NBA Live has been putting new versions on the market annually for many years and that's why it came as a shock to NBA Live fans when they learned the release for Live 20 was cancelled. Playing NBA Live makes you feel like you are part of a real life basketball game. 

And that's something players thrive on and that's what they're going to be missing out on for the year 2020. Of course the old versions of the game are still available. Many people have associated the cancellation of NBA Live 20 with the worldwide panic.


Folks assume that the crisis has prevented developers from working on the game, but that's not what the game developer is saying. Up next we're going to tell you what the company that develops the game has said about the cancellation.

Why Was NBA Live 20 Cancelled?
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NBA Live

As stated before, this specific game is for NBA lovers and those who are developing a taste for the game. Here, your job as the player is quite difficult as you look to build the ultimate team to compete against the heavyweights in the division. To do this, you need to have the right players, the ones that are performing in real-time.

Why Live 20 was Cancelled

The game which was created by EA was canceled at the end of last year due to a number of reasons. And despite a number of fans assuming that it was because of the global pandemic and the need to push forward the season, that isn't the case. 


So, why was it canceled? Here are a number of reasons given by EA with regards to canceling the much-anticipated game this year.

New Direction

EA's CEO  gave a briefing that would see him announce the cancellation with a confirmation that the company was taking a new direction with regards to NBA Live 20. The new direction is all about how players interact, connect, and communicate.

There has been a need for social connection through the game and that's what EA is looking to give its fans. 


Broadening the Reach

The company apparently want to expand its market by offering its game to a wider audience of players. See, in the recent offering of the game, you could only play it on PC and Android devices, the company (EA) is looking to reach a level of being available for consoles as well. 

A number of consoles today have internet connectivity capabilities making it easy to access and play the game through them as well. EA also reiterated its commitment to the fans stating that they were ready for a new experience, something that consoles could now provide. 

Why Was NBA Live 20 Cancelled?
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When to Expect the New One

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA sports went ahead and confirmed that there wouldn't be any game in 2020 as they look to give a better experience to the lovers of the game. Expect the new version of the game to come up sometime in 2021.

EA has assured fans that it will be worth the new wait. 


NBA Live 20 will certainly be missed by enthusiasts of the game, but it looks like players are going to miss out on this year's version so they can get an even better one next year. At least what the game developer is telling us for the time being. 

2020 has been quite the year so no one is really surprised anymore when things don't happen as they should. Perhaps 2021 will bring some normalcy and NBA Live 20 to fans.