One thing that you have got to love about living in the 21st century is that there are a whole lot of games that you can play. Games are known to stimulate the mind and keep your memory muscles working out. 

One game that you need to check out if you're a lover of games is Guild Wars 2. The is a survival game that requires you to extinguish your enemies which are elder dragons. There's the full core game that comes at a price for the account, but you can also play the game for free.


The free mode, however, has its own set of limitations that you need to know about first. To learn more about the game and how you can play for free, you should definitely read on. Info on the features among other ideas about the free version of Guild Wars 2, can also be found next.

Learn About Playing Guild Wars 2 for Free
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Guild Wars 2

The first thing that you need to realize about this game is that it's a combat style game. So, if you're not into such games, this isn't the right game for you. You have two options for the game, you can choose to either play the game on the free account or, you can choose to play in the paid Guild Wars core account.

The free account has a number of restrictions that you need to know about before you can get involved. If you have played the core version before, then you'd definitely feel restricted by the free version.


Difference Between the Free and Core Accounts

Here's a breakdown of the difference in the two accounts so you know exactly what you're getting.

First of all, for the free game, you only have 2 characters, while in the core version, you get up to 5 characters. You have restrictions in central Tyria when you play the free version, while you have zero restrictions when you play the core version of the game. 

There are also restrictions when you're looking to communicate with your peers while playing this game. With the free game, you can only communicate through the game mail to your friends. You can't send gold or other items to them. 


The Core Guild 2 account, on the other hand, has no restrictions and you can communicate with other players as well as friends. You can also send them items including gold among others through the game's mail. 

How to Play For Free

You first need to open an account for you to access the game and you can do that by visiting the game's official website. From there, just follow the instructions and click on the "Play Now" button to begin your journey. 

The game, before you get too excited about it, is only available on Windows devices and OS X, unless you have those two devices, well, you'll be disappointed. Games like this expect you to complete tasks while being attacked. 

The quest of the game is geared towards achieving a winning bounty at the end of the many battles

Learn About Playing Guild Wars 2 for Free
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Before, you only had one player play when the game was all about the quest, not anymore though. Here, you have the multiplayer function which creates a different dynamic to the game. You won't have to fight monsters alone, at times, you'll be pitted against another player. 

When you start out the game, it is important to note that you have to select up to 10 skills for the player. These skills will help you reunite the disbanded Destiny's Edge, that's the guild whose combined power is able to defeat the elder dragons. 


Guild Wars 2 like most combat games gives you a sense of thrill that you can't find in everyday life. You can start off with the free version and move on to the paid version if you want to up the ante.