Do you get chills when an enemy battleship is right in front of the nose and you know that this could be the end? Well, World of Warships is a scintillating world of navigating your fleet of destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. 

As much fun as it is to hustle your way through to the top in the game, it is not possible without a few tricks. Since naval combat is not cut and dried for everyone as it requires in-depth knowledge about everything, from warships to ammunition and navigation. 


If you are also struggling to progress in the game, it is not due to the lack of skills. But, because you are not aware of some things that can make a difference in the game. What if you knew which warships your opponent had before the game began? Need-to-know tips are up next.

World of Warships - Best Tips to Progress

World of Warships: Tips to Succeed

Toggling the Interface Mode

At times, you might reel under confusion about the enemy ships located at some distance from your vessel. To combat this, you can go to your settings and toggle on, “Alternative Interface Mode.” 

This option will inform you about the ship above the vessel so you are aware of who is a friend and who is thy enemy. You will also come to know about the distance between your ship and the enemy ship. 


That's not all! Toggling the interface mode lets you know about the time frame required for your shell to reach the enemy ship and also the detection range. These things are imperative to plan your next move. 

Either you need a breech-loading turret or an armor-piercing caliber gun to do its work, you can make a decision that can do maximum damage.

Aim From the Side

Many World of Warships veterans must have told you that always fight from the side and not from the front. But, did they ever tell you why?


Well, here’s why. Firstly, from the side of the ship, you can use both the secondary and primary guns intermittently to attack. You can instill maximum damage to the enemy ship fighting from this position. 

Before you fire, take a look at the top of the screen to know the gun’s status. A yellow-colored gun is ready to play, if it's orange, give it time for reloading, and black means, your gun can’t fire in this direction. 

Citadel or the Engine

Setting your aim right is the key to progress in your game. Your motive must be to topple that card on the card’s pyramid. There are two areas on the enemy battleship that you hit and do maximum damage - the Citadel and the Engine Room. 

One perfect shot at the citadel and the game is yours, however, landing this kind of blow takes practice and precision aim. Plus, you also need to know where your enemy ship’s citadel is located. Secondly, you can strike a devastating blow by rendering the ship’s engine non-operational.

Because if the ship is immobile, every shot will be spot on. 

Lastly, the cherry on the cake would be aiming for the powder magazines. This will bring down the guns and arsenal of the enemy ship. Thus, this trifecta attack covers all the aspects of winning a battle. 

UI Tweaks for Some Extra Insights

In a battle, knowledge is one of the most important aspects to win. If you know which warships your enemy has, you can prepare and move ahead with those battleships that can lay maximum damage. With this in mind, here are a few UI tweaks to help you know the battlefield beforehand. 

  1. Activating “Show both main battery and TTs Load Indicators” will help you know which guns are loading and how much time it will take.
  2. “Display Team Lineups” is an option in your Control menu, toggling it can bring the entire enemy warships lineup on your screen before the battle begins.
World of Warships - Best Tips to Progress

Ready to Win?

The famous book on war and battles named, “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu exclaims, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Whether in fantasy or on the frontlines, that is true.

In a battle, it is imperative that you enter the field with maximum knowledge. The more you know about the entire battlefield, you have a better chance of succeeding. In a game where a single shot can be a matchwinner, you need to play your cards right.