When it comes to mobile gaming, one would have to say that Nintendo is the best company to expand into the mobile genre.

Most of their games, including Super Mario games, have been quite successful in their handheld consoles. This ultimately means that they can further reach more fans by having their games on the mobile platform.


For that reason, Nintendo has collaborated with many mobile game developers and has created some of the best Mario games on the platform.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game within the Mario Kart franchise and is the ninth game of the series. It is one of the few Mario mobile games to have ever been developed. The game is free to play with microtransactions and a heavy emphasis on the gacha system.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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When Mario Kart Tour was first announced in 2018, everyone was quite excited and hopeful that this would live up to the standards of many mobile gamers, especially within the Mario franchise.


The mobile game was released in September 2019 to over 163 territories with pre-registered users who have been able to download the game a day before; this was met with massive success.

Fans of the franchise were treated to one of the best mobile Mario games ever.

Getting The Familiar Experience

Mario Kart Tour plays similar to previous iterations of the game, such as Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8. The game's ultimate goal is to get to first place at the end of the race while using items acquired by driving through Item Boxes during the race.


The items acquired from the Item Boxes are random but can be used to either deter your opponents from getting ahead of you through traps or boost your speed to increase your distance between the closest racers.

The mobile game features retro-style courses that are also very familiar to fans of the franchise. After each race, players will be awarded experience points, coins, and Grand Stars.

Downloading Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is currently free to download through the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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To download the game, simply search the title of the game and tap Install to begin the download. Please wait until it finishes downloading the game and tap Open to launch it.

The mobile game also features in-app purchases, so you might want to set up your payment options beforehand if you're going to make in-game transactions using real money.

Coins And Other Game Features

Coins are used at the Daily Selects section at the in-game shop for items, while rubies are the premium in-game currencies purchased through real money to purchase launch pipes or play the Coin Rush mode.

Mario Kart Tour also features different game modes such as the Frenzy Mode, the aforementioned Coin Rush mode, other daily challenges, and a wide selection of races for you to challenge alongside your friends.

Play online rank and get the highest score to become one of the best players from all over the world. Try different combinations of karts and drivers and get to the top of the leaderboard.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is a free-to-play platform mobile game and is the first-ever mobile venture for Nintendo.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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Created specifically for Android and iOS devices, the mobile platform video game uses Mario and other characters in the franchise. They automatically run across the screen while also collecting coins and avoiding enemies, just like the original Super Mario game.

The game follows the same premise as any other Super Mario game where Mario must rescue Princess Peach and restore the Mushroom Kingdom by defeating Bowser.

Much like previous iterations of the game, this mobile platformer enjoys some of the best and most addictive gameplay. The game has been one of the most downloaded mobile games in the Mario franchise, with over 100 million downloads at the Google Play Store alone.

Running, Jumping Platforms, And More

Developed by the same team as the New Super Mario Bros that was released for the Nintendo DS, Super Mario Run features very similar gameplay with other games. The mobile game's first few levels come for free, and unlocking the rest of the levels will require you to pay a one-time payment for the game.

One of the absolute fun mechanics that made Mario games very addictive is jumping over platforms and dodging enemy monsters. Much of that gameplay is still intact with Super Mario Run, but this time, it is played automatically.

Players can still control Mario by tapping the screen to jump over obstacles, and the longer you hold the screen, the higher he jumps. Players must also move Mario through small gaps and different obstacles while collecting coins along the way.

Download Super Mario Run Now

Super Mario Run is currently available for download at the Google Play Store and App Store for all mobile devices.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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Take note that after downloading the game, you will need to make a one-time purchase to unlock all the features in the game, including all the courses and more playable characters. Be sure to prepare your payment method before installing and launching the game.

Game Progression And Game Modes

At the end of each level, you get to jump across a tall platform and reach the peak of the flagpole to collect as many coins as possible. There are over 24 different courses to go through before you can rescue Princess Peach.

After that, the game unlocks a wonderful 9-course world called World Star. Players are also treated to different game modes, such as Remix 10, where you get ten short courses to buzz through if you want to play a quick game.

You also get Toad Rally, where you can show off your moves and challenge your friends alongside many other players in the game. Kingdom Builder is another game mode where you build your kingdom from the coins you have collected by playing the game.

Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World is a puzzle mobile game developed in collaboration with Nintendo and Line Corporation. The game follows Mario and the rest of the characters within the franchise as they try to save the Mushroom Kingdom from being infected by colorful viruses.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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Players get to choose between playing a myriad of characters within and outside of the Mario franchise, including Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Bowser, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Kamek, Waluigi, and even Wario.

The mobile game features a single-player campaign mode where the player must win each round with over 600 stages across different themed worlds to play with. Every two weeks, the game adds new stages for you to compete with your friends and compare your scores together.

Alongside the single-player campaign comes Versus Mode, where you battle online against another player or your friend for battle points. The more battle points that you have, the higher your tier becomes. In Versus Mode, it all comes down to quick wit, control, and who has the better strategy when playing the game.

Brain-Tickling Puzzle Game

Dr. Mario World is played by removing the viruses on the screen by matching the same colored capsule with each other. Each stage of the game features different viruses and obstacles that the player must go through.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see a colored pill, and if you can match the color within a single row or column, you eliminate that section alongside the virus nearby. The game also has a skill meter that activates a special skill for each character.

All playable characters have their specific skills, like Dr. Mario being able to remove the screen's bottom row while Dr. Peach can remove an entire column. Many other characters in the game can be unlocked, and with the use of in-game currency purchased through real money, you can instantly fill the skill meter to use the character's special skill.

Play Dr. Mario World Now

Dr. Mario World is free to download through the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

Best Mario Games For Mobile - Get To Know Them
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Check out the main page and tap Install to download the game and wait for it to finish—Tap Open to launch the game once it is fully downloaded.

In-App Purchases

The mobile game offers in-game purchases that include playable characters and other in-game items that enrich the game's overall experience.

Make sure to set up your payment method before playing the game if you want to make some purchases.


Over the past few years, Nintendo has steadily branched out from their usual handheld games to the world of mobile gaming. It is already evident that Nintendo is very compatible with the mobile platform with games such as the ones mentioned above to be very well-suited for mobile devices.

Nintendo can do no wrong with these Mario games on the mobile platform, with its significant influence, a longstanding franchise, and a passionate and loyal fanbase.