertainment on the map. 

This game allowed you to invite players into the dark and gothic world in the dungeons, for exploration and clearing. 

Discover the Best Titles of Blizzard Entertainment Video Games
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Of course, die-hard fans will have their own list, but we are almost certain that it will include the above 5 games. Check them out on the Blizzard group of games if you haven't before, and experience a different gameplay.