Games come and go all the time. They are developed, published, and get played by millions of players worldwide until they suddenly don’t. There are many factors why players move on to the next big game but there are also others that want to continue or revisit playing the game out of nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a great influential factor in revisiting old games. Many of these childhood games remain timeless and deserve more playtime. Here are some of the nostalgic games that you can still download and play today.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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7. MapleStory

There were many massive multiplayer online role-playing games that took the center stage in the early 2000s. However, many of these games have ridden off the sunset either because their player base has left to pursue other more interesting games or have grown into adulthood. Many of these MMORPGs are still being played up to this very day and one of the most popular childhood games that you can play in MapleStory.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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MapleStory is a side-scrolling MMORPG that uses cute graphics and has one of the most diverse sets of characters to choose from. The game is reminiscent of the classic platform games where players have to traverse each map through a series of platforms while also encountering different types of enemies. 

The game has a tight-knit community where players still continue to communicate and discuss the game to this very day. The online game is on its way to celebrating its 20 years and continues to stay strong even if there are more graphically-superior games out there. If you are looking for a classic game to play to reminisce about some of the good times in the past, MapleStory will surely bring up a lot of nostalgic feelings.


6. StarCraft

Another great game that will induce feelings of nostalgia is Starcraft. Touted as one of the best real-time strategy games of the late 90s to the early 2000s, Starcraft was one of the most popular games during that time. It was so popular that Blizzard opted to have tournaments and countries like South Korea made it a legitimate sport.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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StarCraft is a sci-fi real-time strategy game that tells the stories of three species as they expand their forces within the Kropoly Sector. The human Terrans are divided by the Terran Dominion and the rebels of the Confederacy while the alien Protoss are slowly succumbing to the invasion of the monster-like race called Zerg. StarCraft, later on, released an expansion called Brood Wars that further extended the conflict between these three races.

Released in March 1998, StarCraft became a worldwide phenomenon for its highly-detailed graphics and balanced gameplay. However, the game slowly became obscure but it was still popular in certain parts of the world like South Korea where they continue to host countless tournaments with StarCraft. Players can still download and play the game through Blizzard Entertainment’s official website.


5. Diablo II

Released in 2000, Diablo II is an action RPG developed by Blizzard and made rounds in the gaming market as one of the most popular games at the time. The game was always listed as one of the greatest games during the time. Set in a world where angels and demons exist, Diablo II sends players into a quest to stop the ascension of a demonic entity known as Diablo.

The game was divided into four Acts each with its definitive subplot and quest line for players to finish. Players can choose up to seven different characters including the Druid and Assassin in the expansion. Each character brings a different play style and with varying starting attributes.

Players can still access the game through Blizzard’s portal called The high-action gameplay and the looting style became one of its most highlighted appeals including the graphics which was one of the best at the time. Blizzard was able to perfect the balance between story-telling, action, detailed graphics, and overall charm which made Diablo II one of the nostalgic games that you should be playing right now.

4. Resident Evil II

Resident Evil II recently made headlines a few years ago with its remake making it compatible with the most recent gaming consoles. Apart from its updated graphics, more gameplay mechanics were added to the game. However, there is nothing like the classic Resident Evil II game that makes the game more outstanding and you can still play it to this very day.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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Resident Evil II follows the story of Claire Redfield as she tries to find her missing brother Chris Redfield from the original Resident Evil game. She meets a rookie cop named Leon Kennedy but gets separated at the start of the game. Players can play either Claire or Leon at any time and the story continues to unfold in a linear fashion to the climax.

While the game does show signs of dated graphics, it was the first time that players were truly exposed to an excellent zombie survival game. Players get to run around Raccoon City and blast T-Virus infected zombies or solve puzzles within the gigantic Raccoon Police Department or even get to duel with large monsters on a descending platform.  Resident Evil II was by far one of the best games in the franchise and its popularity has never dwindled that even a few decades after its release, a remake version that still evokes the classic Resident Evil II experience. 

3. Neopets

Before Animals Crossing became a worldwide hit, another virtual pet game took the world by storm and created a whole new genre within the gaming industry. Neopets was one of the first virtual pet games that allowed players to create, tend to, and virtually do anything with their chosen pet. Players can own their virtual pet either by purchasing them through the in-game currency or with real money.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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These digital pets can explore the world of Neopia and there are no specific objectives or goals to play the game. You can customize clothes, purchase decorative items, pet food, and even read books to your pet. Players could also join a community where they get to chat and communicate with each other. 

Neopets can also battle each other in the Battledome but they do not die. The game has continued to grow since it first launched in late 1999. Up to this very day, Neopets continues to be one of the most played virtual pet hubs in the world with hundreds of hours spent per user per month.

2. Tetris

One of the oldest games on this list that continues to be played to this very day is Tetris. Developed in 1984, Tetris has become the pillar of gaming in the early days. It has made rounds all over the world as one of the most highly strategic and most challenging games at the time.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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The concept of the game is very simple, players must complete lines by moving around the pieces to fit them together before they stack up. The rules might be simple but it still requires a lot of intelligence and strategy to complete the game making it an all-time classic game that you can still play to this very day.

The game has sold over 202 million copies worldwide and while many might not be playing the original game, there are a lot of different iterations of Tetris that you can play today. You can download Tetris on your mobile phone or you can even access the game on many social media platforms as part of their gaming features. No matter where you are and what platform you use, you can still play the classic Tetris game.

1. Super Mario Bros.

If by now you are still unfamiliar with Super Mario, you might be living under a rock. The Super Mario series is one of the most popular classic platform adventure games of all time. Released in the early 1980s, Mario became a worldwide sensation when it offered a fun experience that even kids can play while also remaining challenging for many other players.

These Games Are Nostalgic - See How to Download Them
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Even though the game is over thirty years old, it is still very popular with its new versions and updates but there is always room for the classic nostalgic games to play. Super Mario Bros. continues to dominate the gaming charts with the likes of Mario Kart and many other Nintendo offerings but there is something about playing the original game that makes it special.

The game lets you play a plump Italian plumber in a search and rescue mission for his princess. The game’s simple premise makes it very easy to follow but the overall mechanic, atmosphere, and graphics make it a fun game to play even after all these years. You can check out the classic game on the official Nintendo website.


These retro games might have some of the most basic mechanics but they remain the best in the industry because of their sheer nostalgic factor. Their gameplay might not be at an equal level with today’s modern video games but they are still fun and challenging to play which can bring up some fun memories for those who were able to play the games during their childhood.