Most games today, digital games, have quite a number of levels within them. That's usually for the betterment of the player as the developer looks to engage the player in different levels of complexity and that's what happens in Fallout games. 

The battle-filled game that is engaging, action-packed and offers you a chance to go through a story while fighting through numerous enemies. The main aim is to vanquish attackers while keeping your character safe from attacks. 


But what are the best Fallout titles? To find out more about the game and the titles that are available in this game, you definitely need to read on. Info on what makes the specific titles better than others can also be found here.

Discover the Best Fallout Titles
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Fallout 76

Here, you have to use strategy as much as tact to ensure that you stay alive through the quest. The player is thrown into the open world with this one and left to fend, fight and survive.

Being that the game is multiplayer, you'll be met by countless opponents who are also in a fight for survival. The downside to having such a "busy" game is the number of bugs that creep up. Otherwise, this is the ultimate multiplayer Fallout game.


Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel 

With this game, you control a 'squad' of six soldiers who can be human or death claws. The main aim for having a group of soldiers is so that you can easily fight off the enemy through the multiplayer section. 

The tactics in use have been used here can happen in real-time or can be turn-based. 

While other Fallout titles focus on the mechanics of the game, this one is all about the combat section of the game. You have to spend more time trying to fight your way through other players' squads than anything else. 


Fallout New Vegas

The best title of the Fallout series, according to enthusiasts and critics, is the New Vegas. The game's journey is pretty much a hunt for the person who killed you as it starts with the player as a courier shot in the head. 

The storyline and the graphics among other aspects of the game are incomparable.


Have you ever thought of the apocalypse and what the world would look like after? Well, if you want a game that can give you a rough idea of what the world would look like after the apocalypse then Fallout should be what you're looking to play.

No other game can give you a better feel of what a destroyed world can look like and the grim picture there pretty much helps the player connect better. 

The game starts out with the player being thrown out of his home and meets a corpse with a revolver - the grisly game starts from there. It's real-world style, but in a world we haven't seen yet.

Discover the Best Fallout Titles
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Fallout 4

Ever played a game where the main protagonist is voiced? Well, that's what sets this game apart and also what makes it a really strange game. Couple that with skills being taken away, you have a game that's pretty strange. 

What actually makes this title make it to this list is the fact that the combat style is now much more interesting. You have unprecedented armor and weapon customization added as part of the change that saw skills being taken away. 


Out of the many Fallout titles, here are five that can easily be considered the best of the lot. They each give a different perspective of the game with some being more tactful while others being combat-based.