If you've never heard of Bungie, you're definitely not a true gamer. Bungie is a video game development company that is based in Washington and is partly responsible for the wildly successful Halo series. 

Incorporated in 1991, the company originally concentrated on creating Macintosh games. They were able to create successful games like The Marathon, the Myth, and Pathways into Darkness


Bungie is interesting because it has a very close relationship with its fans, something other developers can't really rival. Up next we're going to tell you all about the history of Bungie video games. 

The History of Bungie Video Games
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The Beginning

Before Bungie was Bungie, it was just Alex Seropian working on his own games. He published Gnop a year before Bungie was officially incorporated in 1991. Their price for Gnop was pretty fair, actually, it was free.

Gnop was a pong game that people actually like and so it got Seropian some attention, and some users even paid $15 to get the source code. 


After the incorporation of Bungie, Seropian added Jason Jones to his team after Bungie published  Jones' successful game Minotaur.  


Minotaur was one of the earliest games produced by the company. Jones Minotaur: The Labyrinths of the Crete was released in 1992.  

It is a sharply detailed and playable dungeon-crawler game that is similar to most other PC RPG adventure games. But it veered wildly from other games released at the time because you needed Apple Talk to make it work.


This naturally limited the game’s audience somewhat and it sold very few copies - around 2500 only. But it had a hardcore following with a demographic that had an epically disproportionate amount of facial hair. 

The Road to Success

After Minotaur Bungie created two fantastically successful franchises - Myth and Marathon.

In 2000, Microsoft purchased Bungie and together they went on to create the legendary Halo series. In 2007 Bungie split from Microsoft and later signed a deal with Activision Blizzard for the next 10 years. 

In 2011 Bungie announced Bungie Aerospace to help independent publishers get their games out into the world. This project has been applauded by the gaming community.

In 2018, a Chinese firm gave Bungie a $100 million cash injection, which means we are likely to see a whole lot more from this company.

Bungie Lore

Bungie is unique in the fact that fans have created all sorts of strange theories about the company. And Bungie itself has been responsible for some of the stories that are created. 

You can see Bungie fans discussing their theories on fan forums and some of them are just bizarre. But the more important part is that this connection between Bungie and its fans is wh


There is a rumor that the company executives keep a dog's head in a jar at their headquarters. Apparently, it was lost and found and now sits in a very secret location inside the company.

There are many theories about how this dog head came to be and why it is there. But a common theory is that when the bottle that holds the dog head is broken, the second version of Gnop will be created. 


Bungie.net is where the company connects with its fans. This is where you can get on discussion boards and talk to other players as well as management. 

This site also has a section where users can send the webmaster questions. The identity of this webmaster swirls in mystery. Particularly because the answers he provides to users are usually pretty snide. 

For some reason, there is a theory of him being some sort of otherworld gorilla. The webmaster's name often pops up in discussion boards, especially due to his slow replies.

Regardless of who he is, users get some sort of insane pleasure from receiving his rude replies to their letters. 


The History of Bungie Video Games
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In its 30 years of existence, Bungie has created quite the following. The company has announced that it will be producing a new series soon, and fans are hungrily waiting for the next chapter in Bungie world.