Hitman 3 hit stores earlier this year and was received with very positive fanfare. Fans of the series saw riveting reviews about the third and final installment of the game. 

Hitman 3 follows the story of Agent 47, an assassin who hunts down the leaders of Providence that secretly controls the world's affairs. 


In this game, new locations are added but the game still follows the same gameplay and mechanics as with the previous two games. If you are new to the game, it's the best time to jump aboard the hype train and learn more about Hitman 3 below:

  • Understanding the World of Hitman
  • Explore the Game and Observe
  • Plan Ahead
  • Create a Diversion
  • Use Disguises
  • Import from Previous Games
Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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Understanding the World of Hitman

The environment in Hitman 3 is large and can be very complicated. At first, it can be very overwhelming. The game is designed that way so it can be played over and over again with different results

Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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Once you gain an understanding of how the game is played, you will know which trajectories work and which ones don't. Treat the game like a giant puzzle with different pieces. 


Once they all fit together, it will make better sense. Go ahead and simply play the game. Everything will make sense later on.

Play the Tutorial

If you have never played Hitman before, it will take a lot of time before you can understand the mechanics and how this world works. It is best that you start the game by playing through the tutorial. 

Not only does it provide you with the most basic information about the game, but it also gives you an overview of what Agent 47 can and cannot do in the game. 


The tutorial gives a very simple approach on how to play the game but it also opens up new possibilities for you to try other things.

Explore the Game and Observe

The best thing to do is to explore the game as much as possible. Gather information and understand how the mechanics work in this world. 

Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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This includes how you pick up an item and which items are necessary. Check out how each character interacts with another character. This will tell you what you need to do especially during missions. 

This is highly recommended to do especially if you want more intel for your missions.

Finish Mission Stories

If you still find the game complex, there are several things to do that will help you progress. Try to check out mission stories within each location. 

These are your guide to finish each level and will still lead you to your intended targets. As you explore the location, you will notice that there's a notification at the top of the screen that says "Mission Story Revealing." 

Check it out and you will be provided with a set of instructions and a highlight on where you need to go through the map. Mission Stories are great for new players as they allow you to understand more about what the game is all about and how you can play it.

Plan Ahead

Speaking of missions, it is always important to plan what you want to bring ahead of the game. This is why it is very critical that you listen and understand the briefing before the game loads up. 

Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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You get to choose which items you take for the mission and designate each item into your limited slots. 

These items can be unlocked by increasing the Mastery level but before that can happen, you will need to choose carefully

Always choose items that are necessary for the job instead of wasting all of your limited slots with unnecessary items.

Make the Save Button Your Best Friend

Unlike many other modern games, you can save as many times as you want in Hitman 3. The most prominent advice that anyone can give you is to make the save button your best friend. Always save the game before you do something risky. This will make your move all the more worthwhile.

Take advantage of the save button especially when you know things are about to become very difficult. This gives you the chance to do it all over again but this time, with all the knowledge of what's about to happen. This also gives you the chance to try a different approach to certain aspects of the game. 

By saving the game, you get to experiment and make the game fun and exciting for you. While the autosave feature is enabled by default, the game also has eight slots for manual saves so you can save anytime you want except when you are in combat.

Create a Diversion

There is one item early on that will give you a big advantage in the game. The humble coin is an early game item found under the Distractions tab. 

Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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You can use these coins to create a diversion especially when you are in a difficult spot. You can find these coins in almost every level in case you run out of them. You can even use other items as a distraction. 

Use these items to lure unsuspecting enemies and ambush them. However, the coin is a much subtle way to distract enemies and avoid getting attacked by a crowd of enemies.

Don't Make a Sound

There is a reason why Agent 47 prefers to use silenced weapons than the usual guns that make a loud noise. 

Noise plays a significant role in the game especially when you are trying to creep up on some enemies or if you need to use stealth to gather intel. Avoid getting unwanted attention by reducing the noise that you make. 

If you must, use other tools to limit the sound that you make especially when eliminating your opponents. You can also use distractions to lead them out of the way before you make the kill.

Use Disguises

Disguises have been part of the game since the first game was released. Hitman 3 continues the trend in using disguises to access different areas that are heavily guarded. Each disguise will allow you to go through specific areas. 

Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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However, you cannot go around wearing disguises in inappropriate places. For example, wearing a doctor's outfit inside a warehouse would draw more suspicion than wearing a security outfit. Make sure to use an appropriate disguise when going on a mission. 

One great disguise that you can use in the game is the Biker during the Berlin mission. This will give you access to almost every part of the map without people noticing you. 

The best way to grab a disguise is by knocking an NPC out and using their clothes. Make sure to hide the body afterward. You can also check out rooms like bathrooms and dressing rooms to see if you can have an outfit that you can use as a disguise.

Use the Crowbar

You already know that the game puts a heavy focus on stealth and disguises. The best way to snatch up a disguise in the game is to use a crowbar to knock NPCs out and steal their clothes. 

Of course, you cannot just threaten to kill them as they will make a lot of noise and bring unwanted attention. Use the crowbar instead to immediately render them unconscious without too much fuss. 

The crowbar also offers other utilities apart from getting the disguise that you want. It can be used to pry doors open and unlock hidden passages or shortcuts.

Import from Previous Games

One outstanding feature from Hitman 3 is the ability to import your progress from the previous Hitman games. 

Hitman 3 - Everything there Is to Know About One of the Best Games of the Year
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If you have played both games before, make sure to import them as long as they are from the same platform. You can import the progress made from the two previous games at no cost. 

This unlocks their levels in Hitman 3. Additionally, you also get useful items from previous games such as the lockpick.

Use Instinct Vision

Instinct Vision is a skill that allows you to see through walls and other minute details in the game. This is very helpful when you are looking for a specific item in the game. 

Use Instinct Vision when you explore a new area so you can immediately pick up essential items. You will know that the item can be picked up or interacted with when it has a yellow highlight on it. 

Since it allows you to see through walls, you also avoid getting caught by Enforcers who can see through your disguise. You can use Instinct Vision to identify your target as well as they will be highlighted in red.


Hitman 3 is currently available to download for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. While it may be the third game of the series and the eighth entry to the franchise, the game is still open for new players to fully understand and grasp the world of Hitman. 

Hitman 3 takes that philosophy to greater heights thus delivering something that is both fun and exciting for new and old players. Hopefully, the tips and tricks above will help you gain more experience and have a lot of fun in the game.