What makes adventure games cool? The epic action and scenery? The advancement in levels with lots of powerful skills, weapons, and heroes to discover? Or the thrilling storyline that challenges you to build a better hero?

It could be any of these things or more. Regardless, adventure games have this thing that makes them unique.


Call it an addiction, if you may. And of the best adventure games are the ones that involve killing bad guys… Yeah!

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
Image Source: Stealth Master

About The Game

Stealth Master was released on the 8th of July 2020. Six months later, boom! It already had over ten million downloads. Plus, it has reached the first ten free action and arcade games list since its release.

That is just a start to how cool it is. The game is relatively simple, as it involves getting into buildings unnoticed and killing enemies all the way. But as you would expect, it gets complicated as you go further into more profound levels. You start with the default ninja character with a sword, and you have to pass all henchmen to get to the boss.


It is better enjoyed moving unnoticed with stealth – that means killing the bad guys and the boss in a ninja style. Weapons include swords, pistols, katana, jammer, and lots more. You also get to switch between characters with different starting weapons.

Bonus Levels

There are levels like bonus levels, where you get to have fun and collect as much cash as possible; Hostage level, where your objective will be to free a hostage; and the Regular level, which is what will be discussed immediately after this. Let us go a little into the game, shall we?

A Sneak Peek Into The Game

You start a level with the character you choose, and you begin outside the building. Depending on the level, there might be a henchman or henchmen to kill and possibly collect a key to get into the building. Entering the building is where things get spicy.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
Image Source: Stealth Master

Alright, this is a building, so there are lots of hiding spots to remain unnoticed. Again, the building can be of multiple stories depending on the level. You are expected to kill whoever you see (except in hostage levels, of course) and get to the elevator as quiet as possible.

Helpful Tips

The critical thing to note is that among the floors, for every level, there are floors where you upgrade. This means you get to choose from three available options to help you as you progress. Usually, one of the three options can be easily reached by tapping on it, while the other two are “free” after watching ad videos.

You may be tempted to watch all videos and claim all upgrades as they come, but it is better to select the upgrade you see.

This is because the app has a limited number of videos daily, so you would not want to miss the good stuff. How to select better will be shared in the tips section later in this article. Watch this video to have an even better view.

How To Download

If you have not downloaded the Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game, then you can get the app at the Google Play Store or Apple store.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
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Simply go to either of these stores and search for the “Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game” or simply “Stealth Master,” and select the first app that comes out.

After that, hit the install button, accept all the app requirements, and that is it. Your ninja game is ready for action.

Be Prepared For Ads

The good news is that this app is free to download. The bad news is that there are quite a lot of ads players must watch to continue their gameplay. As they say, nothing is ever truly free.

How To Play

Has it been mentioned that this game is pretty easy? Well, that comes from its easy movements. No need for multiple buttons and combos to affect an attack.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
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All movements and actions can come from dragging your finger to any direction on your screen to move around. To attack, you will also need to move towards an enemy.

Moving across the building in stealth is important because, as mentioned, you will have to approach your enemies to kill them.

So, if you get noticed, your enemies will attack back. Plus, they shoot guns, so you will have to hide back and reattack. Even worse, the gunshots will attract other henchmen, and you might get killed too early.


Selecting the right upgrades goes a long way, as it will help you kill enemies better and faster. You get to do that by reaching the updated floor. This floor is seen at the top of the screen by a shuriken on top of a bar. Harder levels will require keys to pass, which can be gotten on the same floor it's needed by searching harder. Master keys that open all doors can also be gotten on the upgraded floor.

Going through every area in the game will help pass the levels. A typical example is where you have to pass a laser gate. To overcome this, you have to look for a blue button to step on. In summary, the game is packed with lots of things to explore.

Back to the highlight of this article - the tips to success. Playing this addictive game will need the advice to play more challenging levels. This article will share proven tips to help you excel and complete levels in the Stealth Master game.

Enemies On Alert

Now, this game is meant to be a stealth game. What then happens when you are discovered? Even on hearing the slightest noise at a close distance, the henchmen and boss are alerted and can go towards the direction of the sound.

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You would not want them to see you and start shooting, would you? You have to be smart in these instances and move away from your hiding place, and attack the enemy approaching you from behind or at the side.

Use Blindspots

The good thing is that they (the henchmen) do not move their head, so the cone sight is shown as a cone light from the enemy, and you can maneuver around it.


Money is significant, and it is no wonder why it is in this game. You need money to buy characters, upgrades, and weapons in the game.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
Image Source: Noxin Influencer

The good stuff does not come cheap, so you need to gain enough cash to equip yourself for difficult stages. You can use the money to buy characters and all types of weapons.

How To Earn Cash

There are several ways to get cash in the game. You get cash by killing henchmen and the boss. You gain money by finding a stack of cash in the game. You also gain money by playing bonus level. Hell, that is a cool way to stack up enough cash.

Add-Ons And Speed

There are several add-ons/upgrades in the game. A quick look at some of them will give us a better understanding and preference for what is better and which to use at different times.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
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Add-ons are picked and chosen at the updates floor that has been talked about earlier.

Elevate Your Game

This is a necessity for every ninja. Although your basic speed is fast enough, picking up the speed equipment makes you even faster and less noticed. Even if you do get noticed, you will be so quick with this upgrade that you could take out your opponent before they even start shooting.

Ranged Weapons

Weapons in the game are not limited to the ranged weapons alone, but range weapons hold a more significant advantage.

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The primary benefit of these particular weapons is that you do not have to reach your enemies directly to kill them. For obvious reasons, this could be a huge advantage.

The Benefits

With ranged weapons, you get to kill enemies at a wider range than other close contact weapons like swords and guns. Ranged weapons include shuriken and kunai. This is a great tool that should be among your top choice.


This add-on is as it states. It triples the weapon you use and the effect on your enemies. It works on all weapons except swords and jammer.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
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Having this ability can take your game to the next level.

Triple The Effects

For guns, your bullets become three and kill enemies faster. If you have multiple enemies coming at you at once, your gun can kill three of them at the same time. Cool right? Now imagine being with a shotgun with this effect. Mind-blowing!

Ranged weapons releases three weapons, and the effect is the same as it was explained. This is another cool add-on you might want to look out for.

Jammer And Armor

This weapon is useful when there are security cameras watching. These cameras alert enemies to the position you are located.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
Image Source: Android Rakun/ YouTube

The jammer is the only weapon that can deactivate these cameras. Therefore, it can very very useful.

Protect Your Health Bar

Although it is useful, if you have the speed add-on or triple, the importance may be overshadowed as you can attack your enemies without having to destroy the cameras.

This protects the effect of damages to your health bar. It does come in handy but may not be necessary if you play your cards right and attack before being attacked.

Health Boosts And Stealth

These are important when your health bar is depleting. It may not be necessary, though, if you have shown a high stealth mode throughout that level.

Check Out Some Tips to Win in the Game Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja
Image Source: YoBoyEvanFN / YouTube

Saving the best for last, it seems, this feature is truly a game-changer. This may make the difference between defeat and you being victorious in this game.

Total Invisibility

The stealth mode is crucial and important, making it a top pick among selections. This add-on makes you invisible to bad guys and makes you a plant in a vase.

You automatically turn to a vase when you get close to enemies and stop moving, and you can return to your normal state and attacking them by moving in any direction. This is the true ninja way!.


That is it! Hopefully, you get to use the information in this article to better experience the game.

Try these tips out, and Stealth Master will become easier for you to play.