Imagine playing a Star Wars game where you can select all your favorite characters from different movies and put them all in one team as you storm through a legion of droids. 

Well, you won't have to imagine any further now that Electronic Arts has developed a mobile game to life through your dreams of becoming a squadron leader as you push through different battles across the Star Wars universe.


In this article, get to know what Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes is all about, how to download the game, how to build a squad, and how you can become a master of the game.

Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes - Find Out How to Get the Best Characters, Tips and More
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What Is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes?

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile turn-based role-playing game from EA. The game gathers all the characters from the Star Wars universe, including the characters from the new saga and the spinoff movies. 

Engage in turn-based team fights and outwit your enemies with your characters and their special abilities. Create the best team depending on your play style and master each hero's abilities to become even more powerful and take on challenging battles moving forward. 


Strategize and make crucial decisions in every turn and find yourself becoming an unstoppable force in this game. Join guilds and rise to the top together with your squad of legendary Star Wars heroes and villains.

How to Download

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is currently available across all mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices. To download the game, launch Google Play Store or the App Store and search for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. 

Tap Install to begin downloading the game. Once the game is fully installed, tap Open to launch the game. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes includes in-app purchases with your Google or Apple account.


How to Play

In this game, you will encounter different types of enemies. You will need to band together to fight off a myriad of enemies. Assemble your squad using different characters that you own and make sure that they are compatible with each other and synergize well to get the most out of each character's abilities.

Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes - Find Out How to Get the Best Characters, Tips and More
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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes plays just like a turn-based role-playing game. While most turn-based RPGs focus on the battles, this game is all about managing your squad. 

Choosing the right characters to fill in your squad is the most essential aspect of the game, determining whether you win or lose in most matches.

Once you have your squad, you can then battle your characters and use your abilities against enemies to crush them. You may also let the AI do the battle for you with the Auto-Battle option.

How to Build a Squad

Before you go off on a mission, you will need to select a few characters in the game to fill up your squad. You can find all the characters that you own on the left side of the screen. You choose up to five different characters, and in some game modes, you can choose a sixth member of your team.

Tap the character portrait to add the character to your squad but add your Leader first. The top left slot will be the Leader Slot and will unlock a leader's ability, which will greatly affect your team's overall power in the game.

Take note that each character has an ability that will affect your entire team and your entire gameplay or play style. Before you place the character into a slot, strategize what and how you want to play the game first. Ensure that each of the characters within your team has something to offer in battles, so make sure to upgrade them whenever possible.

Tips to Play

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has so many characters that you can incorporate into your team. This means that mixing and matching different characters to synergize with your team is just the first step towards making a well-rounded set of characters. 

Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes - Find Out How to Get the Best Characters, Tips and More
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However, there is so much more to playing the game than just picking which character to play. If you want to improve the way you play the game, it is always smart to learn a few tricks from experienced players. 

Check out the guide below on how to improve your gameplay and even discover your strategies for dealing with certain team compositions.

Balance Your Team

Your team should always be diverse. This means that you should have some defensive characters, supportive characters, and damage-dealing heroes on your team at all times. 

However, choosing to go all damage might leave you vulnerable against heavy defensive team compositions as they are most likely able to withstand your damage. By learning how to balance your team and diversifying as much as possible, you open yourself up to different strategies. 

You also have the advantage of changing your tactics in the middle of the fight if you begin to feel at a disadvantage. Having a diverse and balanced team should cover your team's weaknesses and let you shine through with your strengths.

Pick Your Battles

In this game, the objective is to conquer your opponent. But that does not mean that you should be reckless when picking an opponent to battle. You will have to be careful with what you want to match against, as team compositions counter your specific composition.

Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes - Find Out How to Get the Best Characters, Tips and More
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You will always need to match your opponents' strength in battle, so this means you need to properly level your characters. If you are up against a team with level 20 characters, it will take a miracle for you to win if you have a squad full of level 5 characters. 

Be sure to pick your battles correctly before diving head straight or run the risk of losing.

Get More Heroes

There are different ways to get heroes in this game. You have the Bronzium data cards that are free and offer a great chance of getting you a 4-star hero, so always abuse this method when it is available. 

Another great way to get more heroes is to get the daily bonuses to unlock new characters in the game. Completing achievements is another way to unlock a new character. 

Be sure to play, complete, and replay the hard missions to get character shards. Once you have enough shards, you can then use it to unlock the character so collect as many shards as you possibly can.

Don't Underestimate Healers

Healers are very underappreciated in this game. These characters can turn the tide of battle when done correctly. Healers are always useful in this game and will truly shine in longstanding battles that happen in Galactic War.

Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes - Find Out How to Get the Best Characters, Tips and More
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Make good use of healers to ensure your success in the game. It is highly recommended that you get either Old Daka or Luminara once you get to the higher levels. You can also start with Talia during the earlier levels of the game.

Abuse Healing Immunity

Speaking of healers, when you are up against enemies with a lot of healing, casting healing immunity will prevent your opponents from recovering their health back. 

The game's AI is smart enough to cast healing whenever their team is running low on health. Casting health immunity prevents them from healing, so you can always finish them off as fast as you can.

Abuse healing immunity when up against a composition with a lot of healers. Be sure to add heroes like Anakin Skywalker or even IG-88 in your team so you can always have healing immunity ready against them.

Leader Abilities

The first slot that you can have in this game will be your leader. Make sure to choose a leader that fits your play style since most leaders have different abilities. Make good use of each leader depending on your team composition.

Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes - Find Out How to Get the Best Characters, Tips and More
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Switch between leaders based on the kind of enemies that you will be battling against. This way, you will have enough room for both combat and defense using your leader abilities.

Login Daily and Have Fun

Any mobile gamer would tell you this one simple run when playing mobile games - log in every day. Being active in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will help you in the game. 

The more you log in to the game, the more rewards you get to earn you more characters, items, and boosts in the game.

Each time you complete missions, you will be compensated for it. Every time you log in to the game, you get rewards like free Data Cards. Make sure to log in daily to collect them and spend the rest of your time having fun playing the game.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a great example of a mobile title that incorporates all the beloved franchise characters into one simple game. The fact that you get to have fun collecting and pairing your favorite characters in the Star Wars universe together is priceless.