Biomutant is an action-packed open-world game set in an apocalyptic world. Players fight each other in a deadly Tribe War while also trying to fend off the World Eaters from destroying the Tree of Life which harbors the essence of life on the planet. 

Set in a beautiful haunting backdrop, Biomutant offers a lot of action-filled missions, a great crafting system, and well thought out narrative.


Published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant was released in May 2021 and is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PC, the Xbox Store for Xbox consoles, and the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4. Learn more about Biomutant and how you can get the Mercenary class below.

  • Build Your Character
  • Your Aura Changes
  • Focus on Your Resistances
  • Craft More Items
  • Go Ham on Your Enemies
  • Skip Some Side Quests
Find Out How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
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Build Your Character

At the start, you will be given the choice to pick a race. Each race will have a specific trait that will help you in the game. Rex has good starting health while Dumdon offers better melee damage. 

These traits only matter during the early game as it is meant to help you in that phase of the game. Once you reach the later stages of the game, items, skills, and gear will matter more. 


Now that you have chosen your race, you will need to define your genetic structure by choosing the stats that you want according to your playstyle. Choose from Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intellect, and Charisma and begin your journey.

Picking a Class Based on Your Playstyle

There are five classes to choose from, and whatever class you choose will depend on how you want to play the game. All classes have their strengths and weaknesses alongside different upgrades and mutations. 

Dead-Eye is a great all-around character with good melee and ranged attacks. If you want to dart in and out of battle then the Saboteur would be a better deal for you. 


The Commando is a great damage deal class while the Psi-Freak is a ranged character with a psionic attack. Lastly, Sentinels have immense defensive capabilities making them great tanks.

Your Aura Changes

For the entirety of the game, you will encounter situations that will test the morality of your characters. You can choose between two sides depending on how you want your character to be.

Find Out How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
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While you can always choose to be on the good side by making a seemingly good choice, you can also choose to be morally gray

Choosing the dark path does not affect you permanently as you can always make the right decisions later on. 

The choices you make change the aura around your character. Whether you want to go dark all the way or become the hero of the game, it all depends on how you interact with everyone and how you make decisions.

Play on Hard Mode

The best way to experience the game is when it challenges you to think on your toes. Biomutant is relatively easy to play even in its normal difficulty. 

By amping up the difficulty of the game, you get to experience the game through a very different lens. Combat is fairly easy when you go for the normal mode

Try going for a more difficult setting and you'll appreciate the game a lot better.

Focus on Your Resistances

There are different zones in Biomutant that are composed of different elements. Some of these zones even have a mixture of elements that can be very difficult to access. 

Find Out How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
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Elements tend to slowly chip away your health when you enter these zones. This makes resistance very important for your character. There are two ways to handle these zones. 

One is to suit up an elemental armor and the other is to upgrade your elemental resistance. While finding an elemental armor is a good option, it may not be the most optimal choice considering there are a lot of zones with different hazards in them. 

The best option is to upgrade your elemental resistance. It may not provide guarantee a hundred percent protection from the elements, it is much effective and more efficient for you as a player in terms of resources.

Rotate Your Weapons

With so many weapons to choose from, it can be hard to maintain a good weapon to use during combat. The best way to handle this is to rotate your weapons

Each weapon has its advantages and downsides. You can choose to go range whenever the situation calls for it. With all the options available to you, it is best to experiment and rotate the weapons that you have and learn which one is suitable for each situation. 

Don't stick to just one weapon. Wield another weapon from time to time and see how it feels to use them.

Craft More Items

With different resources easily acquired in this game, it is far easier for players to craft items. You can always loot almost everything in this game especially during the early stages. 

Find Out How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
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It is even recommended that you loot everything to build your gear. You'll also discover rare items when they emit either a yellow or red aura around them. 

By the time you hit a couple of levels in the game, it is time to pick the more substantial loots in the game and leave some behind. 

You might even try to sell some of the stuff that you don't need for some extra credits.

Sell Your Gear

Speaking of selling, it is always advisable for players to sell old gear instead of scrapping it. Gear that has been upgraded and spent money on should be sold as they offer more. 

For those who have some low-level gear, you can scrap it for some resources that can be used later on. Resources aren't that difficult to acquire in this game so you can always craft another item and upgrade them to max level. 

If you are short on money, you can craft items and sell them for a good amount of money.

Go Ham on Your Enemies

Combat is very impressive in Biomutant. However, there is a combat mechanic that most players need to know before diving into battle. Most enemies will regenerate their health back if you move too far from them. 

Find Out How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
Image Source: IGN Southeast Asia

This is why you need to go ham on your enemies. Use all the abilities you want. Utilize parries and counters to stay in combat especially when dealing with melee monsters. 

Be careful with ranged combatants as you will most likely have to play more defensively against them to avoid resetting their health bars.

Get the Mercenary Class

Many players want to get the Mercenary class especially those who pre-ordered the game. However, due to a bug, not a lot of players were able to do so. 

Here are some ways for you to get the Mercenary in Biomutant. For PS4 players, you can use the PSN app and access the store where you can download a patch to your console. 

For PS5 users, highlight the game icon and press the options button to reveal a set of options. Select Manage Game Content and install the Biomutant Mercenary class into the game. Xbox players will have to search the game at the store and install the add-on that contains the class.

Skip Some Side Quests

Biomutant offers some of the best quests in the game. But some are very repetitive and can be quite boring to finish. 

Find Out How to Get the Mercenary Class in Biomutant
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Most of the side quests in this game can be skipped over since they don't usually give out impactful rewards. If you can, just skip some of these side quests or finish them immediately if you do encounter one. 

Most of the time, they only reward you with a few resources and some junk items that you can find anywhere else. Save yourself the time and skip them if you have the chance.

Explore the World

The world of Biomutant is large and expansive. There are a lot of things waiting to be discovered. By the time you have your mount, make sure to explore the world and discover new things. 

Use your mount to travel across different regions in the game. The best part about using your mount is that you can avoid combat as you explore. The game is best experienced when you wander around this open world. 

Make good use of your mount and find the hidden gems scattered all over this barren post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant.


Biomutant is quite a complex game with all the different racial traits, classes, genetic structure, gears, resources, crafting system, and skill build. 

While many might think that it is a complicated game to play, it is by far an enjoyable game that you should be playing. The amazing visuals and the customization of each character are one of the most outstanding by today's standards.