The success of Minecraft can be attributed to its simple yet fancy animated graphics and uncomplicated mechanics. Even though the game was released in 2011, Minecraft still draws many new players, especially kids, into playing the game. 

It has a thriving helpful community, and the overall gameplay remains almost the same as when the game was first released. Minecraft might be touted as a kid-centric game with its animated graphics and quite simplistic gameplay. 


However, if you or your kid wants to learn how to start your Minecraft journey in the most convenient and easiest possible way, look no further than the article we are about to share. You'll get to learn more about the following:

  • Getting Started In Minecraft
  • Essentials Tips For Beginners Of Minecraft
  • Build A Shelter
  • Use Your Torch
  • Hunt For Food
The Best Tips To Get Started On A Minecraft Journey
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Getting Started In Minecraft

At first, you will be placed in an open world where you get nothing but your character. You will begin to gather different resources such as wood and many other things to build a home from scratch. 

The Best Tips To Get Started On A Minecraft Journey
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Along the way, you also encounter mobs that you can hunt or run away from if they deal too much damage. Players will need to survive and thrive over the next few days if they want to continue to play the game. 


The main objective of the game is to survive by staying alive. While trying to stay alive, you get to improve and experience different day-to-day aspects of the game, including mining, crafting, building, gathering, hunting, and many other activities.

How To Download Minecraft

Minecraft is available for download on almost all kinds of platforms. This includes PC, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. To download the game, head over to the official website and click on the Download option.

You can download the game through the Google Play Store or the App Store for tablets and smartphone users. For handheld gaming devices, check out the specific gaming store for each console.


After locating the application on your preferred device, you can download and install the game. 

Essentials Tips For Beginners Of Minecraft

With so many things to do in this game, it can be quite overwhelming for new players to decide what to do during the first few hours of the game. 

The Best Tips To Get Started On A Minecraft Journey
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Many new players will surely find themselves lost once they drop into a new world. New players must get on their feet as quickly as possible to not waste a lot of precious time roaming around mindlessly. 

Here are some of the best tips for beginners in Minecraft that will help you get a good foundation in the game.

Cut Down Some Trees

The first thing you need to do in this game is to look for a nearby tree and chop it down. You won't have the tools to do so quickly, but you can punch the tree until it breaks down. You will need the wood from the tree to create new tools that will also help you gather more resources.

Wood is the most fundamental building item in the game. Gather a bunch of logs by punching trees and turn them into planks. Planks will then help you create a Crafting Bench, which can then be used to craft even more items in the game.

You can then use the Crafting Bench to create a wooden pickaxe that you can use to gather stones and create items like a shovel or a sword. These tools will slowly help you build other things as you progress through the game.

Build A Shelter

Speaking of building, now that you have the pickaxe, some planks, the Crafting Bench, and many other tools available, you can now start gathering different materials to build a shelter. 

The Best Tips To Get Started On A Minecraft Journey
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A shelter is one of the most critical tasks that you need to complete, especially during the game's early stages. Danger lurks everywhere in this game, and it is up to you to defend yourself and find shelter. 

If you cannot find shelter, you might as well build one yourself. Start building a shelter the moment you have all these tools. Whether it is made of wood or stone or even mud or dirt, as long as you have a basic shelter, you should be safe from different mobs for now.

Crafting Different Materials

Crafting is introduced into the game rather early and should be developed and mastered from the beginning. Tools will help you gather resources more quickly, and they will help you get to a point where you can start building other projects in the game. 

Some of the essential tools include pickaxes, hoes, axes, shovels, and swords. Pickaxes are used to mine rock and ore, while axes will help cut down trees faster so you won't have to punch them anymore. 

Shovels will help you dig into the soil, while hoes will help prepare the ground for farming and planting. Swords are made to help defend yourself from mobs or seek them out to gather even more resources.

Use Your Torch

Speaking of mobs, there is one thing that they do not like - it's fire. They won't appear until it is nighttime in the game but you need to be prepared and well-equipped by then. Make sure that you have already established your shelter around this time.

The Best Tips To Get Started On A Minecraft Journey
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If not, you will be attacked by mobs. There are things that you can do, though, to prevent this from happening. Set up a camp while using your torch to fend off the mobs.

To make a torch, use the coal you have made by creating a furnace and use the stone blocks and wooden logs to make charcoal. Place the charcoal on a stick and light them up, and you have yourself your torch.

Try To Gather Bones

Apart from fending off mobs by using a torch, you can also attack them using your sword. Mobs like Skeletons often come at night to terrorize you, and if you can defeat them, they drop an item that can be used for other things. 

Gather the bones from the Skeletons that you have defeated and use them as one of your resources. Bones can be used to befriend a wolf as your companion. 

You can also crush them to use for dyes or even fertilizers for your farm. Skeletons also carry arrows with them, so you can also pick them up once you have defeated them and use them for hunting other animals.

Hunt For Food

Staying alive during the nighttime is the least of your problems in the long run. You will still need to feed yourself while doing a lot of these chores. Everything that you do in this game will cost energy. You will notice that you can recover from injuries when your health bar is full, but the healing will not activate if you are hungry.

The Best Tips To Get Started On A Minecraft Journey
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The hunger bar will slowly dwindle if you cannot feed yourself until you starve to death. You can always scavenge for food, but the best tip for beginners is to hunt for food using the items that you have crafted. 

You can hunt animals, fish from the nearby river, or gather fruits in the forest to eat. If hunting is not your thing, you can always start breeding animals so you will have a constant supply of food for your character. 

You can breed farm animals like cows and pigs, but the best option would be the cows since they also provide you with leather for your gear.

Start Building A Farm

Another thing that you can do to help keep your character from getting hungry is to start a farm. Farming will help you maintain a good amount of food and help sustain your character for an extended period. Use your hoe and start preparing the soil near your home to make a farm.

Craft a bucket and use that to create a stream of water near the land and start plowing the ground. Gather some seeds, plant them in blocks, and wait for a couple of days until they are ready to harvest. You have just started your farm and opened up many options and tasks to do in this game.

Once you have harvested all of your crops, you can either start a new batch to continue your food supply. You can then use the wheat that you have harvested and turn them into bread as an immediate food source.


There are still so many things to do within the world of Minecraft, and we are just scratching the surface of this wonderful game. Now that you have the necessities for your character to survive in this world, it is time for you to start exploring the horizon and look to discover the world beyond where you are. 

The choices within the game are endless, and with so many things to do, explore, and build, you are only limited to your imagination.