You can actually earn big bucks by playing video games online with the Overwatch League (OWL). It was founded by Blizzards Entertainment, a professional sports organization, for the video game Overwatch. 

The Overwatch League uses the template of rotating, urban-based sports franchises, sponsored by independent ownership groups to create a video game sports league. 


Here is some of the most intriguing information you need to know about this organization and how you can earn money as a professional gamer!

Overwatch League: Earn Money as a Professional Gamer
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Overview of the Organization

"Overwatch" is one of the world's most famous video games, and the best players can have a career in the Overwatch League, an international league of first-person video games. 

In December 2017, the Overwatch League released its first season, with 12 clubs, nine in the US. 


The teams have players from around the world. Players get a minimum wage of $50,000 and a shot at a $3.8 million prize. 

According to "Overwatch" publisher and league owner Activision Blizzard, the first season finals attracted 10.8 million viewers through Twitch, ABC, ESPN, and Disney XD. 

In addition to using promotions and relegation widely seen in many Esports as well as non-North America leagues, the league participates in regular season and playoffs, with a fixed annual wage, benefits, and share of profits depending on team results. 


For its inaugural season in 2018, the League revealed a total of US$ 3.5 million in prize pools awarded to workers the same anniversary.

Overwatch League Turns Gamers into Professionals

An Overwatch team can register up to 12 salaried players, with a total of over 170 players currently working in the league. 

Top players in the League are estimated to receive more than six figures, so Activision is encouraging teams to sign three-year contracts.

Teams scout free agents at the beginning of the season so if a player is on contract, they can't be scouted.

How the Overwatch League Helps Develop New Talent

The Overwatch League also has a program called Overwatch Contenders to help cultivate new talent. In 2019 there will be 8 regions with contestants and 8 teams from each country. 

Contenders may sign a two-way deal with the Overwatch League team, allowing them to participate on either side of the team in the season, with a full-time league player getting the same basic benefits. 

The only downside is that in the same week, a player can not participate both with his team of Contenders and with his team in the Overwatch League.

How to Become an Overwatch League Player

The right equipment will dramatically influence Overwatch's game efficiency. Make sure you've got the most comfortable computer setup for you.

Practice Like a Professional Athlete

You won't get worse by hiring a coach, but in a much shorter amount of time, you might get dramatically better. Most Overwatch players have coaches. Start from there as well. 

The Road to Playing: Start Small

Overwatch Esports offers a range of tournament series which challenge all levels of skills, high-intensity games played by talented teams from across the world. 

Tournament rivalry is a skill in itself. There will be a different type of pressure, and you will have to play for a long time but still do well. 

You would be more appealing to teams searching for new players with additional tournament experience under your belt. 

Start with small tournaments before competing in international games. If you want to start your journey in the league, check out their website to know the latest news on tournaments, and be updated on their game schedules. 

Overwatch League: Earn Money as a Professional Gamer
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Once you become a professional gamer, you have multiple demands put on you, both by Overwatch and by sponsors. Being inherently competent means that you have to abide by high standards or you will be out.