If you are a skateboarding fan, then you already know who Tony Hawk is, and have probably watched his videos on skateboarding. He's a skateboarding pro and his innovative tactics have made him a household name. 

H started skateboarding at age 9. His first competition was at age 11 and he made an instant impression with his daring tricks and creativity. Hawk credits his supportive parents for helping him get ahead in the game. 


He is also an accomplished street skater and has a reputation of being the bestVert” (vertical skater). Hawk dominated most skating competitions in the 90s and has so far won 73 titles and now has his own video games.

The Best Tricks in Tony Hawk Video Games
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Here Are Some of the Best Tricks In Tony Hawk Games

Trick: The 900

Points: 9000

This trick is a 2 ½ or 900 degrees aerial spin revolution that is usually performed on a skateboard ramp. The skater is usually airborne and he is required to make a 2 ½ turns about the longitudinal axis. 


He is therefore usually facing down and also coming down at the same time. This is considered to be one of the most technically demanding tricks in skateboarding.

Tony Hawk, who is a successful vertical pro skateboarder finally managed to land this trick in the 1999 X-games after he had failed 10 times. He did this way past the regulation time but he was allowed to do so. 

Trick: Indy Backflip

Points: 4,000


This trick is also known as the Indy air and it is an aerial skateboarding, kitesurfing, and snowboarding trick where the rider grabs the middle of the board right between his feet on the side of the board and then he turns on his backside. 

It is a generic trick that has been around since the 70s. It can be performed by a Vert skater with halfpipes. Now, although it can be done on flat land, it is mainly easily done on a ramp. It is usually combined with kickflips, spins, and heelflips.

It was originally called Gunnar because it was developed by Gunnar Haugo in the 70s. The trick was renamed Indy air and was popularized by Duane Peters. 

It involves doing a backside flip in the air while gripping on to the board on the toe side just between the feet and the trailing hand. If you happen to grab the board during the frontside air, the trick is called a “Frontside air” Trick. 

There are many different variations to the trick which have already come into existence as the skaters have been pushing their limits of physical exertion and creativity.

The two most popular variations however are the Indy Nosebone and the Kickflip. In the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games, this trick is misapplied to any aerial trick where the rider grabs the toe side of their board using their trailing hand.

Trick: Weddle Backflip

Points: 4,500

This trick is also known as “Mute Air” and was named after deaf skateboarder Chris Weddle, who used to be referred to as the “Quiet, mute guy.” 

After having a conversation with him, Tony Hawk announced that as of August 2020, in order to honor him, they would rename the trick to the Weddle Grab so as to keep his legacy. Weddle is hearing impaired.

To perform this trick, you must ride up the transition by grabbing the front hand on the toe side of your board right around the front leg which is between the feet, and then turning backside and landing.

It is similar to the grab of Slob Air, but you turn in the opposite direction. This trick was made famous by Chris Weddle in the 80s.

The Best Tricks in Tony Hawk Video Games
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Fast-paced sporting games let us live the sport without actually having to master the talents in real life. With Tony Hawk games, you can't just simply play however, you need to master the tricks in the virtual world. 

The above are not all of the tricks, there are many, many more, and each is accompanied by its own points. Mastering the 900 trick will always keep you ahead in the game as it has the highest points value.