I know for a fact that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a highly competitive first-person shooter (FPS) game. The ranked games are some of the most ruthless and cutthroat games I've ever experienced in any FPS game. 

While it may be quite challenging to play the game, that has not stopped Rainbow Six Siege from becoming one of the most popular FPS games. However, it's not all doom and gloom especially for new players who want to test their skills. 


Playing Rainbow Six Siege, especially ranked games, shouldn't be discouraging to new and seasoned players. Here are some tips from professional players that you should incorporate into your game to help you improve your gameplay and have more fun.

  • Learn the Basics
  • Listen Carefully and Be Silent
  • Pick the Right People to Do the Job
  • Adapt to the Pace of the Game
  • Communication Is Crucial
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Tips Used By Pro Players
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Learn the Basics

Let's start with the basics first and move on to the more advanced techniques when it comes to playing Rainbow Six Siege. At the start of the game, you'll be introduced to the tutorial

I highly suggest that you go through the tutorial even if you have played other FPS games in the past. There are some nuances that make the game different from the rest. Next, I suggest learning the different map layouts


Map knowledge is key to proper positioning especially in a slower-paced game like this one. You should also try to adjust different settings at your comfort level. Change your mouse sensitivity so it fits your style. 

Don't listen to what other people are saying about the perfect sensitivity setting. The main focus is you and your comfort level.

Use Your Drone to Scout

Never try to rush inside an area without checking it out first using your drone. A very common mistake that newbies do in this game is to immediately kick the door open causing a lot of noise and blindly coming inside an area only to be ambushed by a hail of gunfire. 


This is a mistake that you need to correct early on before it becomes a habit. Make good use of your drone to check an area first before you enter. Do this often, especially when you are about to enter a structure. 

Drones are a great way to scout the area without having to risk your position. Take advantage of it and make it a habit.

Listen Carefully and Be Silent

One of the most common mistakes that I found with Rainbow Six Siege newbies is that they sprint immediately after spawning into the map. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Tips Used By Pro Players
Image Source: Polygon

This is a common and very risky tactic that I would never advise any player to do when playing the game. 

Siege is a slow-paced game and should always be taken as such. Learn to listen to the footsteps of your enemy. 

Put those headphones on and listen to the sounds in the game. You might want to turn down your background music as well so you can fully focus on listening to the noise coming from your enemies.

Be Slow and Methodical

In the same way that you need to listen intently to the noise that your enemies make, the same rule applies to you. Enemies will also be listening intently to the sound of your footsteps so always be careful

The way I do this is to move slowly and methodically; I don't run around aimlessly, especially when I'm out in the open. This is where map knowledge comes in: I already know where I want to position myself in the game so I slowly and methodically make my way to that spot and avoid any encounters. 

By moving slowly I can easily shift to another spot and position there instead if need be. Remember that walking or crouching makes less noise and allows you to examine and scope out areas without being detected.

Pick the Right People to Do the Job

Rainbow Six Siege has some of the most diverse and dynamic characters to play. These operators tend to have different abilities and utilities that are unique to them. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Tips Used By Pro Players
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They are often chosen because of their strengths when paired with another type of operator. The best way to win more games in Siege is to pair up with a friend or team and synergize your operators together. 

Operators that focus more attacks should be paired with a support operator capable of using drones. 

Other times, the Mozzie and Mute combo are great defense operators while Goyo and Maestro are ruthless in denying areas from the enemy.

Emulate the META

Most new players often want to learn more about the game but they often pick the wrong operator or strategy to abuse. In many games, there is a strategy called META or Most Effective Tactic Available where you ensure that you always use the most powerful operator or utilize the best strategy to win the game. 

Whether this is getting a highly contested operator for your team or choosing a map that suits your team best, I always make sure that I follow the META as much as possible. 

One tip that I do is check out some streamers or pro players and watch how they strategically use operators to great advantage and then try those strategies in my games with my friends.

Adapt to the Pace of the Game

I've recently discovered one of the most underrated tips from watching a pro player during interviews. It is that most players, even those that play at the professional level do not learn how to adapt to the players they're playing with and against. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Tips Used By Pro Players
Image Source: Dot Esports

Each game of Rainbow Six Siege is different from the next. This is because we are all dealing with human players and there is a little bit of randomness to the games that we play. 

There will always be different metals involved in the game and players who refuse to adapt to the pace of the game end up getting outplayed.

Know Your Playstyle

Another great tip that I learned over the past few years is to know what type of playstyle you plan on utilizing in the game. There are different operators that can be used in the game that offer different play styles. 

Some are more damage-oriented while others are defensive and supportive. There will always be one that will suit the way you play the game. You just need to find your playstyle first and see how you can excel when using such a style. 

Soon, you will discover more operators that will suit your playstyle and it will be a match made in heaven. Even when such an operator or strategy is not META, as long as you are comfortable playing that operator and the playstyle involved, you will always find a way to earn more wins.

Communication Is Crucial

Countless times I've experienced my games go haywire when a player goes off on his own. There are players who want to do it their way and others want to go with another strategy. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Tips Used By Pro Players
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This can be a very painful experience especially for those who are still new to the game. Sometimes, we do not talk about our plan before heading into the game and we end up scattered across the map and getting picked off by the enemy. 

This type of issue can be resolved through proper communication. Notice that when the pros play, they always talk about their plan and how they want to execute it. Communication is the key to playing as a team and winning more games. 

I guarantee you that you'll get more wins when you and your team work together through proper communication.

Take it Easy and Be Patient

With all these tips mentioned above, you're more eager to be better at the game and sometimes, you won't be able to apply all of them. Be patient and take it easy on yourself, there's no need to rush. You don't become a superstar pro player overnight. 

All you need to do is focus on how you can get better first before you start blaming others for their mistakes. I learned this the hard way with the blame game when in fact, it was all my fault.  

Focus on what needs to be done to improve and you'll get there someday.


These are some of the tips that are being used by pro players in every match. There's a reason why they're good at the game and with these tips, you'll surely be on your way to more victories - even if you are still new to the game.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is available to download and play on Windows PC, Xbox One and Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5.