Every digital game has a special feature that distinguishes it from the others that come up in the market at a given moment. For example, when it comes to FIFA, the 2020 version has new celebratory styles that make it different from other soccer games in the market. And for the likes of NBA Live, there are some features that make it stand out in the crowd.

Of course, the game's features - all of them stand out from the various games in the market today. But there are other features within the NBA Live game that are well, a bit better than the others. Those are the features that you'll be looking at here today, features like competing live events among others.


To find out more about these specific features and why they stand out among the other features that the game has, you should read on. Info on how the feature makes the game stand out among the competing games can also be found here. 

What Are the Best Features of NBA Live for Mobile?
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Superstar Players

One part that will definitely catch your attention when you play this game is the superstar players section. These are stars, not necessarily real, as no player in the world can offer you a full package as the players on this roster. The player has distinct abilities and traits like no other even in the game.

How To Select This 

To select any of these superstars, you have to progress to the expansion draft. See, the normal draft as the other normal players - you can't say they are majorly average coz they aren't. But superstars are in a league of their own as they can affect a game, positively, with little to no fuss at all.


When you start off season 4 of the game, that's after you have progressed into the expansion draft, that's when you'll be able to use this roster of quite unimaginable players. 

Team Drafting

Another feature that you need to look out for is the player draft as this is where you build your team. First of all, you need to pay close attention to the preview draft that happens before the actual draft. The preview allows you to see the players and how to scout them.

How to Scout Them

The team drafting after the preview should be a smooth sailing process if you did the preview correctly. You need to place a pick on an exceptional player you want before he can come to your team. And you can draft the whole team from scratch, it can be a team that you mold with your own hands.


The top players are usually in high demand and the auction for the player can really cost you. So, you can build a small-time player and auction him to the highest bidder when he hits his stride. You need to be careful with this strategy as you only have to pick players with the most potential.

Completing Live Events

There are a number of live events that you need to complete when it comes to this feature. These events come in on a daily basis for some, others come on specific days, for example, Wednesday or Thursday. 

Live Events to Look Out For

  • Daily Event - Ball is Life, you have 4 hours to complete the event where you get tokens.
  • Wednesdays - NBA royalty.
  • Thursday - Specialist (48 hours to complete).
  • On Friday, you'll still have the same live event to take part in. 
  • Saturday - Ultimate legend, you have 48 hours for this

The tasks in the live event should vary but all are within the basketball realm and you have ample time with each event to ensure that you compete and complete. 

What Are the Best Features of NBA Live for Mobile?
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Like most games in the market, today NBA Live has come up with concepts that give the game a more realistic look to it. Some of the features are also a way for the developer to send a message to game fans that you are the true boss of the game.