Season 6 of Fortnite is upon us and challenges are about to become very demanding and grueling for new players. Veteran players might have thought that the Fortnite challenges in Season 6 are far easier than in previous seasons, but they could have never been more wrong. 

As more and more changes are being added into Fortnite each season, the game becomes far more challenging and weekly missions become more and more arduous for players.


Needless to say, you will need all the help that you can get with these weekly missions and challenges. In this article, we provide you with the following to help you through the game:

  • Understanding The Changes
  • Getting Into The Fortnite Challenges
  • Play With Friends
  • Place Higher
  • Light A Fire
Check Out the Best Tips for Completing Fortnite Challenges
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Understanding The Changes

To fully understand what the weekly challenges are, we must look at the changes made for the most recent season of Fortnite. You might have already known this but Fortnite offers different seasons for players. Each season brings upon new challenges and changes to both the gameplay, events, and the entire map.

Check Out the Best Tips for Completing Fortnite Challenges
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Understanding the changes done within this season 6 will help you get a bit more information on how to complete the different weekly challenges set by the game. Epic Games have made different balance changes, tweaks to weapons, enhancements, and fixes to known bugs in the game.


The first changes that you would like to know are the changes to the map. Loot Lake now features a floating island which provides an interesting endgame strategy for many players. 

Meanwhile, a new area has been added called Haunted Hills where there are plenty of towers and rooms to hide and explore and lastly, the mysterious Wailing Woods is sure to be a point of contention in the game.

Season 6 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has always been a factor when it comes to the weekly challenges in Fortnite. Players who purchase the Battle Pass are treated to a total of 100 Tiers of loot to unlock that costs around $10. 


Much like previous seasons, those who do not want to shell out money in the game can still enjoy rewards from the free weekly challenges. For those who plan to purchase the Battle Pass, strap in because this is going to be a bumpy and challenging ride for both new and seasoned players. 

The mechanics of the Battle Pass remain the same. The more you complete challenges, the more experience you get to unlock the Battle Pass tiers and unlock different rewards.

Getting Into The Fortnite Challenges

Fortnite challenges are events held every week for players to gain experience and level up their Battle Pass to get even more rewards from the game. 

Check Out the Best Tips for Completing Fortnite Challenges
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This encourages players to reach a certain goal in the game every week so they will always come back to play. A very smart move from Epic Games and an overall impressive move to add such a feature into the game for players to grind for the rewards.

Most of these weekly challenges involve getting a certain kill score using a specific type of weapon or being able to find certain items. There are a lot of tasks and objectives for each challenge and some can be quite difficult. 

Each week bears new challenges so you will have to check out more information as the season goes on.

Finish Your Dailies

Dailies or daily challenges can help you finish all of your challenges as fast as possible. Most of the challenges are inter-connected and are very easy to do. Most of them require you to either catch an item while fishing or search for something in a specific location.

Each time you finish one task, you receive a good amount of experience that will help progress your Battle Pass. 

Even if you cannot complete the challenges for that specific day, make sure to log in to the game and see which challenges you can do within an hour or two of playing.

Play With Friends

One of the best tips for finishing these weekly challenges in Fortnite is to play with your friends. Not only will you have more fun when you play with friends, but you also get to win more battles along the way. 

Check Out the Best Tips for Completing Fortnite Challenges
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The best part is that you won't even notice that you are already fulfilling half of your weekly challenge requirements while playing with them because you're just having too much fun doing it!

You will still need to check on your goals though from time to time to ensure that you meet them and finish the challenges. 

If you currently do not have any friends playing Fortnite, you can always use the Party Assist feature to help you land a good party to finish all of your tasks. You can then ask them to help you with your current challenge.

Hunt Wildlife

Wildlife was first introduced into the game during this season and as the name suggests, it brings animals onto the island for you to hunt and gather your resources. Animals range from ones seen in modern times to some prehistoric ones as well. One of the many weekly challenges that you will encounter usually involves hunting wildlife.

Brush up on your hunting, fishing, and taming skills in the game as most of the challenges will involve them. Hunting down boars, wolves, raptors, and other wildlife will allow you to craft items that fulfill some of the tasks from the weekly challenges. Fine-tune your taming skills with wolves and boars to make them your animal companion while playing your matches.

Another great tip when it comes to wildlife is collecting animal meat. Meat from chicken and boars are usually part of the weekly challenges so you might as well begin collecting them. Once you get the notification alert, you will be awarded a whopping 12,500 experience so make sure to gather as much animal meat as possible.

Place Higher

In every match in Fortnite, you are placed into different positions. The placements in this game will determine how much experience you will get. The first place will get you 300 experience while the second position will net you 200 experience.

Check Out the Best Tips for Completing Fortnite Challenges
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It then decreases down to 25 experience to the 20th spot. This proves that you need to play smarter and better if you plan on sticking around the game as much as possible to finish all of your tasks and even get to the top spot. 

If you can, finish all of your missions first and then grind more experience by taking the top spot for each match.

This way, you get to finish those Fortnite challenges much faster and in a much more efficient way.

Last Longer Than Anyone Else

Trying to fulfill all the tasks from the challenges will mean that you will need all the time you get to play the game. One of the best tips when trying to complete Fortnite challenges is to last longer than anyone else. If you are a competitive player who wants to win the match, go ahead and win it.

However, if you are just playing the game to finish all the challenges, winning wouldn't matter as long as you last long enough to complete your challenges.

Time is your ally and you should take advantage of the time given to you to meet all the requirements needed to complete the task. It doesn't matter if you are the last person to be eliminated as long as you get to complete the requirements.

Light A Fire

Once you are into the game, head over to the apple orchard near the Colossal Crops. You should be able to find three campfires near each other.

Check Out the Best Tips for Completing Fortnite Challenges
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Light them up and you will receive a notification that you have completed a hidden challenge and will earn you a 12,500 experience. This should help you reach your goals on your Battle Pass.

Use Different Weapons

Much like the challenges last season, some of the weekly challenges in Season 6 will require you to use different weapons and damage your opponent with them. Make sure that you make good use of all of your weapons.

It might be tiresome to switch different weapons all the time but it is much easier to do when you join the Pro 100 game mode where you can choose a slew of different weapons to use against your enemies. Soon, you will get a notification that you have just completed this challenge.


Fortnite challenges can be quite daunting at first but hopefully, the tips above will help you rack up all the necessary experience to level up your Battle Pass and complete it before the end of the season. 

The aforementioned tips will help give you an advantage in finishing all the required challenges that are new to the season. Good luck with your games!