With over 80 million dragon masters worldwide, Dragon City is fast becoming one of the topmost played and most downloaded games on the Google Play Store. 

This mobile game lets you master different types of dragons and take them to battle with another player. Build a city filled with dragons and farm, breed, and battle them to become the best Dragon Master in the game. 


Apart from its cute dragons, what makes this mobile game so special? How does one get to breed and train dragons to battle? Learn more about the breeding process and how to play the game optimally below.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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What Is Dragon City?

Dragon City is a mobile app developed by Socialpoint and has garnered a massive following for its great gameplay and features. The mobile game lets you build a city that houses dragons and lets you collect even hundreds more if you want. 

The game features different options such as building farms and habitats so you can continue to house different dragons and breed them to make your city stronger.


The game also has weekly events that allow you to unlock special rewards and give your dragons even more power. Combine different dragons and expand your roster so you can take on even more powerful players and knock them down.

Adventures and How To Download

Take part in an adventure as a Dragon Master as you adventure through different quests and summon hundreds of dragons to your team. Defeat other Dragon Masters and become the best on the leaderboard.

To download the game, enter the keyword Dragon City on Google Play Store and tap on Install. The game will start to download. After installation, launch the game to start the tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game. 


Take the time to know all of the game's different features through the tutorial and become one of the best dragon masters out there.

Features and Gameplay

Dragon City is a game that lets you breed, train, and collect a wide variety of dragons. Every player will have a chance to battle it out with many other players. There are many other features in the game that players can enjoy, and here are just some of them.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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Thousands of Dragons

Become a dragon master by collecting, breeding, and growing over a thousand different types of dragons and build your own Dragon City. Each week, a new dragon is featured for players. 

They are usually introduced during special events or breeding events. Make sure to log in to the game every day to find out more about the upcoming dragons, which may be the key to your next victory.

Each dragon has its element and abilities, which you can do so at the Tree of Life. This is where you can try their skills and prepare them for battle.

Dragon Skins

Make sure your dragons are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with skins that you can get from special events. These dragon skins might not have any tactical advantage to the game, but you can always look cool once you summon your dragon into battle.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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Quests and Events

Dragon City provides a lot of adventure quests for players, so you can always enjoy the game. Quests offer many items and experience to upgrade your dragon and help them become stronger. 

Events often give out special rewards that will unlock different aspects of your dragon. From Gift Events to PVP Arenas, these are just a few of the things that you can do within the game to help you train your dragon.

Breeding Dragons

In Dragon City, the most common activity aside from taking part in quests, events, and combat with other players is breeding dragons. Breeding allows players to expand their current roster of dragons without having to spend gold or gems. 

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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Qualifications for Breeding

Any dragon can be paired with another as there are no male or female dragons in the game. However, there are other qualifications needed for proper dragon breeding. One of which mentions that all dragons must be level 4 and above to be able to breed.

Dragons that are currently training or breeding elsewhere cannot be used for breeding. Players will have to cancel the previous action before they can use that specific dragon for breeding. And lastly, elemental dragons with opposing elements cannot breed with each other.

Breeding Process

Two dragons get to mate with each other to create a dragon egg. Note that one pair of dragons will produce only one egg. Whether you place a dragon on the left or right, the calculation will always be the same.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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The game randomly provides an egg depending on the type of dragons that were used as parents. After some time, the breeding process results in an egg where it is then placed inside the Hatchery. The egg will then hatch and is placed in a habitat.

Breeding the same type of dragon will most likely result in an egg of the same type of dragon. Meanwhile, speeding up the breeding process using gems will not affect the result of the type of dragon that comes out after.

Purpose for Breeding

Players will need to breed dragons not only to produce more types of dragons on your roster. They also have other purposes such as increasing your gold production, getting better and stronger dragons to help you win more battles.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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They can help you complete the collection for your Dragon Book and earn rewards, and help you gain more experience and income by selling hatched dragons.

Different Types of Elements

A dragon can have one or more unique elements in them. Some of the game elements include Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Ice, Electric, Metal, Dark, Light, and many more. These elements will be a major factor in breeding dragons as opposing elements cannot breed a dragon.

Tips to Breed the Best Dragons

Breeding dragons will always be a key component within the game. It can provide you with a massive advantage if you know how to breed dragons; hence players would want to know the best ways to breed dragons in the game.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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Know the Elements

As mentioned above, 8 basic elements can be used to breed dragons in the game. These elements will create hybrid dragons and some rare dragons like Cool Fire. These dragons can then be used to produce a new type of dragons, which are called Legendary, which is only a step away from breeding Pure dragons.

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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Knowing the elements and how they affect each other is very important in this game. For example, breeding a Water dragon with a Terra dragon results in a River or Tortoise dragon, while Water and Nature will result in Water Lily or Coral. 

Air and Fire create Phoenix, while Magic and Twilight will let you breed Black Magic dragons. Opposing elements can be a bit difficult to breed, but they are not impossible to do so. Doing so will result in some of the most interesting types of dragons.

Those include such as Lava and Water into Steam dragons, while Phoenix and Terra will give birth to either a Rock or Tornado element. Another great hybrid that uses opposite element dragons is Black Magic and Light, which results in a Full Moon element.


The breeding process of each dragon is heavily tied to which habitat you want to place them in. In the game, the easiest one to have is the Terra habitat. While it has a high gold per minute earned, it also has the lowest gold cap so that you won't earn that much from the habitat. 

This is why many players would only want to have a single Terra habitat at the start of the game and build others by infusing them with each other. 

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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Note that you earn gold by placing your dragons in the habitat, so keep on breeding different types of dragons so that you can place them in habitats that will allow you to expand your gold resources.

Choose your habitat wisely, as some habitats may look good on paper but are rather a waste of time when you put it into play. Gauge all of your options, you can sit down and wait 10 seconds for a Sea Habitat.

Otherwise, you can spend more gold for a Light habitat and wait at least 4 hours for that precious experience. Purchase as many habitats as you want and quickly upgrade them to level 2. 

Dragon City: Discover How to Breed the Best Dragons
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The Most Important Habitat

As soon as you can, purchase Legendary habitats since their gold storage is far more superior to any other types of habitats. Keep in mind that having more of the same habitats will cost you more gold so remember to balance them.


The dragon's breeding process in Dragon City can be quite complicated; however, it is still an important aspect of this fantasy game. 

If you truly want to excel in Dragon City, learning the nuances of breeding dragons is key to your success.