Superheroes, comic books, and video games are meant for each other. Every time you see a new comic book or superhero movie coming out, there's likely to be a new video game released as well. However, not all video games that come out are good or even decent.

There have been hundreds of video games within the hero genre released for the last several decades but only a few are worth playing. From the best fighting games to the open-world action-adventure games, here are the best hero games for PC.

10 Best Hero Games for PC
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Injustice 2

What happens when the world's most iconic superhero turns bad? Injustice 2 tells the story of Superman, who suddenly becomes evil, and heroes such as Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Supergirl join forces to find out what is causing him to go evil and stop him.

This well-produced video game on PC lets us take a peek at the world of DC while also letting us in on the adventures of our heroes through their perspectives. As a fighting game, Injustice 2 doesn't disappoint. Each character has its own specific set of abilities and fighting styles. 

There's no other video game on PC where your character gets thrown deep into a cavern and snapped in half by the Swamp Thing or gets thrown into outer space by Power Girl and obliterated by her laser eyes. It's a fun and brutal hero game made for every DC fan.


Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum is the first of the four Batman games from Rocksteady which started a phenomenon that ultimately peaked in Arkham City. But what truly makes Arkham Asylum such a good game is that it changed how stealth and fighting games are played.  

In Arkham Asylum, players are introduced to this engaging video game where Batman freely roams around the asylum and gets to interact with almost all of his nemeses in the comics. 

The fluidity of the fighting choreography as well as the camera angles makes it easier for players to experience the game like never before. The combo system gives variety to the fighting styles and the voice acting and the amazing graphics remain top-notch even almost ten years after its release.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Some of the best hero games don't always come where you expect them to be. Who would have thought that a Lego game would be so good that it would be one of the most successful and highly-revered video games of all time? 

Lego Marvel Super Heroes capture the humor and the pizazz of Marvel's iconic movies and comic book series. 

The game is very simple where players get to solve puzzles along the way but it's the storyline, the nods, and tie-ins to the overall Marvel universe that makes this game super fun to play. If you're a fan of the Marvel movies, then this should be your go-to PC game to play.

Saints Row IV

Probably one of the few hero games that don't have any relation to comic books or a massive property, Saints Row IV is a fun and unique action-adventure game that easily appeals to the type of players that play the games on this list. 

It's a ridiculous, campy, and violent game similar to many hero games but also makes fun of the entire genre. The superpowers are wildly overpowered and unrestrained which exponentially amps up the fun in the game. 

Where else can you play a superhero and laugh out loud at the ridiculous powers at the same time? Saints Row IV is available to download for PC from Steam.

Batman Arkham City

While we're still talking about DC, one of the best hero games ever created, Batman: Arkham City, will surely blow your mind. Batman: Arkham City tells the story of Batman as he gets trapped inside the remains of the urban slums of Gotham, now known as Arkham City. 

The game leads us into the bowels of Arkham City as Batman tries to solve murders and find out the devious secrets behind Arkham City. Batman is also accompanied by his lady love Catwoman alongside many of the members of his rogue gallery. 

Players traverse through towering buildings or hide behind the shadows of the slums while beating up goons and unmasking whoever is behind this sinister plot. Upon release, Arkham City was one of the most well-reviewed Batman games and still stands up to many modern games today.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Crossovers are always a good thing. When you have two very popular properties that mesh well together, you have a chart-topping video game in your hands. Such is the case with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. 

10 Best Hero Games for PC
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This fighting game features characters from both the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe with the likes of Captain America, Deadpool, Ghost Rider from the Marvel side while you also have Chun-Li, Albert Wesker, Nemesis, Ryu, and more from the Capcom property. 

The game also features different game modes including the original Arcade mode as well as Mission mode where players go through a series of trials for each character in the game. With its online presence and amazing aesthetics, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 remains one of the best fighting games in the genre.

Spider-Man 2

When Spider-Man 2 was released in theaters, no one cared much about the video game that accompanied the movie. 

10 Best Hero Games for PC
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The movie went on to become one of the best superhero movies of all time but to the surprise of many gamers, Spider-Man 2, the video game, was also a huge critical and financial success. 

Featuring an open-world, this movie tie-in was easily one of the best video games of the decade with how interconnected it was with the storyline of the movie. Players are treated to the web-slinging experience as you take down criminals and swing through skyscrapers.


Prototype is one of the few games on this list that doesn't have a huge backing of a popular franchise. This action-adventure role-playing game follows Alex Mercer, a shapeshifter, who must uncover who's behind a deadly plague that is killing people in Manhattan. 

He also has to navigate being antagonized by the U.S. military and a black ops group called Blackwatch. What makes this unique and fun is the protagonist's ability to shapeshift and devour others to maintain his health. 

He can also transform his body into various weapons and other forms to help him throughout the entire game. The open-world setting might be limited to the areas around Manhattan but there are so many things to explore and do within the game giving it a more sandbox-style appeal.

Batman Arkham Knight

Released in 2015, Batman Arkham Knight puts an end to the Arkham series from Rocksteady and further expands the Batman universe into Gotham City. In this game, Scarecrow is assisted by the Arkham Knight to take control of Gotham City. 

He also successfully unites all of Batman's greatest enemies to try and finish him once and for all. Arkham Knight truly captures the end of an era as the game gives fans almost everything they ever wanted. Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios delivered on all fronts when it comes to ending this amazing series.

In this iteration, players can finally use the Batmobile and can further explore the depths of Gotham City with its open-world setting. Players get to unlock new areas to explore through progressing the storyline or by gaining new equipment to use. 

X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse is an action RPG based on the X-Men series where the villainous Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magneto must join forces with the heroic X-Men led by Professor X in an attempt to save the world from the threat of Apocalypse. 

10 Best Hero Games for PC
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Much like the comic book and animated series where it draws inspiration from, X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse fully embodies the thrill of the action and the expansive universe by having high-quality cinematics and cutscenes. 

In Rise of Apocalypse, players can choose up to four heroes or villains for their team in order to defeat Apocalypse. The game also offers a game mode where online players can choose their specific characters and join in on the fight.

To Sum It All Up

Hero games are filled with solid characters, rich backgrounds, and great storytelling, and are backed by gaming studios who know what they're doing. However, only a few have made it to become the best and the most successful in the genre. 

It's no question why such a genre in gaming continues to be very popular up to this very day. For fans of major franchises, comic book heroes, and just epic games in general, these top hero games will be sure to give you endless amounts of entertainment and challenging but exciting gameplay.