If there is one consolation about having to stay home during the pandemic, it's that you can play as many games as you like. Sure, you may have lots of options to choose from ranging from first-person shooters to platformers, but nothing can compare to what strategy games bring.

Playing strategy games can have multiple benefits. These include improving cognitive functioning and faster information processing. This should allow you to have a sharper mind as you are exercising your mind when playing strategy games.


To make good use of your time, we detail some of the best strategy games that you can play online in this article. Read on to learn more about them.

The 3 Best Strategy Games Online
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StarCraft II

With StarCraft II going free-to-play last November of 2017, the real-time strategy game has opened the doors for online players to play the game. StarCraft II is a sequel to the massively popular StarCraft, and it is set a few years after the end of the first game.

The story follows many of the first game's main characters, such as Zeratul in his quest to find out more about the Xel'Naga, and Artanis and his goal to reunite the Protoss. A vengeful Jim Raynor who will stop at nothing to get the love of his life back, as well as Kerrigan as she waits in the shadows.


The game continues its trend of allowing players to choose from three different factions as they gather resources, build infrastructure, recruit new units, and expand their territory.

Factions in the Game

Each faction also has its unique play-style with Terrans having access to many offensive and defensive units and structures.

You can access Protoss and their durable and powerful units, while the Zerg's ability to spawn a lot of units to swarm enemies makes for an interesting fast-paced early game strategy.



Blizzard has also opened up the online ranking competitive multiplayer mode, which allows online players to battle against each other and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

All you need to do is sign up, log in to the game and play either the Story Campaign, or Versus Mode, where you get to match against another character or play with your friend in Co-Op missions.

The 3 Best Strategy Games Online
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EVE Online

EVE Online is a futuristic massive multiplayer online role-playing strategy game where players can visit about 7,800 star systems with their spaceship.

Players also get to interact with each other as they mine, trade, explore, and manufacture different items that are needed by other players. Combat is also one of the key features in the game whether it is against another player or with the environment.

Released in 2003, EVE Online has been known to be a sleeper hit during the first few years. The game continues to thrive as it reached over 500,000 subscribers in 2013.

When the game offered a limited free-to-play version, EVE Online's resurgence as one of the dominating forces of online strategy games became clear.

Other Features of the Game

This is a game that every strategic player would want to play. Apart from its vastly wide universe and star systems, players also get to control the economy through affiliations known as corporations and alliances.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a free-to-play massive multiplayer strategy online game wherein players use armored tanks to battle with other players. As players take control over the vehicle, they must learn how to move the vehicle, fire its weapons, and avoid getting hit by other tanks.

A match is won when all enemy vehicles are destroyed or the enemy base is captured. Most of the tanks are modeled closely to their real-life counterparts.

Certain tanks are either simplified or sometimes modified to be better depending on the mechanics of the game to improve their gameplay.

From light tanks to battle tanks, players get to choose which tanks they want to play in battle. And, the real match is determined, not by the tanks you choose, but by the strategy you employ against a certain opponent.

Reception for the Game

The 3 Best Strategy Games Online
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With its highly strategic gameplay, World of Tanks was featured in the World Cyber Games in 2012 as an e-sports game.

The online strategy game continues to receive positive reviews even years after its official launch. Its detailed combat system allows for great strategic gameplay that is both exhilarating and mind-bending to watch.


At times strategy games can be very challenging to play. However, when played with friends, they can be very enjoyable. These online strategy games are great examples of how it can help improve your mental capacities and have fun at the same time.