The Zombie genre has taken over a lot of mediums in the last few years. Movies like the Resident Evil series and TV shows like The Walking Dead have cemented the popularity of the un-dead trope. 

Therefore, it is no surprise that this has spilled over into the gaming world as well. A lot of games today have the concept of either running away from zombies, shooting them or a mixture of both put forward in an interesting storyline. 


For mobile games, the key to making a good game has always been making it convenient to play while also being immersive. Good graphics and exciting gameplay are definitely required. Zombeast is one of such games that does it perfectly. Read on to learn about the Zombeast mobile game, how to download it, how to play offline, and more!

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter - What Is It?

As you can guess from the name, Zombeast is a Zombie game where you’re surrounded by undead people, and you have to shoot your way out. This is an oversimplified explanation of the game, and in the next few sections, we will discuss where to download this game and how to play it well. 

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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Zombeast is an FPS game, which stands for First Person Shooter. This means that you will have a first-person view of the entire game, and you will see the gun in front of you pointing towards the center of your screen. You will be able to shoot at the zombies in the middle of your screen. An interesting thing to notice about Zombeast is that you do not need a network connection to play this game. 


With the ubiquitous nature of internet connections all over the world, almost every game today comes with a working network connection requirement. 

Even games that are single-player and do not need to send or receive data from other players require an internet connection so that you can access the in-game store and buy items with real money or in-game currency. But even if you’re on a flight and have no way of connecting to the internet, you can easily start playing Zombeast!


The gameplay in Zombeast involves multiple options to attack the zombies, along with special powers and a movement button. The health of the zombies and your own HP (Health Points) is mentioned at the top of the screen, and the distance of the zombies is also mentioned in the top left corner. 


Different zombies will attack you with different tools. You can see a screenshot from the game below, where all the things mentioned in the previous paragraph are visible. 

You can see a zombie attacking you with an ax. The number of bullets you have left are mentioned in the bottom right corner of the screen.


A large number of weapons are available in the game. These weapons can be purchased with the achievements you earn in the game. 

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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You can also purchase the in-game currency by spending real money, but if you do not want to spend anything on the game, playing it and earning points and achievements is the best way to unlock new weapons.  

Customizations and More

Besides guns, there are also customizations available in the characters in the game. You can purchase these customizations in the in-game store.

Achievements are awarded not only for getting through arenas but also for killing a certain number of zombies every round. You will be able to have a count of how many zombies you’ve killed in the top left corner of your screen when you’re chasing one of these achievements. 

These features in the gameplay make Zombeast an excellent game to play in your free time. There is also a way to play this game offline, which we will discuss in the next section. 

Game Modes

As mentioned before, Zombeast is a First Person Shooter game that works in a survival mode. This means that you have to kill as many zombies as you can while making sure that they do not attack or kill you. 

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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The main story of the game is that you are left alone in a city full of zombies. These zombies require human flesh to survive, which means that they will come after you. 

You have the resources that have been given to you and that you will purchase throughout the length of the game to kill these zombies and survive.

There are multiple campaigns available in the game. 

Campaigns and Modes Available

These game modes involve story-driven survival shooting mode, offline modes, mutator modes, and much more. All modes come with their own levels of challenges and different varieties of zombies, so make sure that you play the game in a way that awards you with the most number of achievements. 

For example, the mutator game mode has zombies that have the ability to be undead a certain number of times. Every time you kill one of them, it dies, is reborn, and becomes faster and harder to kill. This means that you have to kill the same zombie multiple times before it actually dies! 

There is also an endless run mode. This means that there aren’t levels that you have to complete or checkpoints you need to reach, but instead, you just keep running and killing zombies until you die. This is a practice game mode, as it lets you hone your skills to become a better zombie killer and figure out how to use all of your weapons well. 


Dual wield pistols, shotguns, and machine guns are just some of the options available in the game. You can see some of the different types of weapons available in the game in the screenshot below. 

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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As you advance forward in the game, you can unlock guns like sniper rifles and miniguns as well. Some of these guns give you more accuracy over a longer distance, while others can give you more spread that will help you hit more zombies in a shorter range.

Tips and Tricks

Considering that Zombeast is a game with countless adventures and customizable options, there are certain things you can do to make your experience better and become a better player at the game. 

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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There is an “aggro range” for every zombie. If you do not come within its range, it will not attack you and will leave you alone. Make sure you have your gun ammo and grenades sorted before you wander into the aggro range of the zombies on your screen. 

Scavenging your surroundings is an excellent way to load up on bullets, new guns, and grenades. Most of the time, your loot will be more ammo, but you will definitely find new guns every once in a while if you play the game for long enough. 

More Weapon Tips

Not all weapons are built in the same way, and every gun you will equip yourself with will have a different set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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For example, a shotgun will have a large spread in close range and maximum damage, which means that you won’t have to aim specifically, but in the long-range, it will be very ineffective. 

Sniper Rifle

Similarly, a sniper rifle will give you an excellent advantage over individual zombies who are further away but using it against a hoard of zombies in close range will probably result in your death. 

Zombeast Tips

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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Zombeast comes with a lot of different types of zombies in the game. You need to be able to distinguish zombie types and which weapons to equip yourself with to destroy them. You cannot use the same tactic for every zombie in the game. 

Knowing the Types of Zombies

For example, skinny zombies will appear in large numbers and can easily be blown away with shotguns or grenades, often multiple zombies at a time. However, there are some advanced zombies like stalker zombies. These zombies can turn invisible, rendering your auto-aim useless. 

Another example is the Riot Police zombies, which are undead cops. These will take the highest amount of bullets, as they have shields and are wearing armour on their bodies. Grenades and high power guns are the best ways to kill these zombies.

How to Download Zombeast

Zombeast: Learn the Best Srategies, How to Play Offline, and More
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Zombeast is available to download on the Google Play Store so you can play on your Android device. 

Costs and Game Extras

Zombeast is a free game to download and play. However, you might have to watch some ads in the game in the free version of the game. There are also some in-app purchases offered by the game that you can choose to buy to improve your overall experience of the game. 

A lot of games nowadays have a server on Discord where you can talk tactics, look up walkthroughs, or find tips on how to beat certain levels that you are stuck at. Zombeast comes with its own Discord server for this purpose. If you are having trouble with the game or just want to know what the other players are up to, you can join the Zombeast Discord Server

The Bottom Line

Mobile games have come a long way in the last few years. The excellent high-definition graphics, the immersive gameplay, the various customizations, and the numerous achievements awarded in these games make it an exciting experience on the go.

Zombeast is one of the latest games in the Zombie genre that has got players from all over the world hooked due to this reason. We hope that this article has given you a good idea of what to expect from the game. Happy gaming!