Playing Call of Duty Mobile can be very challenging and very demanding at times. Many players have experienced playing the battle royale mode of the game and the first minute that you land, you immediately get sniped by the enemy.

Situations like these call for drastic measures which is why we took the time to learn more about avoiding sniper shots in the game.


Fortunately, there is a YouTuber named Narco who is also the number one player in the game for several seasons now. Read on to find out what tips he shared to help avoid sniper shots in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Survive Sniper Shots - Call of Duty Mobile
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Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of the popular shooter game from Activision.

How to Survive Sniper Shots - Call of Duty Mobile
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This mobile version of the game promises more fun and action with its battle royale mode and many other game modes that you can play together with your friends.


In this version, players get to play iconic maps from beloved games within the franchise such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

Use skills and strategy to dominate the map and play a wide list of multiplayer modes in this game. Customize your loadouts and join seasonal events and themes.

Downloading Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is currently available for download on all mobile devices including Android and iOS. For Android users, launch the Google Play Store to download the game, while iOS users can use the App Store to search and install the game onto their device.


Note that an internet connection is required to play the game and you may also want to set up your payment method beforehand if you choose to use the in-app purchase feature in the game.

The Essentials of Playing Against Snipers

We all know snipers have the advantage of distance, scope, and damage. While they do have some of the best advantages in the game, there are still loopholes that we can abuse to take them out at the best possible time.

How to Survive Sniper Shots - Call of Duty Mobile
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The increasing trend of players playing snipers in the game can be worrisome for those who want to play the game through team fight shootouts and face-to-face combat.

However, one can learn to play around snipers and survive sniper shots thanks to a popular YouTuber known as Narco. Here are some of the tips that will help you avoid getting killed by a sniper and instead turn the tables on them.

Slide Diagonally

There are times in the game when you are about to make a run towards a building when suddenly, you get shot in the head and get taken out of the game. Many players find snipers to be one of the peskiest types of players in this game. Fortunately, there are some moves that you can pull off to avoid sniper shots.

Snipers tend to shoot at you while you are in a stationary position. Good snipers can instantly snipe you down while either standing or running at a steady pace. If you want to survive sniper shots on Call of Duty Mobile, it is best that you run or move from one point to another by sliding diagonally.

Not only does it keep you moving unpredictably, sliding diagonally means you move out of the sniper's scope forcing them to re-aim again. This kind of movement helps you to disturb their aim as much as possible while you run to take cover inside a building or behind a structure. Make sure to practice this move a lot within the game to survive sniper shots during this time.

Use a Flashbang Grenade

Sometimes what you want to do to give yourself time to make a run for cover by making a distraction.

How to Survive Sniper Shots - Call of Duty Mobile
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One of the most effective ways to distract snipers is to use the flashbang grenade. This is one of those accessories that you should carry around all the time especially if you are up against snipers in the field.

The flashbang grenade is a tactical grenade used to blind and deafen the target upon detonation. Since snipers rely heavily on their eyes and ears to take the shot, using flashbang distracts them from their aim. The flashbang is a great way to initiate team fights and can even clear out a room full of enemies.

Simply throw the flashbang to where the sniper thinks you're going and then slide diagonally towards your destination just to be safe in case there are other snipers out there. This gives you a few seconds to either run for cover or get closer into the location of the sniper to take them out.

Smokescreen Defense

Everyone knows that the best way to keep snipers off your track is to take cover. However, what happens if you are nowhere near a structure to take cover behind? For this reason, you need to have a smoke grenade with you every time you are out in the open as it is one way of creating a distraction from snipers and other enemies.

The smoke grenade is another tactical grenade used to create a smokescreen. This covers an entire area in smoke for long enough to make a run for cover or get into the position where the sniper is hiding. If you are skilled enough, you can use the smoke grenade to create enough distraction and shoot down the sniper from a distance if you already know his position.

The smokescreen defense can also be used offensively. Players usually use this grenade to cover their movement and help teammates get into a better position so they can take out enemy snipers.

Take Cover Underwater

This is a highly situational encounter but is still one of the best ways to survive sniper shots in the game. Taking cover underwater is a great way to get the snipers off your back.

How to Survive Sniper Shots - Call of Duty Mobile
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If you are near a body of water, swim down and make sure to stay there for a couple of minutes or until you feel it is safe to come back up. Now, there are some nuances to this strategy. You usually do not want to stay underwater for several minutes as it is a waste of time.

What you should normally do is heal up if you have taken damage and swim towards a better position while remaining underwater and come out to a position where the sniper least expects you to be and take him out.

This move will require you to understand the lay of the land and will need some time to pull off successfully. However, the chances of survival against snipers, especially near bodies of water, can greatly increase if you use this tactic.

Keep on Moving

Call of Duty: Mobile is optimized to keep the game fast-paced and to end the game as quickly as possible so you can play more games in a short period. You can easily tell that the game wants you to spot enemies as fast as possible to either take them out or react to them.

This is highly advantageous especially if you are up against a sniper. It goes without saying that the best way to deal with them is to move around a lot.

Keep moving until the enemy sniper loses track of your movements. By moving around, you also get to react quickly to different situations and have a better chance at surviving sniper shots.

Practice Your Aim

Now that you have learned to avoid sniper shots, it is time to turn the tables on them and learn how you can take them out yourself. It is highly suggested that you take the time to practice your aim with any given weapon in the game.

How to Survive Sniper Shots - Call of Duty Mobile
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This ensures that you have the skill and accuracy to take down enemies especially those pesky snipers in the shortest amount of time especially with the smallest window of opportunity that is given to you.

Use a weapon with the lowest recoil time or a weapon that has a very bad recoil to get used to it. Get yourself familiar with the recoil which will allow you to control the weapon and time your attacks perfectly. You want to do this to improve your aim.

Use a Sniper Rifle

What better way to counter a sniper than to know a sniper's perspective? Getting to understand how a sniper plays is the most underrated strategy in defeating snipers and surviving sniper shots in the game.

Use a sniper rifle and become the sniper to know how a sniper does his business.

This way, you get to have the perspective of the sniper when you are up against one and know how they operate so you can develop a strategy to counter them.


We get it, it's sometimes very difficult playing the game for fun when you instantly die at the hands of snipers right from the get-go.

However, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you get to experience playing the game at a much more competitive level now that you know how to survive sniper shots.