Torchlight 2 is an action role-playing game that focuses on intense and exciting combat. This game is a continuation of the game's prequel story after the defeat of the great and evil Ordrak in the depths of the mines.

This is under the miner town called Torchlight, and the game’s intro starts with the Alchemist possessing the Ordrak’s heart, then he goes mad and injures the destroyer, and then destroys the torchlight in the game.


It's now the player’s turn to try and save the world from evil. It is a classic dungeon crawler game with randomly generated levels by the software and then populated with treasures and enemies.

A Beginners' Guide to Torchlight 2
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How To Get Started

To start the game, you shall need to choose a difficulty level and then create a character. The Casual setting stage is a cakewalk but it is not a bad way of familiarizing yourself with the controls and the main themes of the game.

The normal stage’s setting is pretty forgiving, but the hard setting will give you a good challenge. Do not be quick to select the Hardcore setting mode until you are a Torchlight expert. The Hardcore characters usually stay dead when they fall.


There are no second chances, no restarts from the saves and all of your progress shall be lost. 


The game usually has four main character classes - namely Embermage, Outlander, Engineer, and Berserker. There are plenty of complete guides to the guilds and skills of each of these characters. 

If you are in a hurry to get a quick character creation walkthrough, the guide will provide this for you. Start by choosing the class build that will most fit the way you want to play the game. 


If you happen to be in doubt on your first playthrough, then choose Berserker and then follow this with the IGNs Passive Aggressor character build guide.

The Pets

The next thing you shall need to do is to choose your pet. This is an aesthetic decision as pets function pretty much the same regardless of the game’s appearance. 

Your pet will help you in many different ways, and she also carries extra inventory for you and fights alongside you. The pet carries junk gear back to town to exchange it for gold. 

She also retrieves potions and scrolls from town when you need them and can even be trained to cast spells to heal and aid you in any way you want.

The initial creation of pets is pretty quick, although you will need to level up in a few minutes during your first encounter and that is where your character design will begin. 

Each time you level up you will need stat points to allocate four abilities - Dexterity, Focus, Strength, and vitality.

What’s With All the Bars and Buttons?

On the top right corner of the display, there is a mini-map. When you advance, the map unfolds and reveals each area you have explored. The indicators on the edges of the map shall also tell you which way you should go.

Question marks are used to indicate new quests, and they also show the goals and waypoints of these quests.

The bottom part of the screen is dominated by the status bar. The left side has a big red orb that represents your health. On the other right side is another bar that is representing your Mana – or magical energy.

The numbers are usually custom-mappable, and you can rig all kinds of special abilities and magical spells on the slots after you learn them.

The green glass icon on the left side of the bar is for the identification of the main map. Just leave that on. Trust us. You will miss plenty of good loot if you turn it off.

How Do You Kill Stuff?

You can attempt to hack your way through the stages by choosing your equipment purely based on the bigger numbers, but this approach will not carry you very far through the upper difficult areas. 

There are some more strategies you will need to employ to enhance your effectiveness in combat, and they will come with practice.

A Beginners' Guide to Torchlight 2
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Follow all of our tips to ensure that you are winning when you play this game. As with all challenging games, to get really good, you will need practice, but the tips above will give you the edge up.