Football is one of the most popular sports globally and surely the most-watched sport, with over 3.5 billion estimated fans. Being one of the most sought-after sports, it is obvious that the global phenomenon is a gold mine to game developers. 

There are tons of football apps on the web that either let you play on the field or simulate the game as managers. Every football fan's only dream is to put himself in the shoes of his idol and experience the world of football. That is precisely what football simulation games do. 


One of the most popular football simulation games is Football Manager 2021. Today let's talk about the game in detail, learn about its features, and how to play the game. Plus, we will also highlight a few tips so you'll be able to master the game. 

  • About Football Manager 2021
  • Briefing Before Press Conference
  • Download And Pricing
  • Tutorial Tips To Master The Game
  • Maximize The Player’s Potential
  • Reduce The Contract Fees
This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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About Football Manager 2021

Released at the end of 2020, Football Manager 2021 is SEGA's latest addition to its football manager franchise. It's the ultimate role-playing game, in which you can scout the players, organize their individual training sessions, negotiate wages, and uplift players' morale. 

This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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While you do not get to control the actions of the players, you will surely find yourself celebrating and passing orders from the bench – just like the real-life football manager does!


Compared to other games like FIFA Manager and PES, Football Manager 2021 has a larger and more accurate database of players and staff. Most importantly, there are more than 50 nations and 2,500 clubs to choose from right at the entry level. 

Body Language

With the release of the latest version of the game, developers have added some salient features to the game to make Football Manager 2021 a standout football simulation game. Body language or gestures is the latest feature that has been added in Football Manager 2021. 

This allows the coach to express themselves better in front of players and while in conference with the media. For instance, if you are angry on the bench, you could throw a bottle or bang the table. 


Contrary to that, you could smile or wide open your arms when you are a little welcoming. The feature gives players a far more realistic gaming experience. 

Briefing Before Press Conferences

Press Conferences are an important moment in real-life football. Developers at Sports Interactive and SEGA know the value of such press conferences and therefore have incorporated press conference features in the game. 

This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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Players will have the advantage of a press officer, who would brief you about possible topics that might come up in the conference. 

The press officer will also let you know about questions that are to be answered or ignored. Additionally, the gesture feature also works during the press conference. 

In-Match Presentations And Match Days

With the in-match presentation feature onboard, it is now much easier for the manager to manage each player individually. There is a Show Me button, which will give you quick access to detailed statistics about the player. 

Also, the VAR decisions will now be shown on the stadium screen, similar to real-life football games. Yet another feature of Matchdays in Football Manager 2021 has an enhanced interface that provides the players with a more realistic and immersive gaming experience

This incorporates the new Dugout view, which aids you in having simple yet powerful managerial controls. Also, with the incorporation of the new stat feature, the player has better analytical insights.

Download And Pricing

The best part about Football Manager 2021 is that the game is available on multiple platforms, making it super easy for fans to access the game via any medium. To be exact, the game is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. 

This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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The best way to get the game is to download it via the official website. You can also download the game via Steam or Epic Games. The base game will set players back by $34.99.

The game will run perfectly on your PCs if the operating system is a 64-bit Windows 7, 8, or 10, updated 2019 or later. Also, the computer should have 4GB RAM, Intel Core 2, and Intel GMA X4500 or NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphic card. 

For Xbox, Nintendo Switch, And Smartphones

If you are playing the game on Xbox or Nintendo Switch, you can get a copy of the game through the Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop, respectively. Compared to the PC and Mac versions, Football Manager 2021 is cheaper in Xbox and Nintendo Switch - $29.99 to be exact. 

The game is available even on smartphones and tablets for fans who do not have access to any of the gaming consoles. You can buy the game via Google Play Store and App Store. The smartphone version of the game costs $8.99. 

The Android version requires the smartphone to be running on Android 4.4 or above. Similarly, the iOS device should run on iOS 9.0 or later to run the game without any glitches. 

Tutorial Tips To Master The Game

Below are some tried and tested tips that will help you master the game. These tips will surely aid players to find success and, of course, add trophies to your football team. 

This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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Tutorials are the major part of any game that we often underestimate, and there is no doubt that we all have skipped them in most of the games we played. 

However, going through every tutorial is certainly worthy, as it will pay off in the future. When we skip the tutorials, we have no clue where or how to begin managing the team.

Analyze Data And Players' Stats Carefully

When it comes to overcoming the opponent's attacks and gaining success in the game, proper data analysis and players' statistics are vital. 

And, with the new suite of in-match presentations and individual player stats, it has become easier for players to develop winning tactics. 

Maximize The Player's Potential

Similar to most football simulation games, Football Manager 2021 also allows you to maximize a player's potential. However, it is entirely up to the managers how greatly they can do the job. 

This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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For instance, a young player would need a robust mix of ground training time plus regular matches to reach the heights of the football skills. Similarly, when they are above 18, playing time becomes the key to their career. 

And, since you cannot have all potential youngsters in the playing XI, you can probably loan them out to other clubs. This will allow such players to excel in their skills.

Have Multiple Tactics In Your Tactics Builder

Most Football Manager players make the mistake of training their players with one regular tactic and not having backup tactics in the arsenal. This will allow the opponents to learn your gameplay and come up with counterattacks, and eventually, you will lose the game. 

Therefore, having multiple tactics in your tactics builder is necessary not to be obvious. Numerous tactics give you options to choose from according to upcoming games. 

To train your players with the new tactics, change the primary training tactic, which will be on the Training tab on the game's home screen. 

Reduce The Contract Fees

Being a Football Manager, there is nothing more frustrating than a complex transfer negotiation and higher wage demands – they are just ridiculous. 

This Is How To Play Football Manager 2021 The Right Way
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Additionally, there are the appearance fees, signing fees, and other unused sub fees, which in the future add up to be a ton of absurd money that is just a liability for the club. 

Therefore, while signing the player, try to exclude the unnecessary clauses. Doing this will help you save a lot of unexpected fees or expenses in the long run. And, ultimately, you might save a handful of cash to buy the desired player. 

Don't Underestimate The xG – Expected Goal 

Expected Goals, or xG, as it says in the game, is the newest addition to the Football Manager 2021. But how will it help the players? xG means the number of goals you are expected to score from the opportunities you have had in the game. 

Low xG is evaluated as the waste of chances when you could have scored but were not successful, which means you are not doing well enough when the ball is in your possession. 

That directly means that you will have to upgrade your tactics and strategies to come out as the winner. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, Football Manager 2021 is a fantastic football simulation game. It is addictive and engaging, and it also consumes every second of your spare time if you keep playing the game. 

The best part about the game is that it gives you the freedom to manage your assets and budgets the way you want to. And with the wide range of coaching and tactical options, there are endless possibilities in the game. You are literally the boss of your club.