It took a while before Brawl Stars became one of the most downloaded and most popular games on mobile devices. Somehow, after a year and a half after it launched, the game suddenly became massively popular all thanks to its publisher's marketing efforts. 

However, the game does not need to rely on marketing as it is also one of the most solid mobile games to play in the market.As the name goes, Brawl Stars is an action-packed game played within your mobile device and usually takes only a few minutes to finish but offers great gameplay and involves deep strategy. 


To learn more about the game, find out what the game is about and how you can learn some strategies to excel at the game.

Find Out How to Play Brawl Stars and Learn Some Strategies
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Brawling Stars

Brawl Stars features a vast cadre of colorful characters ranging from wrestlers to ninjas to even a prickly cactus known as Brawlers. Each Brawler has its unique abilities and special attacks that make them very different from each other. Players can acquire a Brawler by playing the game or by purchasing them with the in-game currency called coins or for real money. 

Find Out How to Play Brawl Stars and Learn Some Strategies
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The cell-shade top-down graphics of the game is marvelous and offers great angles to highlight its effects. The game is a blend of MOBA and action shooter with some hints of battle royale thrown in the middle. There might be a lot of mechanics to learn but there is one thing that you need to win the game - beat the other Brawlers.


Brawl Stars has a lot of game modes. The first one - Gem Grab pits two teams of three members as they try to collect 10 gems and hold onto them before the countdown ends. Other game modes include Heist in which players get to defend the base or Bounty where players clash with each other in deathmatch style. There is also a game mode that was added just before the game was released called Brawl Ball that mimics the mechanics of soccer.

Showdown is where the game truly shines. Players are pitted against each other in a do-or-die scenario with the last Brawler standing winning the entire game. Get to experience different types of Brawlers and players and incorporate strategies that will help you win more games.

Strategies to Win More Games

Brawl Stars is all about getting all of the Brawlers and playing them correctly. However, there are still many other strategies and tips that you need to learn to effectively win more games. Here are some of the best strategies that you can employ when playing the game.


Understand Each Brawler

The first strategy is the most basic one yet. Understand what each Brawler brings to the table. The game has more than 20 Brawlers and each of these Brawlers has unique abilities that synergize well with other Brawlers in your team.

Take the time to learn more about every type of Brawler in the game by playing them. Experience is the key to understanding what makes a certain Brawler strong when they are up against a certain Brawler and vice versa. This will take up most of your time but it will be one of the best strategies that you can utilize in this game.

Once you have learned the Brawlers, you will have no problem playing together with random strangers or with your friends during 3v3 battles since you already know who you are playing with and are up against. Unlocking all the Brawlers might take a lot of time but it will be all worth it in the end.

Learn different roles in the game to fully understand how each Brawler works. Aggro-Brawlers tend to be the center of fights while Supports would like to cast spells and help other Brawlers at a distance. 

Get The First Kill

As with any other game that puts you against other players, it is always important that you try to get the first kill of the game as soon as possible. Not only does it give you a lot of rewards, but it also provides the most strategic move to your team. The enemy team immediately loses a member thereby tipping the advantage to your team.

However, getting the first kill is easier said than done. Choose a Brawler that has high damage or has great crowd control abilities so you and your team can secure the first kill. This way, you get a heads up in the match.

Designate The Right Brawler for Each Mode

Gem Grab is one of the most popular game modes in Brawl Stars. In this mode, the team has to designate a gem carrier whose sole job is to collect all 10 gems and avoid getting killed in the process. Gem Carriers will need to dodge any team fights as much as possible to maintain the control of gems away from the opposing team.

Pick Jessie, Penny, Pam, Bo, or Poco as they are the best Gem Carriers in the game. These Brawlers can play both aggressively and defensively depending on the pace of the game. Make sure to communicate with your team properly so you will know what each member of the team needs to do to win. 

In Bounty, you will need to pick Brawlers that can survive for a long time. Bounty is very different from Gem Grab as you will need to make sure that you survive every onslaught from the enemy. This is why picking Brawlers that are either tough or slippery is the best strategy for this mode.

Brock, Piper, Penny, and Bo are just some of the best Brawlers that you can take advantage of in this game mode. These characters can help you gain a kill while also slippery enough to escape to safety whenever the situation calls for it.

Play Showdown

The best way to get your Brawlers up to 500 trophies quickly is to play Showdown. Showdown is a much slower-paced game mode but that does not mean that it is not fun to play. Showdown is more focused on the battle royale aspect of the game than any other mode so you will need to incorporate a different strategy when you play.

The goal here Showdown is to stay alive for as long as possible. Therefore, the ultimate strategy is to avoid conflict at every turn. Some might be tempted to go for the kill at the first few seconds of the game but a good player will try to dodge any form of aggression from opposing players.

Don't start a fight at the start of the game. Instead, look for Power Ups so you can get stronger while the others are busy duking it out. The next time you see them, you are already ahead of the curve and you can properly eliminate them and win the game quickly.

Fend off enemies that are moving close to you or you can always try to hide in the bushes. You can even use this tactic to ambush unaware players so you can eliminate them from the game. This also gives you a good amount of time while the others continue to eliminate each other.

Play With Friends

The best experience you get out of Brawl Stars is when you play with your friends. The game is highly recommended to be played with another player so you can properly communicate with each other. Make sure that both of you do not occupy the same role in the game so you can maximize the advantages in your team.

Find Out How to Play Brawl Stars and Learn Some Strategies
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Having a friend means that you already know how both of you play. Communication becomes very easy and you perform better as a team in the process. This is quite beneficial for you as a team now that you have someone you can always rely on during the game.

Know Your Limits

Know when to attack and when to retreat. This is one of the many faults of beginners and even advanced players. Read the game carefully so you will know when to attack enemies and when you should be falling back to recuperate.

This is where skills come into play. Each skill has a cool down and knowing how long it takes for each skill to be available again is key to knowing your limits. Never go into a fight with your skills on cool down.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with how much damage you cause to enemies before you go in for the kill. This will give you the confidence to know that you can immediately eliminate an enemy with your skills. Take this opportunity to learn the nuances of your chosen Brawler so you survive longer to win the game.


Brawl Stars is a complicated and highly strategic mobile game. On the surface level, the fun and bright characters and simple graphics might fool you into thinking that this game has no strategic depth but, you will be surprised to know how in-depth this game is and how addicting it can be especially for hardcore gamers.