One thing about video games today is that they are all striving to have the multiplayer function. And with The Sims being one of the most popular games around, it's a surprise that the multiplayer function has not been introduced to date, despite player requests. 

The Sims 5 is expected to be released soon, although game developers have not announced a firm release date. And the big question for players is whether or not it's going to have a multiplayer feature. The developer has acknowledged the need for social interaction in the game.  


To find out more about The Sims 5 and what its key features are, you need to read on. Info on whether game developers are finally going to get it right is up next. You will also find out if you can play as a single player in this version like in the previous ones.

Does The Sims 5 Have an Online Multiplayer Feature?
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The Sims 5

The Sims 5 is about to arrive on the market after a long wait by fans to see just how the developer is looking to refresh the game. The game's main aim [sims], is not as defined as you would expect from most games. It's more of a sandbox game as there are no specified goals or set achievements.

It's a life simulation video game. When you start out, you create virtual people, these are the ones that are referred to as Sims, you then have to place them in a house. Now, the job, after they are in the house is to satisfy their desires, you also have to direct their moods. 


Key Features

One of the features that make this game stand out is that it is available across multiple devices. For example, you can access the game on both Android and iOS. The game is also available on multiple consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo among others. 

One feature that The Sims 5 should have when it is finally released is online capabilities. This feature alone will make it stand out from among its peers as it will give players a chance to meet up. For example, as you would meet people in a club, that's what you'll get with this game.

Unlike the other version of the game where the set up was filled with pre-created characters, here, you'll meet Sims created by other players, your friends included. the graphics are also expected to be much better than previous versions. 

Does The Sims 5 Have an Online Multiplayer Feature?
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Online Multiplayer Feature?

Well, there was a need for the online multiplayer function and the developer was bound to address that need at some point. See, most people are tired of games that they only compete with a character created by the game itself, they want a challenge. 

The challenge comes from other real players across the globe who are competing for the same prize you are.

With regards to Sims 5, the developer does finally give the fans the online multiplayer feature. In an interview with Forbes, Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, Sims developer, confirmed that indeed that's the new feature.

The online feature is likely to see a player being able to visit another player's creations. This can be your friend's creation or the creations of strangers from around the world.


Sims 5 will certainly be a game-changer when it finally hits the market as you'll have a number of changes to look forward to. One of them being the online multiplayer function that supports a number of meetings and social interactions.