Kids from the 80s and 90s will fondly remember the old Transformers cartoons shown every Saturday morning and think of a time when everything was fun and exciting. Good thing, though, that Space Ape has developed an exciting new game from the Transformers franchise with Transformers Earth Wars.

Join millions of players as you play either the Autobots or Decepticons in a battle for Earth. Assemble familiar characters from the franchise and head onto the battle. 


To find out more about Transformers: Earth Wars, how to play the game, how to earn Cyber Coins, and more through the article below.

Transformers: Earth Wars - Learn How to Get the Best Characters, Events and More
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What Is Transformers: Earth Wars?

In Transformers: Earth Wars, Earth is once again under siege from the evil Decepticons, and the humans have called on the Autobots to help protect and defend the planet. 

As players, you get to control an army and choose different characters from the franchise to battle. Choose a side and fight for either the Autobots or Decepticons.


Players will have access to all the tools, units, and buildings needed to gain an advantage in battle. Recruit more than hundreds of different Transformers and lead them all to battle. 

Call for reinforcements, upgrade your units, do research to strengthen your forces, and unleash your strategic skills in this highly-rated mobile game.

How to Download

To download the game, make sure to log in using your Google account and sign-in to the Google Play Store. Use the search function to look for Transformers: Earth Wars. Tap Install to begin downloading the game.


Wait for the game to fully install and tap Open to launch the game. Note that the game also offers in-app purchases for in-game currencies and items such as Cyber Coins and more.

Tips to Play

Transformers: Earth War plays much like any character collection game where you need to gather as many characters as possible and defend your base. However, you will also need to develop each bot that you have. This can be very complex, especially for non-gamers when trying out the game.

Transformers: Earth Wars - Learn How to Get the Best Characters, Events and More
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Here are some tips to follow that will help you through the game. The most common tip that players need to do when playing the game is to log in every day. Players who log in daily will receive free crystals. 

These crystals will help your bots become stronger and upgrade your team to become more powerful. The game refreshes this bonus every 8 hours, and some players would even check the game out to get their daily crystal gift to make their bots stronger.

Play the Campaign

Once you have gathered a good team of bots, play the game's main campaign as much as possible. This will help you get more rewards by completing the campaign and add more bots to your team. You can also level up your bots along the way, making them stronger and ready for other game modes.

If you are still having trouble assembling your team or beating your opponents during the campaign, level your bots through the Rival bases until they are ready and can take on the missions. 

It is much easier to level up your bots that way, but the primary campaign should be your ultimate goal for getting new characters and making your team stronger.

Choose the Right Bot

Transformers offers a wide variety of bots that will cater to different kinds of playstyle. The best way for beginners to play the game is to create or build a diverse team that can handle different opponents. This way, you get to build around your team's weaknesses and make sure that your strength as a team is highlighted.

Transformers: Earth Wars - Learn How to Get the Best Characters, Events and More
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In Earth War, there are five different types of bots, and each of them has a unique ability in relation to their category. Transformers are classified into gunner, air, medic, warrior, and special bots. 

Warrior bots have high health, so they can tank turrets and other damage dealers while the medic class can heal other vulnerable robots.

The air class might have low health points, but they can attack turrets from far away without receiving any damage. The gunner class also has a low HP but has the longest range and is often used to shoot over walls. Lastly, the special class has some of the unique abilities that every player should know about.

Balance the Team

When building a team, it is always best to build a diverse team to defeat different opponents. Providing a well-rounded team will keep your robots safe. For example, build a team with superb defensive abilities while also keeping a bot or two with powerful offensive attacks.

Having a balanced lineup will keep your team afloat even if the enemies are much more powerful. Learn each of the bot's abilities, and you will find a good mix of bots to choose from for your roster. 

You can even pair up your bots with abilities that synergize with each other to deal a devastating blow to the enemies.

Building Strategy

When it comes to building, you will need to map out all the different structures you plan to build. There is no right or wrong way to build your base, but the most important aspect that you need to focus on when it comes to building your base are your defenses.

Transformers: Earth Wars - Learn How to Get the Best Characters, Events and More
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 Your defensive structures should always be one of your top priorities when mapping out your base.

Ensure that your defensive structures such as towers should overlap each other without having them near each other. Give enough space for your towers to cover each other to protect them.

Accepting Defeat

Whether you like it or not, there will always come a time to lose some games. It is much better to accept defeat and learn from your lessons. This should not mean that you would never have to play the game again, but rather, it should teach you how to get better in the game.

Never be afraid to fail and lose. You will still earn experience along the way. This is the right time to figure out what went wrong and how you can correct them and apply them in your next game.

Focus on Research

One thing that truly defines your team is how you level them up and boost their stats through research. Researching allows your bots to develop even further strengths by adding more stats. This makes a huge difference, especially when you are up against stronger opponents in the game.

Transformers: Earth Wars - Learn How to Get the Best Characters, Events and More
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Focus on leveling up your tanks first to buy some time for your other bots to do damage. Then, focus on other members of your team, especially the long-range damage dealers, to add more power to their attacks. 

You may want to avoid fighting high-level opponents while you are focusing on improving your team first.

Choose to Upgrade

Players should also focus on upgrading different units and buildings in this game. Sure, there are many bots that you need to focus on, but the other units and buildings are also critical. Spend some coins in upgrading shuttles that will help bring more units to battle.

It is instrumental to implement these upgrades to help your base. Whether you are an offensive or defensive player, make sure to choose to upgrade all of your units and buildings.

You would want to upgrade the Headquarter as soon as you have the ability to do so. The Energon should be the next on your list as it will produce resources for research. As previously mentioned, the Shuttle upgrade is the third most important upgrade that you need to do in the game.

What Are Cyber Coins?

Speaking of resources, Cyber Coins are the in-game currency that is usually spent on purchasing Character Crystals that will allow players to unlock characters, purchase other resources, battle instantly, and speed up the construction of buildings. 

Transformers: Earth Wars - Learn How to Get the Best Characters, Events and More
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Apart from that, players can also use Cyber Coins to speed up both upgrade and research time.

There are many ways to acquire Cyber Coins, one of which is by purchasing them using real money. However, there is another method to getting Cyber Coins without having to spend anything in the game.

How to Get Cyber Coins for Free

Besides using real money to make in-app purchases for Cyber Coins, you can get them for free. One good way to earn free Cyber Coins in the game is to complete different missions and claim the rewards through the Achievements and Rewards tab.

Go to the main menu, then tap Achievements. You will find a list of rewards you can claim for each mission or objective you have completed. 

You can also check the requirements of other missions so you can perform them and collect even more rewards and Cyber Coins later on.


Transformers: Earth Wars is a highly-entertaining mobile game with a lot of strategies involved. With the tips mentioned above, you will surely have an enjoyable time playing the game and be more effective against tough opponents that you will encounter along the way.