Throwing a dice and waiting for the results is something everyone loves around the globe. Dice games have been a thing you do with family for generations, but these kinds of games don’t appeal to the young generation, but they don't know what they're missing out on.  

Unknown to so many people, dice games are educational, they bring lots of gaming fun and have a lot of competition. If you get the right dice game for the kids, they will thank you for it. Forget technology games for a while, you don’t need a smartphone or video game to have fun. 


If you have some friends over, grab your dice, and get the day going. If you are looking for ideas, then this is the right post for you. Sit and grab yourself a libation and let’s look at some of the best dice games you can play with friends.

The Best Dice Games to Play With Friends
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Liar’s Dice

This game regained its glory once it was featured in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. It is ideal for adults and can be played with each player having five dice and a cup concealing their roll from the people they are playing with. 

To start the game, players will roll their dice, and in case a dice falls on top of the other, that role will have to be retaken. All players must roll their dice and conceal it, hence the need for the cup.


Players will then make bids on the dice value; for instance, if a player declares that there are “two 1’s”, it is merely implying that at least two dice are indicating a 1. From that, the player has the option of either continuing or challenging that particular player. 

In this case, should it be that they have the exact dice described, or even more, then the player who made this particular challenge will lose a die. The game will continue until only one player is remaining.


This is one fun you can play with both family and friends. It is fast-paced and can be played either on one or as a group of up to five people. Generally, it runs for 15 minutes with an option of payback in case you lose to challenge your competitors. 


The fun part about this game is that it offers no turns; everyone plays at once. You will have score sheets in green, yellow, blue, and red, and they will be marked with numbers like 12-2 and 2-12. Your aim should be to roll numbers, so you cross them off.

The more numbers you can roll and cross, the more points you will accumulate. Here is the catch, if you fail any given time to cross off a specific number, you will head to the penalty box to mark a penalty. 

The game ends once a player marks up to four penalties, and one with the highest score will be the winner. This game can be played in both English and Spanish and is ideal for all age groups.

The Best Dice Games to Play With Friends
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Going to Boston

This is a fun game for children. If you are a parent looking for an entertaining game that will educate your little ones, this is the right game for you. All you need for this game is three dice, a pen or pencil with a paper to record all your scores. 

Every player gets three dice, roll it three times, as you set aside the highest number every time. When your turn is over, those three numbers will be added up, and you will have the final figure. 

Each player will take turns to have three numbers recorded, and the person with the highest number will be the overall winner. There is more; this game can be taken a notch higher by older children looking for more challenges. Instead of adding, you can multiply the number.

Bottom Line

Here are some of the best dice games; however, this is a drop in the ocean as there are hundreds of games to try out there. The beauty of these games is that they favor both children and adults, and also they can be played from anywhere. 

Moreover, not only do these games help you to bond, but they can also help the kids learn about numbers and counting - maybe some adults too 🙂 .