Rocket League is a futuristic one-of-a-kind sports game developed by Psyonix. It is a combo of motorsports and soccer; in simpler words, the player has to score a goal with their fun and fast boost fuelled cars by hitting a giant soccer ball into the post.

The team with the highest number of goals in that limited window of time will win. It sounds exciting and looks exciting with its next-gen visuals and tonnes of car customizations, allowing the player to stand out in the arena, driving the best-looking car, and scoring the most exciting goals.

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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Specifically, we will cover these topics:

  • How to play
  • How to use speed boost
  • How to jump
  • How to compete online
  • How to get free credit points

How To Play?

The player will be offered to choose one of the two teams based on the colors blue and orange before starting a game. There are four modes of team pairing in which the player tends to decide and opt how many players will play in the arena. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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There is a standard 3v3 mode with three players each time, a doubles mode of 2v2, a duel which is 1v1, and finally the 4v4 chaos, which will be the most difficult. 


The game modes in online play will be somewhat similar; instead, the player will compete with other players and achieve level-ups and skill points. 

Game Play

In each mode, the game will start in the same pattern with the giant ball in the middle of the field and both the teams waiting for the bell. When the timer starts, all the cars accelerate towards the ball, which was in the middle. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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Then, the mayhem begins with every car chasing and hitting the ball, making sure that it lands inside the goal post; meanwhile, the opponent will try its best to crash into your car. They will do this to steal the ball away from you or even block your shot by driving in front of the ball and save the ball from going inside the goal post. 


Right after a goal is scored, every car appears to be in the previous starting formation, with the ball placed in the middle of the field again. By playing the game with proper skills, tactics, and teamwork, better performance will be achieved by co-ordination, just like in a soccer game where players pass the ball.

How To Use Speed Boost

Rocket League features various skills and tricks to make the gameplay more enjoyable and fun for the user. One of the most important and noticeable functions is the speed boost, enabling the car to go faster than the regular speed. 

Speed boosts can be acquired from the small glowing pads which are placed all over the field. By driving over the pads, the car gets a boost fill, and it can be used accordingly whenever needed. 

Though the small pads do not fill the boost tank if the player wants a more prolonged boost for high speeds, large capsules can also be found on the edges of the soccer field. They give an extra fill in the boost tank and enables a relatively longer boost than the small pads all over the area.

Advantage Of The Boost

Using the boost effectively at correct times and only when needed is very important. Most players who are new to the game tend to use up all the boost, and when it is needed the most, none of it is left for example, when boost is required to chase the ball and toss it aside to stop it from going inside the home goal. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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Instead, use the boost at critical moments and track the boost pads on the field to turn the game to your advantage making critical plays for your team on both ends of the field. Another speed feature by Rocket League, which makes the car goes as high as possible, is called Supersonic. 

The supersonic feature can be noticed with a purple glow from the back of the car. During supersonic, the car achieves its maximum speed possible, and the rate can be maintained for long as the player does not make any sharp turns resulting in the car slowing down.

How To Jump

Rocket League offers a jump feature to the users, allowing the car to jump in the air to intercept and engage with the ball traveling mid-air. Using the jump feature correctly and using the game mechanics can result in a significant advantage that will allow the player to perform better and better control their car. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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To understand the jump feature correctly, the player can demonstrate it by pressing the jump button while the vehicle is standing still. Meanwhile, when the car is mid-air after the jump, the player can press the jump button again to make the double jump to achieve a long jump and higher air time. 

Using a game controller with thumbsticks is very much recommended to play Rocket League. It will make the game experience, without a doubt, more fun and allow the player to control the car and perform tricks smoothly.

When To Jump

Using the jump feature during the game at high speeds will be much different from performing its standstill. Understanding the jump feature mechanics is very important; for example, when the player will accelerate during the double jump, the car will leap forward or whichever direction it is facing. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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By pointing the vehicle in the desired direction and accelerating, the car will leap in that direction, giving a good advantage during the game.  Another feature that can be used during the jump is the use of boost simultaneously during the jump. 

If the car is pointing towards the roof and the boost is used, the player will notice a much larger jump and a higher air time, which will be very useful while intercepting the ball mid-air or block a shot while the ball is traveling in the air.

How To Compete Online

Rocket League offers the players to compete with other players on an online platform and achieve higher skill points and level up. The gameplay experience turns out to be much more fun while competing with fellow Rocket League communities, enhancing the skills, and later offers an extensive choice of car customization.

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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The game finds you a match with the players at the same level as yours, so the competition is much more fair and friendly. Skilled high-level players can also participate in online contests and tournaments held by various streamers, helping us win special items or credit points for the game. 

You can purchase different things and make your gameplay enjoyable by equipping and applying various customization within the game.

How To Get Free Credit Points

If you have been playing Rocket League for a while, you will notice many items piling up in your inventory. Players tend to use some of it, and the rest of the things stays as they were and are never used. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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Luckily for all the players out there, Rocket League also offers an exciting feature. You can combine the items with a similar rarity and trade them with a much rarer and more limited item with a much higher market value and a unique effect or function. 

The things that can be equipped or used for customization include car bodies, wheels, boosts, antennas, decals, trappers, trails, explosions, paints, banners, engine audio, and borders. You can repeatedly combine many rare items like hats and antennas until you have multiple rare items. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
Image Source: Rocket League

When many rare things are acquired, you can repeat the trading step by combining the rare items. For example, you combine five rare items and trade them with one scarce thing. The scarce item will have its credit points in multiples of 10 onwards.

Pick Your Choice

The most important question arises: Can you purchase or equip a crate item of your choice from the Rocket League market? Yes, you can. If you have loose coins on your hands, you can hand-pick your favorite item from the market and equip it till you get bored of it and sell it again to buy another item or even trade it with another scarce item. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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To do that, developers have provided various digital trading platforms where you could trade game items such as RL insider, Rocket League garage, or Steam market. All you have to do is post your scarce items in a trading discord and mention your required credit points in exchange for those items.

Once you get an offer from fellow players, you can easily add them as friends and trade your items with credit points without paying a single dollar for anything. Once you have sold your items, you are free to buy anything, whether it be another scarce item or even a rocket pass. 

Safe Shopping

Another essential thing to note is that you have to consider if the commodity you will buy from the item shop within the game is tradeable. 

Rocket League: Find Out How to Get Free Credits
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Many items from the game shop are not tradeable, which means once you pay for it with your credit points, it will stay in your inventory forever. 

Meanwhile, it is a safe play to shop from trading discords as there are no trading restrictions on the third-party market, and whatever item bought from the trading market can again be sold for credit points or traded with another object.


This combination of motor racing, combat, and football has successfully attracted up to 20 million players worldwide. The online sports game's hard work is built on years of hard work, and it certainly shows as well! 

This game's fanbase is exceptionally dedicated and indeed agrees that the game is one of a kind. Give it a try if you haven't already, and you might say the same.