Real-Time-Strategy (also known as RTS) games have picked up momentum like never before. These games are not only adventurous, thrilling but also provide good mental exercises. You might learn a thing or two about strategic planning

There was a time when these games were a rage only on the PC world; however, with the kind of technological advancement today, these are also available as apps on popular platforms. Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) is a massive hit among gamers, and people of all ages play the game. 


In this game, you begin in the “stone age” and then fight your way up to the feudal age or epoch. On the way, you need to survive attacks, manage resources, and train your army. RoK is an artwork of the gaming world. There are some mistakes that you must avoid while playing the game. Let us look at some of them and the reasons why you should avoid them.

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: PC Gamesn

Focusing On Wrong Talent Tree Builds

Most players have no idea what the talent tree build is and how to do it right; to them, it is just some vague tree for their commanders. What is a talent tree? Well, it’s like studying Engineering for ten years, only to give a math exam at the end! 

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: ROK Guide

in short, Every character commander has a great unique selling point if they are trained using the right career path. What happens when you do not train your commander properly? You then set your commander up for failure. 


In battles, your commander will then be ineffective, and it could cost you the entire battle. In short, all the resources you had spent to build up the attack or defense army in the first place will be useless. It is thus critical that your talent tree should match the skill set of your commander. 

Another important reason to avoid this mistake is that if you want to reset the talent tree for your unskilled or mismatched commander, you will have to use a whole load of gems that can cost you real money; this is a classic rookie mistake. 

Inappropriate Allocation Of Resources

One of the most common mistakes made by even the smartest of players is that they tend to misjudge their budget allocation. Gamers bring their persona and focus on the thing they like instead of things that matter.

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
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For example, some might want to spend and upgrade all ancillary buildings rather than the city hall, which is crucial. You asked why you should avoid this mistake; what’s the big deal? 

Sure, spend all your resources on beautification and then have nothing left to upgrade your city hall, which helps you move epochs and ages, provides you with new technology and better soldiers. Unless you have decided to swipe that credit card, don’t make this mistake.

Also, be smart and know that the city hall (since it is the center of all focus in almost all the RTS games produced so far) takes the most time to upgrade; you should allocate your resources as per priority.

Trying The Game Alone  

Rise of Kingdoms is a multiplayer battle RTS game, and it should be played that way. If you think you can conquer the entire RoK universe, you are highly mistaken and living in an imaginary world. 

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: House Of Kingdoms

Yes, people like Baba TC can afford to spend $1.5 million over two years and still beat everyone single-handedly. Do not forget that playing alone will mean you will be rammed now and then by strong players who want to show their power. 

Also, you will be a sitting duck for people to plunder your hard-earned resources. Hence, you do not want to send random invitations to be plundered by being alone. There are many visible benefits of joining a team, also known as an alliance. 

First of all, you get a batch that says, back off, I have a back-up! Upgraded, fast resource collection, better hit-points on your buildings, bonuses if your team conquers certain buildings. So why pass up all these by simply being a lone wolf?

You Are Everywhere 

What it simply means is that you have spread your resources too thin resources. Imagine you scout nearby your city and find resources all around. The next thing you do is send the poor citizens to collect the resources, unguarded in all four directions. The same goes for buildings and your weak soldiers. 

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
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While it is good to be ambitious, this mistake can cost you a lot and can set your coffers back to square one. Enemies are always lurking and, on the look-outs for such “easy wins.” 

They send a little army to round off your men, women and plunder what you worked hard on. As a beginner, focus on consolidating resources, backing them up with a solid defense to protect what belongs to you. 

This is true for all three; land, people, and resources. Hence, if you have just started to play, steer away from spreading far too thin.

Spends On Events 

Most game developers have a solid revenue model before they start working on a game. It makes sense for them to generate surplus revenue from activities like event days. 

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: ROK Guide

There are at least 20 events on RoK that take place from time to time. Your mistake? Spending resources on events that have got nothing to do with you!  

For example, the “Mightiest Governor Event” requires you to compete with fellow governors to gain benefits like bonuses, gifts, and chests. Rookies tend to participate in these and spend many resources, not knowing that the event is out of their league. These events are meant to benefit the top 10 players mostly.

Also, even if you are ambitious and say that you reach the top by “hard work,” it will mean that you will have to play at least 24/7 for a month, literally. Even then, you aren’t guaranteed the top slot, so why slog? Know your place and work yourself up.

No Optimum Usage Of Resources

Do not confuse this with the allocation of resources. This point points out that you are under-utilizing whatever is made available to you in terms of resources—for example, citizens, queues for an upgrade, and training.

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
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One of the biggest truths of RTS games is that there is no protracted gaming. It means you cannot say that you will focus on an attack first then come back to the farm. You will have to learn to multitask.

This mistake will cost you progress and constant defeats from battles, unskilled and untrained warriors. So, make sure to keep those training and upgrade queues running even when you aren’t around.

Wrong Civilization-Game Play

If you have played other celebrated games in this genre, like Age of Empires, you already know what this is about. Each civilization has a certain skill set that should go with your gameplay strategy.

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: YouTube/ Rise of Kingdoms

The image you choose Japan, which has the upper hand in over human agility, and then instead of focusing on building you take an attacking army to plunder others, it would be a complete mismatch.

Hence, to avoid complexity and a tough match (your choices), focus on your strengths as a civilization and capitalize on just that. That is a sure-shot way to progress faster and stay strong.

Commander Upgrades

There are two distinguished things that rookies get mixed up with. The first is "skill," and the second is "talent." Upskill only those commanders you will use as your primary war hero, be smart!

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: Roc Fanatics

As in real life, talent cannot do much without skills, so that is the reason why you should not spend points on a wrong talent tree when the skill set is sub-par.

Taking such mismatched armies to battle or setting up the defense will do no good to you, and you will be left resourceless at the end of the slight encounter with any enemy.

Resources On Wingman

As a logical connection to the previous point, beginners tend to spend on their secondary commander, too, in the same proportion as the primary. After all, equality is also important! 

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
Image Source: Dragothein Gaming

The logical reason is that beyond a level upgrade (level 30 is the standard), any further expenditure on the secondary commander will not give you an ROI (Return on Investment). In short, they won’t win the battles for you!

The main distinction between the primary and the secondary commander is that the first one is all about gear, skills, and talent, whereas the second one is only about skills. Again, one of the most common errors made by most newbies.

All Top Commanders

The common knowledge and thinking are that upgrading all the commanders will solidify the position of the city and you as a player amongst your alliance.

Rise of Kingdoms - Tips For Beginners: 10 Mistakes To Avoid Making
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This is a terrible mistake as taking one commander to the max out level is more powerful than many so-called big shot commanders. Besides, it is a long-drawn process to max out one so, hold on to it.  


There are many things to learn that are normally not obvious when playing Rise of Kingdoms. You need lots of patience and, surely, a smart strategy right from the beginning to succeed at one go.