Playing Devil May Cry 5 can be a bit daunting if this is the first time you are playing the game. Even veterans of the series can find this latest iteration to be very complex. Fortunately, the game does offer some solutions in the form of a history lesson video on the main screen called History of DMC. 

This should help you ease into the history and lore of the Devil May Cry franchise however, things can still be very overwhelming. Here are the top ten tips that you can apply to help you play Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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Be Very Meticulous When Exploring Each Level

Devil May Cry 5 is a beautifully rendered game with flawless graphics and action-packed choreography. However, there are certain aspects of the game that are hidden from plain sight. Things like purple and blue orb fragments are tucked in hidden areas at different levels. 

For this reason, make sure that you are exploring every inch of the area and be meticulous with it. Explore every crevice or possible hidden passage that may appear in each level. You might be surprised with the content you'll receive when you are fond of exploring the area. 

That is not to say that you should abandon your main objective just to search for orb fragments. Do this after you are done with your main task and circle back around for things that you may have missed.


Prioritize Killing Certain Enemies First

Throughout the game, you will be introduced to a wide variety of monsters and creatures to slay. Some are large brutes that are very difficult to take down due to their massive defenses and health while others are often easily slain.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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However, there are also other creatures that intend to disrupt your flow. Certain monsters also summon smaller creatures to fight for them which can instantly overwhelm you if you are not careful. 

Others tend to heal themselves or other creatures making it even more difficult for you to take them down. Make sure to target these creatures first before anything else and avoid getting swarmed by creatures even in the early game.


Avoid Using Auto Assist

Devil May Cry is notorious for having auto-assist features in their games and it is especially obvious in this latest version. The main reason why this feature is implemented is to allow new players to learn new tricks and be able to string through different combos.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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While this may only be available in the easy setting of the game, it can still be quite annoying for veterans of the game. Avoid using the auto-assist feature if you have played previous Devil May Cry games. 

The problem with this feature is that it doesn't allow for creative combos to happen as the system has already pre-determined the combo used based on the attacks that you make. Devil May Cry 5 thrives on chaos and players need to express their skills such as landing crucial shots, timing special attacks, and performing the most explosive combos.

Take Advantage Of The Void To Train

Speaking of combos, each combo in Devil May Cry 5 requires a lot of precision and timing on your part. You will notice that the game wants you to perfect this skill through a constant notification to practice at The Void.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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The Void is a training area where you can practice and discover new combos for your character. You can fight and learn new combos along the way. Do this early and retain all the necessary muscle memory to pull off those combos when you get to the real game. 

It is also best to incorporate massive and complicated combos early on so you don't have to learn them later in the game against difficult opponents.

Learn Mobility Skills Early

Speed is criminally underrated in games like Devil May Cry 5. Having better movement as well as other mobility skills helps you dodge critical attacks or even pull off massive combos that will immediately kill your target.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
Image Source: PCMag

You may also want to go fancy with your moves using your mobility skills. This is the reason why learning mobility skills early is important for new and old players alike. Some mobility skills allow you to dodge incoming projectiles or simply bounce off from an opponent to perform a series of combo. 

Whatever combos that you have in mind, it is always important to make sure that you have learned a lot of mobility skills early on. Just be careful with how you spend your red orbs on these skills.

Change Your Settings

At first, you may not feel the need to change the settings or controls in the game. You will soon realize that there are things in this game that might have been better if you get to change the settings especially when it comes to controls.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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You can access certain buttons immediately and perform a more fluid combo better when you can change a few buttons' settings. Control settings are always subjective to the player. 

If you find that the default control is a bit uncomfortable, make sure to change the settings first and practice your new controls first before heading into battle.

Learn How To Parry

A lot of the combat mechanics from previous games are incorporated in Devil May Cry 5. One of which is parry. While it is quite difficult to pull off in previous games, Devil May Cry 5 has made it a point to make the mechanic much easier to pull off.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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All you need to do is to time your weapon perfectly and block an incoming attack from an opponent. Just make sure that both your and your opponent's weapon collide to execute parry. You will hear a metallic sound and the enemy will recoil a little bit from the impact of your weapons. 

Take this time to perform your chosen combo to kill your opponent. Remember that it only takes a little time for your opponent to react this way so better be quick with your controls and execute your combo properly.

Find Your Way Back

The area during the early stages of the game can be easily mapped out by players. However, as the game progresses, each level can become very difficult to memorize and you might end up getting lost in the vast maze-like terrain.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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This could lead to having extended time roaming around endlessly within the level only to accept later on that you are indeed lost in all this mess. The good thing about Devil May Cry 5 is that you can always point the camera back to your original mission by clicking the left analog stick

It will immediately snap back to the area where you are supposed to be going making it a lot easier for you to travel through the rugged terrain.

Finish The Game And Play It Again

Devil May Cry 5 as a game is heavily focused on the narratives. On your first go, it is best to keep yourself glued to the storyline of the game and get captivated by the twists and turns of the story. You may also learn new tricks and abilities along the way.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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However, finish the game as soon as possible to unlock all of your abilities. Play the game again but this time with all of your abilities available from the get-go. You will notice that you are playing the game with a new perspective which ultimately changes your perception of the game. 

It is also suggested that you try to amp up the difficulty of the game once you have unlocked all the abilities to give that extra bit of challenge on your part.

Understand All Your Skills

With so many abilities and combos to learn and master, it can be very difficult to remember all of them especially during the late stages of the game. You might also even encounter a new skill or combo in the game that you haven't even understood yet.

Devil May Cry – 10 Essential Tips To Beat The Game
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Fortunately, you can review all the abilities and combos that you can do in the game through the intensive skill files system in Devil May Cry 5. Learn to use the Skill List to your advantage especially when you are trying to perfect your combos. 

Check this list from time to time and you'll be surprised at how many combos and skills you've learned that you haven't even used yet.


Learning how to become the best and most effective devil hunter can be very complicated especially with all the new mechanics' on top of the old ones in Devil May Cry 5. 

There's a lot to learn and re-learn in this game and hopefully, the guide above will help you rekindle your skills and learn new ones as you play this amazing, highly-praised game. Devil May Cry 5 is now available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.