Bowling is a great sport that lets you perfect your skills at accuracy and control. If you want to play bowling using your mobile phone, you can do so with Bowling Crew - a fun and quirky mobile game that provides the most authentic bowling experience you can find.

Fast, easy, and very simple to understand, Bowling Crew offers fast-paced matches and a whole lot of fun for mobile game lovers. 


To learn more about this game, how to win matches, how to collect tokens, and more, read on!

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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What Is Bowling Crew?

Bowling Crew is a mobile bowling game developed by Wargaming Group. With millions of downloads, the game is one of the best 3D bowling games in the world. Join millions of players as you challenge them for a bowling match.

The Basics

Aim, direct, and control different types of bowling balls to get a strike and win matches. Earn rewards when you win games and collect more as you get more victories. Join a community of players from all over the world and match up with your friends.


Bowling Crew is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. Simply download and launch the game to begin playing and have countless hours of fun with friends and family.

Playing Online Matches

Bowling Crew features instant matches and great graphics that will make an authentic bowling experience. 

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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The physics used in this game is based on actual bowling matches so you will always get the best match possible. Apart from that, there are plenty more features that players can enjoy.


How to Play

Bowling Crew offers online matches that last no longer than 3 minutes per game. Get to play with other players from all over the world in a quick match. The game always finds a worthy opponent that is as equally skilled as you so there is no need to worry about getting an opponent much better than you.

Play anytime you want as long as you are connected to the internet. You don't have to wait several minutes to find your next opponent, as there will always be someone waiting to challenge you. 

Once you are done with your match, queue once again and get into a match within a few seconds.

Competitive Play

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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Bowling Crew offers an opportunity for hardcore players to play competitively with other players from all over the world with its competitive matches. 

Season Rewards

A season lasts for two weeks and within those two weeks, you get to play against highly-skilled players. Winners will be rewarded with tokens and other season rewards, so practice your bowling skills today and train hard so you can be matched against the best.

Challenge of the Day

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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Challenge of the Day is available when you get to Alley 3. This mode has a very different mechanic than the usual game. 

How it Works

Each lane will have random obstacles, making it very challenging for players.

Earn 3 wins to receive the top prize, and each victory increases the reward. Each challenge only lasts for a day and every day it refreshes. Be sure to get your rewards as soon as you complete the challenge and enjoy different alleys every day.

Fun Graphics and In-Game Currencies

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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The game has fun graphics ranging from the classic bowling alley to futuristic themes. Each bowling alley offers a fun and dynamic atmosphere that lets you immerse yourself in the overall bowling experience. 

There are over 11 unique bowling alleys to choose from with over 49 kinds of balls to play with.

In-Game Currency

Bowling Crew has two in-game currencies. Chips are the basic in-game currencies that are rewarded to you as you play more Bowling Crew matches. Chips are also used to upgrade your balls.

Gold can be earned by playing the game, but it is mostly acquired by using real money. They are very rare and can be used to spend on items found at the Shop.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Bowling Crew is a mobile bowling game with unique gameplay and mechanics. Learn more about how you can play the basic mechanics of the game below.

How to Play with Friends

Bowling Crew lets you play with your friends. Once you have already added or invited your friend, check to see if they are currently online by going to the Crew screen and head over the Friends tab. You will see who is online so you can invite them for a match.

Remember that you can only invite friends that are online and are currently not playing any matches. You can send an invitation to an online friend and invite them to a match. Tap on Play once your friend is in the lobby to start a match and begin playing the game.

You will need a Ticket to invite a friend over a match with you. You can purchase a Friendly Match Ticket for 1 gold. You can get tickets by inviting people to download and play the game or exchange gifts with your friends.

How to Use and Master the Bowling Balls

Bowling Crew has three different types of balls. At the start of the game, you will be given 6 beginner balls. You will unlock different balls as you progress through the game, and each of them will have its unique names and effects.

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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Power Balls have great braking power, while Bounce Balls knock pins around and help you pull off those tricky shots. Precise Balls are great for those who want to perfect their skills. Precise Balls are the most important ball that you can have, as they allow you to hit the pins perfectly.

Apart from the type of balls that you can use, you will also need to upgrade them according to power, guide, hook, hook control, and ball size. Each ball has different roles to play depending on your playstyle. Some balls have weaker stats, while others have stronger stats but are very hard to come by.

Controlling the Balls

At the start of each round, you will be able to check the ball and the alley. You only have 20 seconds to bowl, so make sure you make your time worthwhile. To control the ball, you will need better accuracy and coordination. You will need to aim first and then drag the ball to move it. You can swipe the arrows to rotate the ball.

To launch the ball forward, you will need to swipe upward; however, you can also do a short and slow swipe to roll the ball. Players who want to do a hook will need to swipe forward when the hook controller appears on the side.

Remember that the more width the hook controller gets, the more intense the ball curves, so you need to gauge how much you want to curve the ball.

Play Better

Bowling Crew offers a different experience but also feels rather familiar when it comes to playing bowling. The distinct, quirky nature of each alley makes for some very interesting styles of playing the game. With that, there are many ways for you to play better and earn more victories in the process.

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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The first methods of bettering your gameplay involve testing your overall strength and getting familiar with the bowling balls. When it comes to throwing the ball, many might be tempted to go hard and use as much force as possible.

This will keep the ball from spinning uncontrollably to the gutter and hit all the pins. However, a slow and methodical approach to releasing the ball might also be a good option.

A lighter throw could also mean better aim and control of your ball, but this could also mean that it might also not reach the end of the alley. All you need to do is to test your strength and find the perfect balance when it comes to launching the ball. Figure out the best way to throw the ball, and once you find the balance, you should be able to perfect your skill and have plenty of strikes later on.

Get Familiar with the Balls

All the balls used in Bowling Crew have unique features and stats. It is always best to get to know every ball you have. This means learning a few stats in the game such as power, hook, hook control, and many others. 

These stats help determine how you launch the ball and how it affects your game. Power determines how well it knocks down high-level pins, while hook control determines the speed of the pointer used on the ball controller. A hook is all about the hook shot quality and the intensity.

You might also want to know more about the type of balls in this game. Power Balls are heavy and are best used to knock down a large number of pins while Bounce Balls are great when you want to bounce pins using great speeds. Precise Balls are great for precision so you can always rely on these balls to have accurate speed and results.

Special Tip: Add Friends and Get More Freebies

Bowling Crew: See How to Win Matches, Collect Tokens, and More
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Get as many as 2,000 chips for free when you add friends to this game. The more you add friends, the more you get to earn more chips. You can invite your Facebook friends by connecting the game using your Facebook account. 

Earn via Ads and Logins

You can also watch video ads to get items, gold, chips, and many other freebies. Complete missions for more rewards. 

Log in to the game every day and collect all the freebies that the game offers.


At its core, Bowling Crew is a unique and quirky sports mobile game that offers the best bowling experience right at your fingertips. 

Play with your friends, or challenge other players and make your way up the leaderboard to become the best Bowling Crew player in the world.