Rise of Kingdoms is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where all players are allowed to simultaneously play the game in real-time. In RTS strategy games, each player places structures and uses multiple units under their control, to secure specific areas of the map. The aim is then to destroy the opponents' assets. 

It is possible to gather or create extra structures and units during an RTS game. The extra resources are generally gathered by controlling points on the map or by possessing the correct types of units and structures.


Rise of Kingdoms is set in a fantasy world called Equiada. It focuses on the development of empires and strategically planned battles. The game offers strategy as well as adventure options to play. 

Learn to Play Rise of Kingdoms - Check Out How
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Different Modes

In strategy mode, the player has to select from three significant races – the treacherous Humans, the vicious Foresters, and the merciless Darklings. The player is also able to capture, enslave and develop five independent nations – the Shades, the Nomads, the Dragons, the Trolls, and the Elves. 

Learn to Play Rise of Kingdoms - Check Out How
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The combination of the main race and the captured nations provides the player with a valuable asset when clashing with the enemy. In adventure mode, the player controls a group of heroes with a small group of troops. Orders can be issued to the small group and heroes at any time, allowing the player to follow limitless possibilities. 


Navigating a small group is easier than maneuvering large armies. As they can move more “undetected” than a big army, they often uncover dark secrets the player can use, and surprising twists appear as the adventure unfolds. 

Both Modes Create Empires

The story of the game stretches over several generations and portrays powerful ancient artifacts, the rise and fall of mighty leaders and great kingdoms, and the creation of new mystic creatures and races.

When playing Rise of Kingdoms in any of the two modes, you become the creator of your own kingdom. You let it rise from scratch up to where you conquer the whole world. Your task is to prove your leadership and explore an unfamiliar world while simultaneously helping your people adjust to a new reality.


Basics of the Game and Mechanics

The basic idea in the Rise of Kingdoms is that you are a governor that is responsible for building a great city. To be able to do this you have to gather resources and build and upgrade the buildings in the city. You also have troops at your disposal which you can use to attack other cities and defend your city. These troops can also be utilized to collect items from the map.

Learn to Play Rise of Kingdoms - Check Out How
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Before you can get started in this game, you will have to download this app from the Google Play Store.

There are eight available civilizations to choose from to start with. A unique feature of this game is that there are twenty distinct heroes and game modes, such as Expedition and PvP, to choose from. 

This feature is one of the aspects that make the game pretty fun and interesting. To assist new players and to make them familiar with the game’s mechanics, an in-game tutorial is available. It provides a good introduction to the different elements available in the game. For an RTS game, the mouse movement works easily and is what makes the game more fun to play.  

Types of Resources

To progress in the game you need resources, and the basic three are food, stone, and wood. To upgrade your city’s buildings, train your troops, and research the map you require these three basic resources. You’ll find the three resources in three resource generating buildings, namely Farm, Lumber Mill, and Quarry. 

It is also possible to collect resources from resource points on the map such as croplands, stone deposits, and logging camps. Additionally, there are two main classes of buildings, namely Economic buildings and Military buildings. If you need more aesthetics, you can use the third category with decorative items.

The most important building in the city is the City Hall Economic buildings include places like farms, quarries, lumber mills, gold mines, academies, and storage. Military buildings are troop-related and include barracks, archery ranges, stables, taverns, scout camps, hospitals, and siege workshops.

Role of Commanders

The army leaders are called commanders and they are used to lead the troops to battle. They also lead when resources are being gathered.  To defend the city you can assign commanders to the city wall. You are allowed to split up your troops to perform multiple tasks at the same time, as long as you put a commander in charge of each grouping.

Learn to Play Rise of Kingdoms - Check Out How
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Commanders earn points and level up as they defeat enemies. Each commander has unique abilities that can be leveraged during operations. If needed, you can also call on historical figures like Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar to assist.

Acquired talent points can be used to upgrade the talent abilities of your commanders to make them more powerful. The commanders’ skills can also be upgraded by using the skills option.

Troop Movement

It is very easy to start troop movements to attack barbarians or search or select a target on the map. You can then select the leading commander and number of troops to attack that target by clicking on the target. Then you order them to march to the destination you want to reach. 

In the older versions of the game, you had to click and point to get the troops moving. In the newest updates, you can click and drag. This dragging method makes it very easy to maneuver your troops on the map.

Expedition Mode

When you play in the expedition mode, you must complete a series of missions. Your goal is to earn three stars in every mission. The missions are time and/or damage based. In this mode, you have full control of your troops. You can use them to scout the enemy or to attack and battle your enemies. 

Learn to Play Rise of Kingdoms - Check Out How
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As the Expedition is separate from the Rise of Kingdoms game, you can use all your troops and commanders who are farming resources on the map. As you progress, you’ll be able to send more of them at the same time. Thus, it is good to amass troops that you can use here.

To speed up troop production and to get instant upgrades, you can use gems, but it is not a wise approach to use your gems for upgrades and troop production. It would be better if you use the gems for VIP level upgrades only.

How to Get More Gems

Gems are purchased with actual currency. Free gems are available, and it is advisable to always be on the lookout for a ‘pile of gems’ on the map. You can collect gems from these piles by sending your troops to the location. 

To obtain these free gems the research titled ‘Jewelry’ has to be completed in the Academy. Joining an alliance could also result in obtaining some free gems.

Free useful items needed for progression are offered to new players. To open the free chests you have to visit the Tavern. There are also daily rewards and offers that you will receive by mail. You also earn gems by linking your game to Facebook. 

Useful Tips to Progress

By forming and joining alliances you earn gems. You can also receive help from your allies. The game enables you to become your own ally and you don’t have to wait for other allies to come online. 

Learn to Play Rise of Kingdoms - Check Out How
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Scouting is important in the game as the map is engulfed with fog. Scouts explore new areas and clear the fog. Scouting an enemy makes an attack launch much easier. How and when to scout correctly and efficiently can give you a great advantage. 

Troops that have died cannot be recovered but healed troops can be used again. Make use of the hospital to treat your wounded troops after the battle. 

Just as important as fighting the enemy is the defending of your resources and your city. To keep invaders out of your city, upgrade your wall, and stand a chance against the invaders it is advised that you not only upgrade the wall but also the watchtowers.

Battle with One Enemy at a Time 

When more than one enemy attacks you when you are in expedition mode, don’t engage with them simultaneously. A trick is to lure one of the enemies to come near you and then battle every enemy individually. It is not a good strategy to attack enemies’ cities at the beginning of your game, and don’t spend money unless you fully understand the game.  Use your gems only to upgrade your VIP status and not to speed up troop production. 

Decide on your gameplay strategy and choose a civilization matching your strategy.  You can also make your life easier, and earn gems, by joining alliances as your game progresses. Just don’t form alliances too early in your game as alliances could use the valuable time that you need in the beginning. As all players start at the outer area of the map, try to gain control of the passes as soon as possible and move closer to the center. 

Your Alliance Center is almost as important as your City Hall. Level it up to get more help to speed upgrade other buildings. Lastly, but very important, make friends in Rise of Kingdoms. Someday you will probably want to move to a new kingdom and having friends will have a lasting impact on your future growth in the next game. The more friends you have the more fun you’ll have!


The Rise of Kingdoms allows you to take part in great battles between 11 different civilizations and 34 mighty heroes. You will be able to command famous characters like Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc, and many others. 

You can develop your strategic skills as well as work on adding brand-new architectures and lifestyles to your culture. And above all, you are allowed to build alliances with other gamers and because it's one of those mobile games, you can play on the go.