Today, the video game industry is worth a whopping $159 billion and in the next two years, the numbers are projected to rise to $200 billion or more. Because of this, publishers are using creative ways to create gaming content and a storyline. 

A good example of this is the game The Silent Tombs, made by using what gamers call ‘procedurally generated’ maps, meaning the developers did not make individual layouts for the gameplay. They automate the random selection of maps and layouts that becomes part of the game. 


More examples of this style include No Man’s Sky and Tower of Guns. In this article, we will attempt to share with you everything you need to know about the new game The Silent Tombs.

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The Silent Tombs: A Game with a Promise of Psychological Horror
Image Source: James Illich

About the Game

As the name suggests, the game revolves around tombs that people have not yet discovered. Since it uses procedurally gathered maps, the game is puzzle-themed with a dash of action and a lot of horrors. 

The Silent Tombs: A Game with a Promise of Psychological Horror
Image Source: Art Station

With a backdrop of historical United Kingdom, the game unravels the mystery of the tombs with regular hints of symbols, traps, and treasures. The game is an open invitation to psychological horror


With a decibel meter placed on the left-hand side of the screen, any unwanted touching of the objects, any minute sounds made, could change the layout of the tombs in such a way that it could lead to your doom! In short, embrace silence as your only friend!

The Developer

The people behind The Silent Tombs game are an independent gaming studio called Primordial Game Studios, based in the pristine Scottish countryside. The team is from different cultures with varied backgrounds helps them to create and distribute innovative products in the gaming industry. 

The company is led by the talented Vaughan Holloway, CEO and game designer who has a passion for history and games. In his words, posted on the game’s Instagram account, “the opportunity to design something that takes the best of both worlds; that's what's special to me."


Other notable people on the team are Konstrantinos Kologiantsidis as the COO and 3D artist, Jimmy Bowers as community manager, Alasdair Marnoch as an audio designer, and James Lillich as a concept artist


If you have seen the game’s premiere, you already know that it is super scary. The perfect ambiance of the tombs, the landscape, lighting, and audio, are all next-gen technology. Without going into the technicality, the game is as realistic as it can get. You can expect nothing short of an adventure in a lonesome atmosphere.

The Silent Tombs: A Game with a Promise of Psychological Horror
Image Source: Artstation

What sets this game apart from others is its storyline. Since the maps are randomized, you can expect new, unique clues, symbols, among other things. 

Nothing can be predicted as the gameplay is assembled as you begin the play. After all, what is the point of the puzzle if you can predict the next move?

Do you know how a treasure hunt works? You can expect no gameplay leniency as you must pass through the historical artifacts, restore them, and know more about them. If you fail to learn all that you can, you will miss your clue to the next tomb. In short, do not expect to simply collect treasures and say your goodbyes.

How to Download

As the game is still under development, it will be sometime before it is launched in the market. However, there are two things to share with you here. 

First, the final project of the game is viewable on the website for Primordial Game Studios. 

Second, you can follow along with the goings-on of the game production by reading their newsletter found on the blog space also on their website.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Well, just like crowdfunding models whereby individuals and companies raise money to fund their project, a Kickstarter is a campaign of similar sorts. It allows creators, developers, producers, entrepreneurs to showcase their in-progress products and services to the community and get funded in return.  

The Silent Tombs: A Game with a Promise of Psychological Horror
Image Source: Backerclub

This is the easiest way to generate capital because there are no hassles involved. Of course, if the project succeeds, the backers are rewarded generously in kind. 

The Silent Tombs organized its first such event on January 4th, 2021. Their campaign started on their website with supporting social media posts.   

Their giveaways for the Kickstarter campaign started at £25 ($35.50) that included a special campaign art book, a digital copy of the game, and access to the discord to speak directly to the developers. Other offers were for £50, £100, £500, and £1500.

Similar Mega Games 

There are many games from the puzzle-adventure category that are catching the fancy of gamers worldwide. 

These games not only combine intellect and curiosity but also make your heart race due to either the surprises or the horror along the way. 

Let us see some games that are close to the concept of The Silent Tombs.

Tomb Raider

The first name that comes to the mind as soon as you hear the word “tomb” is this action-adventure game. 

The Silent Tombs: A Game with a Promise of Psychological Horror
Image Source: Eurogamer

Though there is a slight difference between this game and The Silent Tombs in terms of the storyline and the concept, what unites the two is their gameplay. “Survival through exploration” and the usage of tombs are the bonding ideas.

One of the most celebrated games in the history of the adventure-action genre, Tomb Raider has had releases for over 25 years! 2021 marks their 25th anniversary and their latest release is called Tomb Raider Reloaded

And who can forget the blockbuster movie released in 2001 starring Angelina Jolie as the protagonist Lara Croft. In 2018, another franchise was made with actress Alicia Vikander in the title role.


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror video game that requires you to encounter the paranormal in dark rooms. The gameplay gives you enough ghost hunting equipment to bust the evil out. 

What makes it similar to The Silent Tombs is that you get to use the sensors to identify sounds and other decibels and strategize accordingly. For example, in our game of discussion, you have to use the decibel capture device and do all that you can to make sure that there is minimal to no sound at all.   

What makes it unique and different from The Silent Tombs is that you get to play with three more people as an online co-op mission.  

Amnesia Rebirth and The House of Da Vinci 2

One of the best survival-horror combination games is the Amnesia Series. This game is developed by Frictional Games and is all about silence, horror, and adventure like The Silent Tombs. It was released in October 2020 and is available on Epic Games. The gameplay revolves around you being in control of your fear (or not).

The Silent Tombs: A Game with a Promise of Psychological Horror
Image Source: rexdl

One wrong move and the creatures could be feasting on you! It begins in an isolated desert where you have lost your memory and your identity. You must relearn details about yourself by passing through the horrid structures. The Silent Tombs also promises ‘very horrifying things’ if you do not maintain stealth throughout the game! 

Closely resembling the gameplay of The Silent Tombs, The House of Da Vinci 2 has more than 1 million players around the world! It is rated a staggering 4.8 out of 5 on the Google Play Store, so expect to be awed. 

As an assistant to the Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci, you explore the mystic world of puzzles, gadgets, and beautiful innovations of the time. What's more, the gameplay also takes you through history as it unfolded. 

Remember Game for Mobile

It is unfair to simply give all the information about fancy games that you can play on all platforms, barring the mobile options. Here is a game you can start playing right away to get a hint of what you can expect in The Silent Tombs. 

If you are an avid mobile game player then the popular puzzle-adventure game called Remember can be download from the Google Play Store. The storyline matches with Amnesia Rebirth where you do not know your background. Remember has a score of 4.6 on the Google Play Store.

The game strikingly resembles The Silent Tombs where you pass-through well crafted and designed rooms, 3D environments, puzzle-solving with a dash of adventure and mystery. Also, similar to The Silent Tombs, this one allows you to find hidden objects, treasures. Are you prepared to challenge your intellect and dexterity? 


While many games have tried and tested the puzzle genre, combining it with adventure, action, and horror, what sets The Silent Tombs apart is its procedurally generated maps. 

While we await the release of the Silent Tombs with anticipation, why not give some of these alternate games a try, and see if you have what it takes to traverse tombs, solve puzzles, and persevere through moments of psychological horror.