War games receive so much fanfare for their strategic aspect but not a lot of people often find a good strategy game to put their time and effort into.

Fortunately, Supremacy 1914 should be able to scratch that itch. Supremacy 1914 is a mobile strategy game that infuses modern gameplay with the strategies and thematics of World War I.


With more than 2 million downloads, this mobile game has gained a cult following of players for its cool features and amazing gameplay. If you want to learn more about the game, continue reading on!

This Is the Most Addictive Strategy Game - Supremacy 1914
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A Battle for Supremacy

Supremacy 1914 is a strategy mobile game where you get to choose a nation set within the first World War. Players get to play as the leader of their nation with massive challenges such as boosting the economy, learning how to trade resources, defending their land, and conquering others.

This Is the Most Addictive Strategy Game - Supremacy 1914
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Set within a tumultuous time, you will need to strategize your every move to either win allies or defeat your opponents in the game.


Ensure that your nation survives the onslaught of invasion by recruiting units, building infrastructures, and developing your country into the powerhouse you want it to be. Reign supreme as you begin conquering nearby nations to form your empire.

How to Download the Game

Supremacy 1914 is available for download at both the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. Search for the title of the game and tap ‘Install’ to download the game. Wait until it finishes downloading and installing on your device before tapping ‘Open' to launch the app.

The mobile strategy game offers in-app purchases so you might want to set up your payment option before playing the game if you plan on subscribing to the different in-app purchases.


Learning the Essentials of Supremacy 1914

If you want to rise in power and take control to become the world's most powerful leader then you will need all the help that you can get.

This Is the Most Addictive Strategy Game - Supremacy 1914
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Commanding units, meeting different objectives, and attacking at the right moment, while also tending to your economy and other needs, make the game more interesting but it can be quite challenging. This is one of the reasons why the game is so addicting.

Going to war against your enemies will require a lot of resources so you will constantly have to find better ways to improve your gameplay or else risk getting run over by your enemies. Here are some tips that you can follow to improve how you play the game.

Learn About Geopolitics

The first thing that you need to learn about this game is geopolitics. At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick one country to lead. The very first tip that you need to follow is to avoid choosing a country that is surrounded at different angles.

Countries like Germany, Austria, and many inland countries have to defend their countries on all sides which can be quite difficult for many new players. You run the risk of getting attacked on all sides at the same time. While it does have some advantages if you're neighbor isn't your enemy, you will still be the first country that they will likely attack the moment things go south.

Learn to play around with geopolitics. If not, choose a country that is either surrounded by the ocean or pick a country where you can focus all of your defense forces on one side. Countries like New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan are great entry points for you to start this game right.

Learn to Trade Resources

There will be times in this game that you will be low on resources. Certain resources in the game are quite difficult to get while other countries can produce them with not much difficulty. This is the right time for you to try and extend your diplomacy with other surrounding countries and learn how to trade.

This Is the Most Addictive Strategy Game - Supremacy 1914
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There will always be some extra resources within your country that you can willingly give up so why not try and look for other players to trade with you.

Apart from trading resources, you can trade units as well which can be very good for smaller countries and become a powerhouse in a small span of time.

Understand the Economy

When it comes to trading resources, you will also need to understand a bit of your country's economic status. You are buying and selling resources that will highly affect how your country earns and acquires other different resources needed in the game.

The best possible way to go around this is to strike a good balance between buying and selling your resources. If you see another player selling a resource that is lower than usual, it is best to purchase the resources immediately and sell them for a much higher price.

This is a great technique that you can use to gain more money in the game. You can then use the money that you have earned in the game to buy more units to defend your land.

Strike at the Right Time

You might be tempted to attack any AI-controlled territory especially at a time when you feel like you have enough resources and forces to do so. The best way to conquer these territories is to wait for a while and strike at the right time.

This Is the Most Addictive Strategy Game - Supremacy 1914
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If you are not careful, you might end up losing more than what you gain from attacking such territory. It is always best to wait until you have more than enough resources to handle two territories and a good amount of units to help defend both.

Make sure that you have powerful units to take over the territory as quickly as possible without losing most of your units. If you do, you might end up having to spread your forces too thin which will make you even more vulnerable to attacks from other players.

At the same time, if your neighbors are also interested in conquering neighboring countries that are controlled by AI, they are highly likely to focus all of their attention and their forces towards their aggressive attempt. This leaves them very vulnerable for an attack so strike at the right time and attack their nation instead.

Seek Allies

As much as you want to play the game to conquer every nation, it is almost impossible to do unless you have allies in the game. Allies offer a lot of advantages especially if you want to climb up the ladder.

You can trade with your allies and even offer units that will help them conquer more territories which is highly beneficial for you since they also get richer in the process.

You may also forge an alliance with a stronger nation to help defend your territory or take others down. There are a lot of advantages you get from gaining allies and much like in real life, they often come to your aid when you need it. Make allies in this game instead of burning bridges.

Diversify Your Army

The most important thing in Supremacy 1914 is to learn about your army's capabilities. It is one of the reasons why we play the game and leading your army into combat is surely one of your goals. However, the army attack power does not increase based on how many units you recruit.

This Is the Most Addictive Strategy Game - Supremacy 1914
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For this reason, it is always best to diversify your forces. Never recruit troops of the same type and expect to be able to conquer territories with them. Try to diversify your troops and collect different types of units and tanks.

This will make you a formidable foe to your enemies knowing that you have an arsenal of different units at your disposal.

Combine the attacks on your units and you can easily deal huge amounts of damage using the least amount of effort.

Keep Morale High

Morale plays a huge role in the fighting prowess of your units. Units with low morale end up getting slaughtered by the enemy with higher morale.  The best advice anyone can give when it comes to your units is to boost their morale and keep it that way.

Place your units in high morale provinces or in enemy territory to keep them from losing their morale. Avoid low morale provinces like the plague and you should be able to keep your troops' morale on a high level.


With its realistic themes and accurate historical units and weapons, Supremacy 1914 offers a real-time strategy game that allows you to live the days of World War I and become a part of history.

The mobile game provides regular updates so there is always something new for players in every patch.