If you want to improve your results, it’s crucial to adjust Garena’s Battle settings. Just like anything else, if you don’t renew it, you might not be able to enjoy it to its fullest. With most mobile games available, you need to tweak them to get them right continually.

Likewise, with Free Fire, it comes with so many settings that you can tweak around to take your game to the optimal level. In this guide, we will focus on the three main features, aiming, options and sensitivity. If you want to do well or even become better at Free Fire, here are some tips to help you improve on its sensitivity.

  • Aim Precision
  • Sensitivity-Free Fire
  • What's Next
  • Don’t Open Your Parachute
  • Wait for Auto-Open
  • Hit the Ground Running
  • Stay Away from Vehicles
  • Prioritize Armor
  • Surviving Combat
  • Prepare An Ambush
  • Don’t Get Greedy

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Aim Precision

Tap the gear found in the upper right of the screen to enter settings. Stop at the controls tab, where you find several options related to your taste.

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Now, depending on your background, you will have to adjust the options to what you are used to.

Note that the essential option is your aim for the game and what aid you get to receive automatically. Whereas there are a few hints of personal taste, there are also pros and cons.


One disadvantage is how hard it is to shoot the enemy right in the head, which, of course, brings damage to opponents.

Minimum Distance

Another problem is the minimum distance, which tends to complicate things. The aim will lock the opponent after some distance, and this is not always functional.

This aim is only fit for beginners; however, over time, players should switch to other options after getting acquainted with the most basic mechanisms of this game.


Note you can activate the left button to act as a trigger. This gives more options to adapt to the controls of playstyle.

Sensitivity-Free Fire

After you have chosen the right aiming mode and also adjusted the control settings, then the next thing will be to check your degree of sensitivity.

Discover this Application to Increase the Sensitivity of Free Fire on Mobile
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This option is controversial not only in Free Fire but in almost any shooting game. This is because there is no ideal configuration.

Keep in mind that the ideal sensitivity varies from player to player and from device to device.

In case you are just starting out, be sure to do some simple tests like turning the objects around to keep your aim centered.

Accessories and Tips

If you find it difficult, that’s when you will know the sensitivity is either too high or low.

As a pro tip, set everything on either 50 or 40 and keep adjusting every five points until you get to the optimal sensitivity number.

After that, keep changing one at a time until you reach the ideal sensitivity you are looking for. Note that you can also add different accessories to achieve the desired experience.

What's Next

After choosing a new sensitivity, take your time and figure out if you might need to switch it up or not.

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Keep in mind that this act of aiming is more mechanical, and it all depends on muscle memory.

Therefore, allow yourself enough time to practice and get used to it. The more you practice, the more natural it becomes to play your game for that sensitivity.

Keep in mind that the sensitivity changes might differ with different devices. Also, note that players who can control high sensitivity and can use Drag shoot are the ones to take ‘General’ to 100.

Pros and Cons

Keeping General 100 comes with a disadvantage as the screen tends to be more uncontrollable if there are multiple targets.

On the other hand, keeping General at very low can be advantageous and also help players who have difficulties controlling recoil in the combat situation.

In the next few sections, we are going to discuss how you can become better at Free Fire and improve your performance.

Don’t Open Your Parachute

Shortly after you have jumped from the plane and onto the Free Fire battlefield, you will be able to open up your parachute.

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We recommend that you don’t do this! Opening your parachute is going to result in you slowing down your descent, which you don’t want to happen.

Being slower during the descent than other players will put you at a disadvantage because it will cause you to land later than your opponents.

Players that land before you will also be able to shoot you while you are still in the air, making you a very easy target. This is why you want to fall to the ground as fast as you can.

Wait for Auto-Open

Don’t worry - even if you don’t open your parachute manually, the game will open it for you automatically when you are close to the ground.

This means that you won’t take damage when you hit the ground, and also that you can fall at top speed for as long as possible.

Hit the Ground Running

We mean this in a very literal sense. As soon as your feet touch the ground, you should start running, and you should also avoid engaging in combat, as you won’t have any good gear, if any gear at all.

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Try to avoid landing in cities, too, since there will be a lot of combat happening there.

When you first land, your main goal should be to put as much distance between you and other players as possible.

This allows them to take each other down while you search the area for loot that will help you survive and win battles.

Jump Last

If you can, you want to try to be the last person to jump from the plane so that you can land somewhere quiet where there are not many other people around.

The Power Plant area is generally the most populated area, so if you land there, get somewhere else ASAP.

Stay Away from Vehicles

Unless it is an absolute emergency, we recommend that you do not use vehicles when you are playing by yourself.

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The reason for this is because vehicles are extremely noisy, and they will give you away to people who are meters from your location.

If you absolutely have to use a vehicle, you will want to get out of it the second you don’t need to be in it anymore.

After you have left the vehicle, move away from it as soon as possible because it’s likely that players will be swarming it to find you.

Teamwork Makes Vehicles Work

On the other hand, if you are playing as part of a team, you can be more comfortable with using vehicles.

One of you can be driving the car while the others are shooting and any enemy players that you pass.

Generally, driving is only useful if you are on a team.

Prioritize Armor

If you have played any other Battle Royale games in the past, then chances are you probably preferred to find and recover weapons first.

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However, when you are playing Free Fire, you will want to focus instead on finding armor since it will allow you to survive longer.

Even if you have the most powerful, damaging weapon in the game, a singular bullet from a sniper rifle will be more than enough to kill you if you are not wearing armor.

Your head is most vulnerable to damage, so we suggest that you equip a helmet as soon as you can.

Surviving Combat

Headshots are one of the most damaging attacks in the game and have the potential to kill you with one hit.

So, protect your head before anything else. Even if you have no weapons, wearing good armor will let you survive and escape combat.

Don’t Get Greedy

Every now and then, while you are in a game of Free Fire, you are going to see airdrops containing loot crates literally falling from the sky.

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These airdrops have crates that contain the best armor and weapons that are available for you to use in the game. Tempting, right?

We wouldn’t be surprised if you felt an overwhelming urge to sprint at these loot crates and snatch the loot that’s inside of them, but you have to practice self-discipline.

Other players will also be rushing to get to the drop since there’s no doubt that they also saw it coming. That means trouble, and a lot of it, too.

Prepare an Ambush

Rather than running straight toward the crate and getting yourself killed instantly, move toward the area where the loot crate landed and prepare to ambush the other unsuspecting players from nearby.

You will easily be able to pick off some of your weaker opponents from a distance.

Greedy players do not survive long in Free Fire, and that’s something you will have to learn.


Just like any other game, being a good player in Free Fire takes time and practice. Most players spend a lot of time practicing to be better at the game.

Although one might argue that you must practice the right way and be dedicated, there are also particular tips you must keep in mind to improve your general skill level.