Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter video game set to be released in late 2020. It is co-developed by 343 Industries and SkyBox Labs and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. 

Being the sixth main entry of the Halo series, it is the third chapter of the "Reclaimer Saga," following Halo 5: Guardians. Infinite is the next step in Master Chief's story, despite ditching the number, and the conclusion of 343's new trilogy. 


The game is set to be released as a launch title for Xbox Series X, presumably with the PC version of Halo Infinite launching simultaneously. To learn more about this latest Halo game, take a look at this guide, which will discuss its development, features, and cost. 

A Guide to the Latest Halo Game
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In September 2015, the game entered the planning stages, and last June 10, 2018, its trailer was released. Microsoft has given us the first brief look at Halo Infinite at E3 2018 and delivered a five-minute trailer at E3 2019.

Initially, the game is supposed to be exclusive to the console. However, the franchise's development director Frank O'Connor stated in August 2019 that Halo Infinite was being developed as an Xbox One title


They are putting much effort into building it, so "it plays and looks fantastic" on the said platform. On Xbox Series X, it is suggested that it would have enhancements. Last January 2020, Matt Booty, Xbox Game Studios head, further confirmed that for Xbox Series X exclusives on-launch, the studio had no immediate plans. 

They would rather face out compatibility with older hardware over a longer-term similar to PCs. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the game's development as it forced developers to work from home. 


In this series, Master Chief will take center stage (where he's supposed to be), unlike in Halo 5: Guardians. Its plot will be "much more human." As seen in the E3 2018 trailer, the story will have the Halo ring as its setting and Master Chief's Mark VI armor design will return to its design way back in Halo 2 and Halo 3


As stated by Microsoft, Halo Infinite will feature Master Chief with "his greatest adventure yet to save humanity." Moreover, it will feature a local four-player split-screen, like before, to address the backlash of its removal in the previous game. Obviously, the game will feature multiplayer, but specifics aren't confirmed yet. 

Before its release, it will have a beta version, which is described as an insider flight program. Unfortunately, 343 Industries has said it isn't planning to add Battle Royale mode in the game. Still, the Forge mode is back, including Undo and Redo options for the first time. 

Plus, there may be micro-transactions, but no "loot boxes" purchasable with real-world money. Lastly, the level of armor customization available in Halo: Reach will be reflected in Infinite

A Guide to the Latest Halo Game
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More details about the Xbox Series X were given by Microsoft, including technical specs and consumer-facing features such as its new Smart Delivery. It will provide gamers with a chance to upgrade their games when purchasing the new console, including Halo Infinite

Simply purchase a copy of Halo Infinite for Xbox One, and you'll be able to play it on Xbox Series X for free! This offer includes both physical and digital copies.


Although details are limited, indicated above are everything you need to know about the latest Halo game. 

Jeff Easterling, a lead writer at 343 Industries for Halo Waypoint and Halo Channel, said, “You should just consider it Halo 6. Don't think of it as a weird prequel kind of thing. It's the next story. It's the next chapter in what is going on."