The expansion of the battle royale subgenre in mobile first-person shooter games has spread like wildfire over the past couple of years. Finding the perfect balance of fun and exciting gameplay without sacrificing the quality of the experience is difficult to do especially when it comes to battle royale games. 

Fortunately, Omega Legends does what other mobile games cannot do - bring the fun back into the game. Omega Legends feature a perfect mix of fun characters, great mechanics, amazing gameplay, perfect visuals, and a whole lot more features. The game reinvents the battle royale genre by adding abilities to characters in the game and making them the focal point of the experience. 


This makes the game stand out and more interesting which separates it from the rest of the pack. Find out more about what Omega Legends is, its features, how to download, and how you can win more games by checking out the article below.

Omega Legends - Find Out How to Get Gold, Skins and More
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What Is Omega Legends?

Omega Legends is a mobile battle royale shooter game set in the future where players get to choose a myriad of unique characters with each having their own set of skills and abilities. 

Each player is dropped into battle and they can either team up or fight alone against 99 other participants in the game. Hunt down or build defenses and make it to the end until there is only one left in the game.


Published by IGG, Omega Legends offers large battles that pit 100 players in a do-or-die experience. With different game modes, characters, and items to choose from, mayhem and chaos are about to happen.

Game Modes and Features

Omega Legends features different characters and each of them has unique abilities that can change the course of the battle. Play as Zero with the ability to reveal stealthed enemies and deal constant damage or use Aurora to heal others and boost their movement speed. Cause more chaos with Ironfist or teleport around the map with Haxx.

Weapons are also acquired in the game and each of them has certain advantages. Sniper rifles are good for long-range attacks while the shotgun has powerful damage but requires proper aiming. Light machine guns offer a faster rate but are more appropriate for close-ranged combat.


Play in the classic Survival Mode and be the last player standing. Get to play the newest game mode added into the game with Covert Operation where you test your mettle and prove your skills and dominance in the game.

How to Download

To download Omega Legends, launch the Google Play Store or App Store and search for the title of the game. Tap on Install to begin downloading the game. Launch the game after it is fully installed and enter your details to begin playing the game.

Omega Legends - Find Out How to Get Gold, Skins and More
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Note that you will need an internet connection to play the game. Invite your social media friends and get bonuses and rewards.

How to Get Gold

Gold is the main currency used in Omega Legends. Gold allows you to buy in-game items that will help you in the game. You can get gold by paying for real money however, there are more options to choose from to get a good amount of gold in the game and receive top-tier surprises.

You can follow their Facebook page and earn free gold by watching their tournament streams. They also give out codes for you to redeem exclusive rewards in the game. You can follow streamers and receive prizes and free gold when you watch their stream.

And most importantly, you should master the game so you can take out your enemies and grab all the gold when it becomes available.

Master Different Weapons

If you have played different battle royale games, you know that you will always encounter different weapons scattered all over the area. This means that you get to pick up random weapons that have different mechanics altogether. The best way to get good at the game is to expose yourself to different weapons in the game and know how they function.

Omega Legends - Find Out How to Get Gold, Skins and More
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Omega Legends has a practice mode where you get to pick up every type of weapon that the game offers and lets you practice them. 

You can learn all the weapons in the game and how you can control and manage the resources. Learning these weapons will give you an edge in the game especially against newbies who are still trying to learn the game.

Through the practice mode, you also expose yourself to different weapon rarities and get to feel how they function differently from the normal weapon. It is always important to consider a weapon's rarity when picking them up. Rarity affects the way each weapon functions such as stability, magazine size, and many more.

Choose Shotgun

While you should be exposing yourself to countless weapons in the game, there is one weapon that you need to master as quickly as possible. 

The shotgun is a great weapon to choose from if you want to get good in the game. The shotgun offers a wide area of effect thus you don't need to perfectly land a shot at every chance you get.

It is also better to choose a shotgun, especially in close-quarter combat knowing that it can deal a lot of damage in a short period. A point-blank shot would immediately knock down an enemy. Just make sure that you try to hide behind walls or shelter when reloading as it will take some getting used to when doing so.

Practice Shooting 

In a game where you need to accurately land your shots to win, you will need all the help you can get. Practice shooting through the practice mode and disable aim assist. Aim Assist is a feature within Omega Legends that locks into the target's body.

Omega Legends - Find Out How to Get Gold, Skins and More
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While this feature is great for beginners, it is not as helpful as you think it is when you are up against other seasoned players. 

You will need to aim your shot better and accurately do a headshot instead of a body shot. This increases your damage output and takes down necessary targets immediately.

Get a Sniper Rifle

The best way to hone your accuracy is by getting a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle is a long-range weapon that instantly deletes an enemy if done correctly while also maintaining a safe distance when spotted. 

However, sniper rifles can be difficult to use if you do not have the skill.

Launch the practice mode and practice the rifle. You may also want to gauge the right timing as well as the distance before you make your shot. Practice will always make you more accurate in this game.

Get a Main Character

Omega Legends offers different characters that have unique abilities for you to use in battle. These characters have different play styles that will suit the way you play the game. Some are more defensive in nature while others are more aggressive.

Omega Legends - Find Out How to Get Gold, Skins and More
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Understand your playstyle first and look for a character that suits you. Once you have found your main character, master it as soon as you can and this will be the key to many victories in the future. 

Learn the character's strengths and weaknesses and increase your chances of winning by knowing what your character brings to your team.

Learning Other Characters

It also pays to learn about what other characters can do like what they can do to your team and how they can affect you. Some characters are more focused on helping you out in battle instead of dishing damage such as Aurora. 

Her heals and shields are very powerful and help you improve your survivability in the game so make sure to stick close to her during team fights. Meanwhile, Haxx is great at disrupting the enemy so always make good use of his gadgets. 

Windchaser on the other hand focuses on mobility thus she can immediately get to the enemy as fast as possible. Learning a few characters in the game would help improve your teamwork.

Teamwork Is Key

When it comes to a team game like Omega Legends, teamwork is key to winning more games. Never stray away from your teammates especially if you know you have weak defenses. 

Omega Legends - Find Out How to Get Gold, Skins and More
Image Source: Dunia Games

Each member of your team has their designated role in the game so always make sure that you cover each other's weaknesses by going in as a unit.

Always make good use of your skills. Time them correctly so you don't end up having to wait for your skills to come back up when a team fight breaks out. Avoid spamming your skills especially if you know that enemies are lurking nearby.

Better Timing

With that in mind, timing is also essential during team fights. Learn how to dodge enemy skills and time your movements perfectly with your teammates. Most of your skills can be used to their utmost potential when you combo them correctly.

If you learn how to pull off the right combinations, you and your teammates can make quick work of your enemies. This might be difficult to pull off without proper communication but knowing proper timing will surely make it a lot easier to do.


Become one of the few legends on the battlefield with Omega Legends. This sci-fi battle royale mobile shooter promises extremely fun mechanics and great outplays from its wide roster of characters and game modes.

From large-scale battles to one-on-one duels, expect more gunfight and more fun gameplay with Omega Legends on your mobile devices. Each battle is different from the next with unique characters and crazy outplays happening left and right. Team up with your friends or master your skills alone, either way, Omega is up there when it comes to battle royale games.