Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has some of the most unique and interesting heroes out of any mobile multiplayer online battle arena game. There are different kinds of heroes, but the one role that has a lot of carrying the potential to win the game is probably the mage. 

Mages bring a lot of utility for the team and can deal a lot of damage, thereby immediately eliminating all the threats from the other team. This is why mages are highly contested heroes in the game and one that can potentially bring you more wins and help increase your rank. Here are the top ten best heroes in Mobile Legends.

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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Alice is currently one of the most overpowered heroes in Mobile Legends. She is an underrated hero with a powerful ultimate that can immediately drain enemy heroes' health. Alice might be a bit weaker in the early game; however, she can engage, disengage, and reposition herself in team fights with her first skill.

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
Image Source: ONE Esports

Her passive also works in her favor, especially when she can collect many orbs early on. Having 25 Orbs would significantly increase her health regeneration effect, making her very “tanky” during team fights. 

Her ultimate is probably one of the best in the game, as it can drain every hero's health around her. If the enemy team can't shut her down in the early stages of the game or burst her immediately, she will most likely dominate the entire game.



Poke heroes are always the best way to cripple the enemy team, especially during midgame and late games. These heroes can chunk down a huge portion of your health without having to fight them. One of the best poke mages in Mobile Legends is Yve. 

This poke mage provides high amounts of damage even before a fight can happen, which forces you to go back to base to regenerate. Both of her skills can deal damage from a distance, but her ultimate makes her very terrifying. 

Her ultimate casts an entire zone that is the size of your screen which means you have to move out as far away as possible before you get struck by the ability. Having great positioning is key to making sure Yve deals damage and turns the tide of battle into your favor.



Esmeralda has been one of the best heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for quite some time now. Ever since she was released, she remains as one of the top picks in both competitive and high ELO rank. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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Her unique set of abilities allow her to be very “tanky,” and she can soak up a lot of damage while also dealing damage herself. Esmeralda thrives on extended team fights where she can siphon more shield from the enemy allowing her to be very “tanky” and formidable. 

This makes her even harder to kill while also making the enemy more vulnerable. Her ultimate is a great initiation tool, so if your team lacks the ability to engage, she can take the role, dish out tons of damage, and survive the entire ordeal.


With Kagura's recent mini-revamp, she has shot up from being underplayed in high ELO matches to a priority pick for teams. Many didn't want to pick up Kagura before due to her overwhelming learning curve and lackluster damage. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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However, times have changed, and Kagura is slowly taking center stage. Her revamped proved to be very successful now that many high ELO players have noticed her. 

Kagura has always been known as a team fighting mage and can eliminate key opposing team members with her great area-of-effect damage. If you are looking for those fancy wombo-combos, look for Kagura and master her immediately.


For a long time, people have been sleeping when it comes to Pharsa, who is a huge threat in the game. She is considered one of the best artillery mages in the game with her ultimate skill. Pharsa has a very decent farming tool with her first and second skills. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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Now, this is where Pharsa becomes a highly contested pick in competitive and high ELO games. Pharsa can turn into a nimble bird that can travel through terrain for the next five seconds. This allows her to reposition effectively during team fights or move through the map to gank other lanes in a short period. 

Most of the time, mages are easily targeted by assassins due to their immobile nature, but Pharsa has that weakness covered with her special skill. Removing that weakness, coupled with her high damage ratios and long-range attacks, makes her very dangerous in both ganks and in team fights.


Harith feels like he has never left this list of top mages in Mobile Legends. He has always been considered one of the strongest mages in the game. There was even a time when he was banned from all ranked matches due to his ability to burst enemies down while also remaining very slippery. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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His short cooldown and burst potential are off the charts, and Moonton finally gave him the nerf he deserves; however, players continue to play him even at this nerfed state. Harith is still an overpowered pick in the right hands. 

His Chrono Dashes remain one of the key skills that players need to play around with if they encounter him on the battlefield.


Harley feels like the odd one out on this list. While many do not consider Harley to be one of the most dangerous mages in the game, he is still a formidable foe, especially when played in the right hands. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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This fanciful mage can be very tricky to play, so you'll have to master his skills before using him in ranked games. Once you get the hang of his skills, he is a very slippery mage that shreds the opponent's magic defenses in a matter of seconds. 

This makes him dangerous since you won't notice that your defenses have been reduced most of the time.


There was a time when playing Eudora was frowned upon. This lightning mage was one of the worst mages in the game for quite some time until her mini-rework came along. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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When Moonton gave her the boost she needed to heighten her lightning fantasy, she shot up straight into S-Tier territory with how much burst damage she can deal in just a matter of seconds. Her burst damage potential is through the roof so that even “tanky” heroes with Radiant Armor won't be able to protect them against her. 

Eudora has been nerfed in a recent patch, but that does not mean she has reverted to her weakened state. She continues to be a formidable foe on the battlefield. She's easy to play and has very high carry potential.


The perfect way to describe Lunox is versatile. Her versatility and what she brings to the team will always make her pick or ban for every team. Lunox has almost everything in her kit. She can heal, deal damage, and even tank some damage for a certain period. 

The Best Heroes In Mobile Legends – See The Top 10 Best Mages
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Considering mages are mostly very fragile, Lunox is still impactful during the early and later stages of the game. Her presence in the late game is threatening, and not many heroes can deal with her by that time. 

Her invulnerability through her ultimate skill is such a game-changing aspect to her kit that many players might want to rethink about trying to dive on her. While it may seem like Lunox is difficult to deal with, having a burst mage against her should bring her in line, but it can be very difficult to do so at the hands of a master Lunox player.

Luo Yi

Much like Lunox, Luo Yi plays around the yin and yang gameplay but with more mobility than the other mage. The best part about her entire kit is her ultimate ability that allows players to travel great distances and surprise enemies with ganks. Luo Yi is the kind of hero that you want to master in the game. 

She brings devastating burst damage as well as utility to the team in case you find yourself lacking in that department. While many players think that her ultimate skill makes her broken, it is her passive that makes her intimidating. 

Mastering how her passive works will bring tremendous amounts of damage to the enemy team. Her versatility and her ability to manipulate the battlefield make her a very intimidating hero to go up against.


These are the top ten best mages in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. These mages are some of the most popular ones being used in both competitive and high-ranked matches. Make sure to check them out and even practice them to increase your chances of winning more games.