Among Us, a game full of lies, deceit, murder, broken trust, and even broken friendships, has escalated to the top of the gaming charts during the lockdown. The premise of the game is simple. Players are divided into two groups, crewmates, and impostors. 

Unknown to players of the other group, crewmates have to identify and vote out impostors who, in turn, are tasked to kill the crewmates without being detected. The last group standing wins the round.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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How To Win As A Crewmate

While the gameplay may seem easy, let us assure you that it isn’t. Committing murders or solving the murder mystery, depending upon the side you are on, requires a lot of planning and analysis. And to add to the complexity, players can only communicate with each other during emergency meetings and vote outs.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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So, how do you master this murder-mystery party? Here we talk about some tips that can help you win Among Us every time, whether you are a devious impostor or an innocent crewmate.

If you end up being a crewmate at the start of the game, follow these tips to ensure that you and your fellow crewmates win.


The Wolf Pack

One of the best and simplest ways to stay alive and beat the impostors is to travel in packs, preferably in groups of more than two. This will ensure that even if both the impostors go for a double-kill, there will be an extra player to report the deaths.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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There is, however, a downside to this strategy. Since you do not know who precisely the impostors are and happen to be in a pack of two impostors and you being the lone third, you will likely get killed, and the impostors will get away with the murder.

Be Observant

There are many tasks in the game that confirm if a crewmate is actually completing them through in-game animations (usually turned on). For example, if a crewmate is submitting a body scan in medbay, other players can see the scanning animation. 

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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Similarly, if crewmates are cleaning vents or firing at asteroids, other players can see the animations and guarantee that they are a crewmate. However, since impostors can’t do tasks, there are no animations, guaranteeing they are just faking the tasks.

Thus, by merely observing whether animations are showing on your screen or not when other players perform them, you can identify whether the player is a fellow crewmate or an impostor.

Fix Sabotages ASAP!

The chances of impostors winning the game increases if they sabotage tasks. For instance, sabotaging the electrical supply reduces visibility, and the impostors can easily kill crewmates. Similarly, disabling the reactor (reactor meltdown) can result in the impostors winning the game if not fixed within the given time-frame.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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Thus, as soon as the impostors sabotage a task, fix it as soon as possible. However, be careful as you can become easy prey for the impostors if you try to resolve the issue alone. Again, make sure you travel in groups and observe other players’ suspicious movements (impostors pretending to fix the issue).

When In Doubt, Skip The Vote

How often does it happen that everyone follows the herd mentality and vote out the first sus player, only to realize they were not the imposter? This results in the impostor having one less crewmate to kill off and can even mean the difference between winning and losing.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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So, the next time you aren’t entirely sure of the player being an impostor, skip your vote. This can lead to a draw and save a crewmate from being eliminated merely based on speculations. 

This strategy can help at the beginning of the game when there is plenty of time to catch the impostor. However, you might need to vote on speculation towards the end of the game when there isn’t enough time to catch the impostors.

And Now Your Watch Begins

If you have completed all your tasks near the security area, use the CCTV cameras to watch other players. You might even catch an impostor red-handed doing the dirty deed.

However, if you are using the CCTV cameras, the red light will blink, and an experienced impostor might notice them. They might then, in fact, try to kill you and eliminate the threat.

How To Win As An Impostor?

If you are lucky and end up being an impostor, follow these tips to kill the crewmates without getting sussed and win the game.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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Fake Your Tasks Properly!

The only way to fool crewmates is to pretend doing tasks. To fake, a task properly, however, requires thinking and game knowledge. You must know how exactly to stand still in a spot to fake a task. Be careful not to ‘finish’ your tasks too early or too late.

Similarly, fake only certain tasks can make others believe that you are a crewmate if you have other players with you. For instance, don’t pretend to do a medbay scan as there will be no animation, and other players will find out that you are an imposter. Instead, pretend to do a card swipe task in the admin area or fix the electrical room's wirings.

Be A Smooth Criminal

Set traps by sabotaging tasks to draw players towards the area or lock doors to trap other players. Once the coast is clear, you can kill the crewmate and use the vents to sneak out. However, ensure that there aren’t any other players in the vicinity who can see you in the act.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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For example, sabotaging the O2 will draw players towards the admin and O2 area. If there are only one or two players with you, use this opportunity to kill them with the help of your teammate. 

Similarly, if there is only one player with you in medbay, storage, cafeteria, or other areas with doors, lock the door and kill the player. Use the vent to move to a different location on the map.

Vote With The Majority

Adopt a follower strategy rather than being an initiator, see what other players have decided, and vote for the player that the group decides upon, even if it means voting out your fellow impostor friends. Voting differently other than the crewmates can raise suspicion, and you will have some explaining to do in the next vote out.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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If you take the initiative and the eliminated player turns out to be a crewmate, you will likely be voted out next due to false accusations. You can get out of such situations too, but you will need to do a lot of convincing, and still, you might get eliminated.

Call Emergency Meetings

Press the emergency meeting button in the cafeteria to discuss something important with other players. However, the main reason for calling emergency meetings is to disrupt crewmates from performing tasks.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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This can get frustrating for crewmates who complete long tasks such as undergoing a medbay scan or hitting twenty asteroids. They will have to restart the tasks again. However, have a concrete reason to discuss for the meeting, or else other players may vote you out of frustration.

Use The Vents Wisely

Vents are a great way to escape the crime scene and emerge in a different map area. Just be sure that the area you are exiting from and entering into doesn’t have crewmates lurking around. If they spot you venting, then you will likely be voted out. 

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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Similarly, avoid using vents in areas that have an active CCTV camera to avoid being detected. You can also decide to keep hiding in the vent. But, it will stop the ‘kill cooldown’ countdown. To spice things up with vents, you can hide inside a vent beforehand and wait for a player. 

Once you are sure that there is no one else, kill the crewmate, and use the vent to either hide or teleport to another place. Additionally, you can cause a reactor meltdown or sabotage another task to divert other crewmates and get yourself time to cool down. 

Again, hide inside the vent and kill any other player who might enter. However, make sure that you kill them before they report the previous kill.

Pretend To Be AFK

This is a nasty trick to pull off on your friends, but being an impostor, we feel it’s justified. It is also very entertaining! However, this trick requires patience, so if you are an impatient impostor, we suggest you skip this.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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So what should you do? Stand still and wait. Other players will assume that you are AFK or are having network connectivity issues. When you find the right moment, walk towards a nearby crewmate and kill them. Quickly move back to the original spot and wait again. During vote out, continue pretending to be AFK or give a lame excuse.

Learn Some Tips to Beat Friends in the Game Among Us
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Irrespective of the side you are on, you must know the tips and tricks that can help you identify players from the other faction easily, resulting in your group winning the game at every instance. We hope that this blog will help you hone your detective skills a bit further and let you master the game.

Have we missed any tips or tricks? Or do you have some tips of your own that can help beat friends in the game? Do share them with us. We will keep them a secret Among Us!