MMO enthusiasts and hardcore gamers know that Lineage 2 is one of the best longstanding MMORPGs in the genre. 

There is a reason why the game has withstood the test of time and continues to dominate the genre up to this very day. The game fully integrates fun and easy gameplay with hardcore MMO thematics that people love.


Join a fun community and begin your journey with Lineage 2. In this article, we'll share with you some tips on how to get grade C weapons, armor, and jewels to enhance your gameplay that much more.

  • A New Journey
  • Pay Attention to Game Recommendations
  • Class Change
  • Weapon and Armor Grades
  • Jewels and Brooches
Lineage 2 - How to Get Grade C Weapons, Armor and Jewels
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A New Journey

Released back in 2003, Lineage 2 is a direct sequel to the first Lineage game. Many have forgotten what the first game is all about but the sequel truly set a mark for modern MMORPGs with its simple and fun gameplay. 

Lineage 2 - How to Get Grade C Weapons, Armor and Jewels
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Join players from all over the world as you begin your new journey in a perilous world filled with fearful monsters. 


Choose from a wide array of character classes that will fit your playstyle and enjoy a tight-knit community of players as you raid dungeons and fight bosses.

Expect large-scale player-versus-player battles or go toe-to-toe with another player in a duel. Check out castle sieges with over 500 players battling across a map. Get lost in a fantastical medieval world where you and your friends go on a quest to free the world of evil.

Downloading Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is currently available for download on Windows PC through the official website or Steam.


All you need to do is to sign up for an account and select ‘Download’ to begin downloading the game. 

Once fully installed, launch the game to begin your journey.

Pay Attention to Game Recommendations

When looking for areas in the game where you can peacefully hunt monsters, whether to level up or to search for items, it is best to pay close attention to what the game tries to recommend where you should go.

Lineage 2 - How to Get Grade C Weapons, Armor and Jewels
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The game will indicate different monsters according to your level so that you avoid dying to higher-level monsters. You may also try to ask the gatekeeper for a Blessing of Protection to help protect you against player aggression. 

In this game, no one is safe and other players can kill you too which can be quite frustrating especially if you are still in the lower levels. The buff will keep players who are 10 levels above your current level disabled from attacking you.

In every town, you will be able to purchase different items such as potions and weapons. Go check them out to see what they offer. Each starting location in the game will recommend you to check out the NPC or non-playable characters that will help you in your journey.

Run Every Quest

Upon starting the game at level 0, you will encounter different notifications in the game. These notifications are helpful recommendations to make sure that the early levels of the game are a smooth experience for you. Other than that, the game also recommends quests for you to finish.

Run every quest that you encounter. If you find some repeatable quests, do them. Quests help in getting you through the early levels in the game more quickly and they often provide a good amount of the in-game currency, Adena, as well as further experience. There are also times when you are rewarded with some good equipment upon completion of each quest.

By the time you hit level 15, quests become scarce so you will need to seek out another way of leveling up. Check out the Grim Collector or talk to Dwarf Collette to unlock some quests that will help you earn rewards including 20,000 Adena which is a great help during these early levels.

Class Change

By the time you hit level 20, you should be well on your way to changing your current class and choose a profession that fits your play style. 

Lineage 2 - How to Get Grade C Weapons, Armor and Jewels
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Select the class that you like and click the name of the quest that will help you change into the class.

Finishing the class change quest can take some time but they are rather easy to complete

Once you have completed the quest, you can now learn new skills and receive items that are appropriate to your class and playstyle.

Magic Attacks

Magical attacks work differently in Lineage 2. Magic wielders in this game will have a high chance of missing the attack if the monster is three levels or higher than the character. The higher the difference, the more chance of failure. 

It is much better that you attack a monster within your level or a few levels above you to make sure that you land all magic attacks and be able to level up accordingly. 

If you want to attack high-level monsters, you can always use physical weapons such as swords and protect yourself from high damage with armor. You are far more effective this way than casting all of your spells.

Weapon and Armor Grades

In Lineage II, weapons and armor are classified into different grades. Each weapon and armor can only be worn when a player reaches a specific level in the game. As you level up, your weapon and armor grade classification changes which means that each time you reach a level threshold, you will need to change your equipment.

Lineage 2 - How to Get Grade C Weapons, Armor and Jewels
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Starting at level 1, players will be able to wear and use weapons and armor with no grade but as soon as the player hits level 20, D grade armor and weapons are available to use. It is only during level 40 that players get to wear C-grade weapons and armor. 

The threshold continues to grow around level 52, level 61, level 76, level 80, level 95, and lastly, level 99. Players must use and equip their weapons and armor according to their level and grade. 

If your character tries to equip an item either lower or higher than the required level, it will suffer different penalties including an effect on both movement speed and attack. It is highly advised for players to equip items, weapons, and armor based on their level and their grade to gain their full benefits and avoid these penalties.

How to Get Weapons in Lineage 2

There are a lot of ways for players to get weapons in the game. One very common method is to hunt for them by killing monsters or completing quests and missions in the game. Most of the time, players would rather grind their gears and make the game more interesting.

There is also another way for players to get weapons apart from hunting for them. Players can purchase them either through NPC or through other players, however, it may cost a lot more gold or Adena than usual. It is best to save up on Adena to purchase them or trade some of your items to get the weapon or gear that you need.

Weapons and other items are usually hunted or traded in this game but there is also another way to get weapons as well. The Warsmith is a specific type of character class in the game that can forge weapons for you. You can also check out NPCs in almost every town that will be able to craft these weapons for you. 

Jewels and Brooches

Brooches are unique items in the game with their own special slot in the inventory. 

Lineage 2 - How to Get Grade C Weapons, Armor and Jewels
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Brooches can be equipped and they offer different buffs to your character. One can also add jewels into each brooch to increase the buffs given by the item.

Brooches are available in the game and can be purchased through the L-Coin Store. Meanwhile, Level 2 Brooches can be purchased from Pona and you will need a Level 1 Brooch to do so.

Where to Get Jewels

Jewels are inserted into Brooches to empower them. Brooches can accommodate up to six jewels depending on the level of the item which means that getting a Level 2 Brooch is highly important for those who want to expand the item's buffs.

Jewels, on the other hand, are special stones that will bestow the brooch either an active or passive skill that will help your character. Players can purchase jewel coins from a Shining Jewel Box which costs around 2 million Adena through Collector Pona at the Town of Giran. Jewel coins can then be exchanged into a specific jewel depending on the requirement.

Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Pearl, Diamond, and many others often require at least two Jewel coins. Once you have obtained a jewel, you can increase the level of the jewel up to five levels to increase its power. You can only combine two jewels of the same type to increase their level.


If you are looking for an MMO that offers a great adventure with a community of players that will keep you busy for weeks or months, Lineage 2 is the best classic MMORPG that is worth checking out.