Apex Legends involves weapons, shooting, looting, and refilling your armory, among others. Apex legends has legends that have different characteristics to play different roles. Whatever you do, ensure you kill your opponents to be the last man standing.

Some of the legends and their roles include Gibraltar who must play up close and personal with the opposing teams. You have to use your shield to fend off damage. Pathfinder, on the other hand, uses a grappling hook to reach the hard-to-reach areas or look for surprise angles from which to shoot the enemy.


To win this game, you have to use as many bullets as possible. Remember your opponents have a tough skin that cannot be easily penetrated by a few bullets. Also, you should have tested the weapons and must know which one works best for you. 

Learn the Objectives of Apex Legends
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Be the Last Man Standing

This means you are the winner and is the sole objective of this game, if not for most games. You have killed all your opposing team. This you will do by using the best weapons that shoot as many bullets as possible. 

The enemy’s skin is tough, so it’s not about the target or a few bullets. You must use many bullets in one go. Also, you’ll have to keep refilling your armory ready for battle. Remember every bullet you shoot reduces the armory. 


So you had better refill not to run out of weapons. Another way to win is by utilizing the legend characters. If you are using Gibraltar, you must play near the enemy’s camp. If its pathfinder, then find particular angles or hard-to-reach areas to utilize and start shooting the enemy.

Healing Items

Apex legends has two healing items; one for you and the other for the armory. Armor packs can work best for this situation since they are quicker. Other healing items that include med kit, syringes, and phoenix kit are slow and disable movement. Therefore, supplement health by using shields since the enemy damages shields before health.


Apex Legends is a game that requires a constant pursuit of defensive gear or shields. Defensive gear slots contain helmets and vests that vary from common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Armor will act as your shield, therefore you must always have it to protect yourself from the enemy’s weapons. 


In case of damage, use armor packs that restore health quicker. Armor packs should be the main item you stock up as you loot since they are your main form of healing.

Learn the Objectives of Apex Legends
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Utilize Your Abilities Often

If you have mastered the roles of each legend, you can use those skills in your favor. That is when your abilities come into play. Don’t be tempted to save your skills until the ideal time comes. That’s a waste of your ability. It’s advisable in each game to find ways you can use your legends abilities. 

Figure out ways to capitalize on the ultimate in each game as opposed to waiting for an opportune time that might never show up. If you get killed, how will you use these abilities now? Remember the objective is to survive as you kill your opponents. So you cannot afford to wait for the best time to act.


The sole objective of Apex Legends is to be the last person standing. You have to kill the enemy and their team. This you do by reviving health in case of damage. You’ll use armor packs which are faster as opposed to other healing items that take time and disable movement. 

Another objective is to learn the characters of each legend and capitalize on those roles. Never think you have enough weapons and stop looking for more. The more you refill your armory, the more prepared for damage you are.