If you have been active on social media in the past year or so, you will notice that a specific game has made the rounds on your feed. Fall Guys have recently risen to popularity, especially when we need some form of entertainment with our friends online. 

Fall Guys quickly became one of the most popular video games in the past year with its very simple premise and easy mechanics. All you need to do is to go through a series of random mini-games and survive until you are the last remaining player. 


It's that simple; however, getting through tough obstacles can be very tricky, and with almost sixty players gunning for the top spot, you will need all the help you can get. Here are some of the best tips when playing Fall Guys:

  • Master The Art Of Jumping
  • Put Some Distance Between Other Players
  • Grabbing Is Key
  • Try To Slow Down
  • Balance Aggressive And Defensive Play
  • Losing Helps You Learn
These Are The Best Tips And Strategies For Playing Fall Guys
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Master The Art Of Jumping

Jumping is one of the most basic mechanics in the game. Almost all the time you spend in the game will be spent jumping over obstacles or jumping to reach a platform. 

This is why the art of jumping should be mastered at the start of the game. Timing your jumps is crucial for your survival in this game. You can even get ahead of your opponent when you jump perfectly behind a closing gate. 


It can even mean that you get to the finish line by jumping ahead of your opponent.

Learn To Work With Others

In Fall Guys, there are many obstacles that require players to work together to move forward. Everyone might say that you do not need to play with others to get to the end. 

However, Fall Guys work well when you learn how to work with others. This is just one of the reasons why Fall Guys want you to invite your friends to play so you can work together as a team. 


However, there is only one winner in the game, so you should also know when to work with others and when to be a little bit selfish.

Put Some Distance Between Other Players

There will be countless times when a large group of players would swarm over the path towards the goal. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to get through obstacles with so many players trying to work their way out. 

These Are The Best Tips And Strategies For Playing Fall Guys
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It is highly recommended that you try to put some space between yourself and other players, especially at the start of the game. 

This way, you get to have some leeway to formulate a plan on how to move forward and allow other players to get through obstacles so you can also get through. This advice is highly recommended if you are a bit behind the rest of the pack. 

However, if you find yourself ahead of the group, make sure to put some distance between yourself and others by extending your lead.

Diving Helps

With so many different types of obstacles and traps set for players, there is bound to be one that will force you to try and evade it by diving out of the way. 

Diving is a great maneuver to avoid deadly things like swinging axes. It is one of the many moves that will help save you from elimination. However, much like jumping, the timing should be impeccable. 

Diving also lets you traverse through different terrains faster, especially when going downhill.

Grabbing Is Key

Another great move that you need to learn early on in the game is grabbing. Grabbing helps you steal items that you can even try to use offensively. 

These Are The Best Tips And Strategies For Playing Fall Guys
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You can play dirty against your opponents by grabbing them. This stops their momentum and even lets them fall for you instead. You can also grab ledges to pull yourself up, especially in levels where you need to climb up to the top. 

Grabbing helps you get through tough obstacles, or you can even find great ways to work around a terrain.

Follow Others

You will be placed alongside many other players at the start of the game. As a new player, you might have no idea what's about to go down. The best advice to give here is to follow what the others are doing, especially during the early stages. 

Follow the crowd but make sure to keep your distance to avoid crashing into them during obstacles. Sometimes, you want to go your way to avoid the crowd, but chances are, they might already know where the game is heading. 

Go with the flow and find a suitable place within the crowd to see where everyone is going.

Try To Slow Down

It can be very easy to lose yourself in the game, especially at the start. The fast-paced gameplay in each level can be quite overwhelming, especially for new players who want to get to the end of the game without being eliminated. 

These Are The Best Tips And Strategies For Playing Fall Guys
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Getting wrapped up in the fast pace of the game can be detrimental to your game. Make sure to try to slow down for a while to think. Slow down to gather your thoughts and plan your next move. However, do not stop moving. 

Continue to move through the obstacles but slow down to avoid crashing into the crowd. Try not to emulate how others play but instead, go at your own pace. 

This should give you all the time you need to understand the game and stop yourself from panicking.

Don't Rush Things

The simplest recommendation on this list would be to keep it cool, avoid rushing into things and enjoy every moment of the game. It can be very easy to get swept away by the energy from other players. 

You might even want to fight through the crowd to get to the top spot. This could end up detrimental to your overall game. Find a way to chill out a bit and learn the game as you go. 

While the game is a race to the finish, you can always replay the game now that you have a better understanding of the game. By slowing down, you get to navigate each mini-game, understand how each obstacle work, and formulate a way around it.

Balance Aggressive And Defensive Play

Some say that the best offense is a good defense. While that may hold true to some events, the best possible way to deal with most of the challenges in Fall Guys is to know when to balance playing aggressively and defensively

These Are The Best Tips And Strategies For Playing Fall Guys
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Look out for players who are playing aggressively and avoid matching their aggression. When players play a bit more timid, try to play defensively as well to keep yourself safe.

Watch Other Players

The best tip that you can follow is to watch others play. It's the oldest trick in the book. Watching others play will give you an advantage

You get to learn how the game works and what happens when they make mistakes. This way, you don't make the same mistakes in your own game. Please take advantage of this by watching your friends play first and then join them after.

It's also quite hilarious to watch your friends stumble and fail while you learn from them.

Losing Helps You Learn

As mentioned above, you will have to accept that you will lose your first few tries in the game. It's not the end of the world if you don't place first during your first go at the game. 

These Are The Best Tips And Strategies For Playing Fall Guys
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While it does suck to lose, this only means one thing - you will learn from experience. Understand why you lost, what happened, and how it happened. 

These are a few thoughts that should cross your mind when you want to learn to play a better game. With this kind of approach in the game, you get to instill a winning mindset that you want to be better the next time you join a game. 

You'll soon be rewarded with all the experience you've gathered, making that first victory all the more worthwhile.

Get The Season Pass

Fall Guys incorporate a Season Pass for every season. Purchasing the Season Pass grants you bonus rewards for every game that you win. Much like experience points, the more you play the game with the Season Pass, the more it will gather Fame. 

Earning more Fame in Fall Guys will help you unlock rewards exclusive to the Pass, such as costumes, name tags, and Crowns. You also support the game when you purchase the Season Pass.


These are the best tips and strategies to use when playing Fall Guys. Fall Guys is currently available for download at the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Store for the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Store for Xbox, and Steam on PC.