Over the past few years, the battle royale genre has exploded in popularity and dominated most video game charts all over the world. This is all thanks to the highly successful game called Fortnite. Fortnite has similarities to other games in the genre but what makes this online video game unique?

No one element can pinpoint the charm that Fortnite has in bringing in more players into the fold. It's simply magical to note that a game that was supposedly just a game mode created a worldwide sensation. Find out more about Fortnite, how to play the game, how to earn V Bucks, and how you can get better in the game.

Fortnite: Find Out How to Get V Bucks, Tips and More
Image Source: Epic Games

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a massive online shooter game where players can either group up or go solo within an island where they are forced to eliminate each other until the last few members of your team or until the last opponent in the game is eliminated. Fornite was not always as successful as it is today. 

The game was part of a game mode in Epic Games' Fortnite: Save The World until it became so popular that Epic Games made it into a separate game. Players became so enamored with the online shooter that it produced professional players and a competitive esports environment to boot.  The game even surpassed Save The World.

Since then, it has been viewed as the official Fortnite game. Now, millions of players from all over the world have joined in on the fun in what is the most popular and highly-successful shooter games to date. Due to its increasing popularity, Epic Games expanded the game to mobile devices and consoles including PS4 and Xbox.


Players can continue their progress through cross-platform gameplay. This means that you can jump from your PC to your mobile phone and continue to play together with your friends and still have all of your cosmetic items and other progress in the game.

How to Play the Game

Fortnite is an online battle royale game where players of up to 100 land on a remote island where they only start with a pickaxe. Each player can land on different areas of the island and begin gathering different resources using the pickaxe to either build a temporary shelter or search for items and weapons. 

At a certain point in the game, the map slowly shrinks and the map becomes smaller and smaller. As the map becomes smaller, those who are outside of the zone will continuously receive damage until they die or have to move back to an area where they are safe. This ever-shrinking map makes the game more interesting strategically.


And ultimately it boils down to a showdown between the last few players in the game. The last player or the last squad remaining will become the victor. 

What Are V-Bucks?

V-Bucks is the game's currency where players can purchase cosmetic items and other character customization effects such as dance moves and different aesthetics for your main items. 

Fortnite: Find Out How to Get V Bucks, Tips and More
Image Source: The Verge

Most of the items sold in the shop are purely cosmetic and do not hold any strategic advantage in the game. Players can also use V-Bucks to purchase the Battle Pass.

To purchase V-Bucks, simply go to the Fortnite Store and choose the amount that you want to purchase. V-Bucks come at different rates depending on your location. 

1,000 V-Bucks are usually around $7.99 which can be used to purchase the Battle Pass where you get exclusive challenges and rewards at the end of each season.

How to Get V-Bucks for Free

There are a lot of ways for you to get free V-Bucks in the game. While this means that you have to invest some money one way or another, you can get more through in-game events and sales. Check out the store for any upcoming events and promotions that will provide you with extra free V-Bucks for every transaction you make.

Additionally, you can also get free V-Bucks through the Battle Pass alongside the free skins. If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, you most likely also have access to Twitch Prime. Check out Twitch Prime as they often give out gifts such as free V-Bucks for their viewers.

Tips to Play

There is no actual tutorial to teach you how to play the game. Sure, there are tips on how you move your character and what the game is all about but the bulk of the entire experience depends upon you as a player. 

Fortnite: Find Out How to Get V Bucks, Tips and More
Image Source: The Verge

There are many different ways to play Fortnite. You can play solo or together with a friend, or a team of four. Fortnite also allows you to play against 50 other players which are highly suitable for beginners of the game.

You can immediately play the game together with other beginners or pros and this can be very daunting especially for newbies. Here are some beginner tips that you can apply that will help you win more games and even take you to the top spot at the leaderboards.

Always Look at the Circle

The Circle is just one of the few things that you should be worried about in this game. Ever so often, the map slowly shrinks and you can see in the minimap that a circle determines the size of the area that you can explore. 

Every move you make and every decision will always lead you back to how the circle will affect you. Always keep in mind to be as far away from the edge of the circle as possible. Most beginners tend to overlook the circle while building shelters or when they are still figuring the game out. 

Check out the circle and see its proximity so you can plan and move out as soon as the map begins to shrink again.

Lower Your Expectations

As a new player, you might imagine yourself playing the game to the best of your abilities and you end up having a lot of scenarios in your head. The best tip that anyone can give to you is to lower your expectations in the game concerning your skill.

Fortnite: Find Out How to Get V Bucks, Tips and More
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 It is okay to give yourself time to develop your skills in the game and that means dying a lot.

Many new players end up getting frustrated when they die a lot in the game. This can often lead them to quit the game altogether or simply not care about playing anymore. Get around the idea that the first few days or weeks in the game are going to be the toughest.

This is what is called a learning curve. When you understand the game better, you also develop skills that will help you avoid making the same mistakes that you made when you were just a beginner. Don't be too harsh on yourself and lower your expectations in the game.

Follow the Player Who Eliminated You

Once you die in the game, don't go back to the lobby immediately. Learn from the person who just eliminated you from the game by watching his moves. There is a reason why he survived in the game and you did not.

Become a spectator to see how the other player plays the game and learn a few things from watching them play. You can check out how he moves through the map and even the weapons he chooses to wield when playing the game. This should give you a general view of how to play the game properly and you can emulate it in your games.

Stay Silent

One of the many mistakes that beginners make during the early stages of the game is to move around a lot. Moving around causes your character to make a lot of noise. Players can hear the sounds you make including your footsteps and other players can easily track you down and eliminate you.

Fortnite: Find Out How to Get V Bucks, Tips and More
Image Source: Malavida

From shooting a gun to chopping down a tree, any noise you make can be tracked down by anyone. It could even be the last sound you make. Be sure to minimize the sound you make as much as possible by crouching when you want to travel a certain distance especially in areas where there are a lot of enemies.

Be mindful of the noise you make but you should also keep an ear out for the noise that your enemies make. This can also lead you to an advantage in the game if you can eliminate some unsuspecting player while you lurk around the corner. 

Many players would advise that you play with your headphones on so you can listen intently to the sound that other players make.

Get to Higher Ground

The old rule in combat still applies to Fortnite - get to higher ground to gain an advantage in the game. You always want to be as high as possible in this game. A higher ground means a better vantage point for you.

This means you get to see other players from a different perspective. Build a platform as high as you can and protect yourself by building walls around yourself. This should give you enough defensive tools to protect yourself and start punishing people from high above the ground.


Fortnite has been around for several years now and has successfully earned the title of one of the best battle royale games in the market. 

With its bright and colorful characters, detailed world, and amazing fast-paced gameplay, the game allows players to experience becoming the best with its last man standing premise. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give Fortnite a try.